wooden ceiling design: how to create a better interior

Who would not say what, but wood has always been and will be the best type of finishing material for a wooden house? The material is completely environmentally friendly and harmless to humans, and it is difficult to argue with this because Mother Nature herself gave it to us. Decorating ceilings with natural wood is deservedly a hallmark of any home, this is the first thing that catches your eye when you go inside. In this article, we will consider in detail all the options for the execution of finishes that exist today, as well as the color wooden ceiling design.

Wooden ceiling design

The big advantage of wood is its low thermal conductivity. Thanks to this, the wooden ceiling always keep warm and give comfort to your home. Being in such a room you will always feel comfortable, and the natural smell of wood will have a beneficial effect on your body.

Wooden ceiling design
Wood goes well with almost any finishing material

The modern building materials market can satisfy even the most capricious buyer.
The presented assortment is so wide that sometimes it is impossible to make a choice right away. It takes even more time to think.

Wooden ceiling design
In a house made of timber, it is difficult to imagine something other than wood as a material for the ceiling

The style for each room is selected depending on its main functional purpose. For example, in the living room, he is alone, but in the bedroom and study, he is completely different.

living room

In the past ten years, the white-painted ceiling has been very popular in interior design, especially among the younger generation. This is because white will never go out of fashion, and its unobtrusive appearance allows you to give the room lightness and airiness, which is sometimes so lacking.

In this design, you can perform not only ceilings, but also walls, space will look visually more voluminous and wider, and you can easily dilute it with decorative elements.

White wooden design
White allows you to visually increase the space of even a small room
White wooden design
Bleached wood is in perfect harmony with a shiny glossy surface
White wooden design
White board is perfect for attic space

Even though wooden lining is a relatively inexpensive material, this does not interfere in the least with creating a unique interior design that is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent to it. To do this, you just need to show a little imagination and the result will not belong in coming.

Having decorated the ceilings in the house with wooden clapboard, you can at any time change their color to any other, if you are a little fed up with the old one and you want some kind of variety.

Perfect modern living room design
Perfect modern living room design

The stereotypes that wood should not be used in rooms with high humidity have long been erased. Modern technologies of material processing and the correct installation of a wooden ceiling design, allows you to find it even in the bathroom.

You don’t have to worry about the fact that something might happen to him, scientists and technologists have already done this for you. You just have to choose the right type of wood and the toner you like.

wall paneling in the bathroom
Having successfully beaten the wall paneling in the bathroom, you will get an unusual and stylish interior design

There are plenty of options for finishing the bathroom ceiling and you can always choose the design that suits you.

Wooden ceiling
Aged wood perfectly complements a modern bathroom design

Wooden ceiling in a private house usually involves the use of two main types of material for this. The most popular finishing panels are:

  • Lining “calm”: a fairly popular material that is used to decorate ceilings. Its long sides are made with a special groove and recess in such a way that when they are connected, the so-called “deepened shelf” is not formed, that is, the surface is flat. It looks especially beautiful when the ceiling is decorated with wide clapboard “calm”.
  • Lining “euro”: a whiter, expensive option, but much better. It is mainly made of high-quality wood. The main focus is on the absence of knots, tar stains, and cracks. It undergoes better processing on four sides on expensive machines. On the back, there is a recess for moisture removal and ventilation. The front side has a perfectly flat and smooth surface that does not require additional processing.
classic interior
An ideal solution for connoisseurs of a classic interior
Good natural and indoor lighting
Good natural and indoor lighting will transform any interior

What styles is natural wood used in

Wood as a finishing material has been used all over the world for a long time. Reliability, aesthetics, and elegant design allows it to be used in various styles of interior decoration.

The main styles are the following:

  • High tech
  • Country
  • Modern
  • Chalet
  • Eco-style
  • Japanese style

Hi-tech wooden ceiling style

The high-tech style is characterized by a clearly defined geometry of objects, however, despite this, they should not have strict boundaries

The presence of a high-tech tree looks
The presence of a high-tech tree looks quite urban

wooden ceiling country style

It is difficult to imagine a country-style room without using it as wood trim, and ceilings are no exception. The material for finishing can be both lining and wooden panels, boards, or wooden wallpaper.

country style
Natural stone will give the interior elegance and respectability
combination of the ceiling and walls
A well-chosen color combination of the ceiling and walls, in combination with a fireplace, will give the room a truly homely feel
snow-white bedroom
The snow-white bedroom with wide spacious windows looks just great

wooden ceiling modern style

The main task of this style is to combine various types of material, natural and artificial. The use of wood is a fundamental component of room design, it can be used on the floor, as well as on the ceiling and walls. The main thing is that it does not violate the overall harmony of the interior.

wooden ceiling
The modern kitchen will always have its relevance
Beautiful wide lining with lacquered surface
Beautiful wide lining with lacquered surface

It will also always be appropriate to use various wooden structures on the ceiling, which will harmoniously complement the interior.

Elegant wooden structure on the ceiling will dilute its monotonous surface
Elegant wooden structure on the ceiling will dilute its monotonous surface

Chalet style

This style migrated to Russia from faraway Switzerland and France. It would seem that the usual simplicity of the design of wooden houses should have gone unnoticed, but as it turned out, this is not at all the case. The grandeur and beauty of the “chalet” style can charm any connoisseur of beauty.

The predominant tones for this style are brown, burgundy, dark green, and red. It is necessary to use brighter colors with special care so as not to disturb the overall atmosphere of the interior, as the chalet-style loves natural tones.

Wonderful chalet style interior with beautiful nature views
Wonderful chalet style interior with beautiful nature views
Chalet-style living room
Chalet-style living room
Chalet-style bedroom with wooden ceiling and suspended beams
Chalet-style bedroom with wooden ceiling and suspended beams


Eco is a derivative of the word ecology. From here it is not difficult to understand that the eco-style provides for only environmentally friendly material created by nature itself as decoration.

However, the use of natural materials is not one of the most important conditions for this style, it is very important to preserve their original appearance. The texture of the wood should be visible, and its color palette should be as close to natural as possible.

Eco-style country house interior design
Eco-style country house interior design

Unfortunately, it is impossible to ensure that harmful substances do not participate in wood processing, and at the same time, their cost does not increase. Wood treated with environmentally friendly impregnations will cost a lot but believe me it’s worth it, in return you will get crystal clear air and a feeling of complete solitude with nature in your house.

Floor-to-ceiling windows
Floor-to-ceiling windows, a fireplace, a wall lined with decorative bricks, a beautiful sofa with a coffee table are the perfect combination to create a truly cozy atmosphere in the house.

Eco-design loves space and good lighting. It is problematic to make the most of all the possibilities of this style in an apartment; a large country house with high ceilings and spacious rooms is perfect for these purposes. Only here you can truly give free rein to your imagination.

It is important to remember that eco style requires good lighting.

Wooden ceilings will look good not only in the house but also in other outbuildings. One style will avoid sharp boundaries between different zones.

eco style.
An open terrace of a country house decorated in the same style together with the house will be an excellent complement to the modern design in the eco style.

Japanese style

Quite exotic and new style for the Russian latitudes. Recently, however, it has been gaining more and more popularity. The main materials used for finishing are stone and wood. Particular attention is paid to the design of ceilings, they are mainly made of boards or wooden panels, painted in dark colors.

Wooden ceiling in the Japanese interior is an integral part of it
Wooden ceiling in the Japanese interior is an integral part of it

Remember that the Japanese style does not quite like experiments, it is characterized by minimalism and restraint. It is allowed to dilute the interior only with decor elements related to the style.

Japanese style loves restraint. It has straight lines and simple shapes.
Japanese style loves restraint. It has straight lines and simple shapes.

Regardless of which style you choose for your interior, it is important to remember one thing that the ceilings in the house play a special, if not the main role in it.

We invite you to consider different options for the execution of wooden ceiling.

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