Window decoration: Tips for Choosing Curtains and Blinds

Such a concept as the modern interior design includes not only large-scale or superficial repair work related to the arrangement of a particular room. The choice of design for window openings, in this case, is also of great importance, because the window, in fact, can be called the face of any room, which automatically attracts attention, can be an integral part of the overall interior or act as the main accent. Therefore, a competent approach to the development of the design of this part of the room will transform the room and make it more attractive. At the same time, among the possible ways of decorating window openings today, designers propose to pay attention not only to the ideas we are used to. In addition to the classic use of curtains, which, by the way, are presented in a rather impressive assortment, in the interior, you can safely Window decoration using different types of blinds. We will tell you how to translate this or that design idea into reality further.

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Window decoration 2021: the main trends for curtains and blinds

A lot of attention is paid to the design of curtains in 2021 because this method of window decoration is considered the most common and the main feature of new window cloths is a harmonious combination of practical and decorative functions. Fashionable curtains at the same time should complement the style of the interior and at the same time not stand out too much against the general background.

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The owners of the premises located on the north side are advised to give preference to the types of curtains made of the veil, fit in or muslin, characterized by inviting transparency, which will allow sunlight to penetrate inside the room and create the necessary atmosphere of lightness and airiness.

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When arranging south-facing windows or in cases where the owners prefer to completely isolate their home from the penetration of prying eyes, the ideal solution would be curtains made of materials that do not let in the daylight. Such a solution can be expressed in the use of blackout fashionable today or dense blended fabrics.

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Window decoration with curtains made of thick linen, with a clearly pronounced natural texture, without bright colors, ornaments, and excessive processing, or the use of canvases made of unusually soft dupion silk, is considered an equally original and trendy solution in 2021.

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If preference is given to more colorful and sophisticated combinations, then in this case you should take a closer look at products with a calm geometric ornament, options with medium-sized elements of a botanical print, or curtains with flowers, without additions in the form of ornate and complex patterns.

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As for the blinds, depending on the method of arrangement of the slats, such products can be horizontal or vertical, have different widths of the plates, and be made of a variety of materials.

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Curtains in window decoration: types of products

As we have already said, modern curtains have many varieties, differing from each other not only in appearance but also in configuration and fastening methods. Blinds in this case also belong to this number, but they stand out as a separate group and are no less pleasantly impressed with their variety.

Classic curtains

Window curtains of this kind are considered the most common and are used to decorate the interior of rooms in many styles. In most examples, these are asymmetric, rectangular canvases, floor-length, with even folds that cover the entire area of ​​the window opening. On request, classic curtains can be decorated with scallops, fringes, or tacks.

Window decoration 8

Such structures on the windows are a straight canvas with a special weighting agent in the lower part, a spring, chain, or automated mechanism. When folded, such models look like a roll and do not take up much space. By structure, roller blinds are divided into the cassette and open ones, are available in various colors and can be supplemented with all kinds of patterns.

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Models of this nature are outwardly somewhat similar to the previous proposal but have several differences. The fabric in Roman blinds is divided into several sections using vertically arranged strips of hard material, so classic products when folded consist of folds. In cascading Roman blinds, such folds are present even on open canvases. This type of curtain can consist of two parts and easily allows you to adjust the saturation of the light entering the room.

Window decoration 10

In their homeland, in Japan, such curtains are often called screens and are used to harmoniously divide rooms into functional zones. And outwardly similar structures are, by and large, vertical, straight panels covered with fabric. In the lower part, such curtain models are equipped with special weights that allow the canvas to always be in a perfectly even, taut condition.

Window decoration 11

Modern curtains made in French style are usually equipped with a rotary-chain mechanism that allows you to adjust the length of the fabrics, and in most examples are decorated with various ruffles, lace, and drapery.

Window decoration 12

In a way, the models of Austrian curtains have some similarities with French curtains. The difference, in this case, is that folds on such products appear only when the canvases are folded.

Window decoration 13

Such curtains rightfully belong to the classic type and are perfect for decorating wide window openings. However, if classic products allow, if necessary, to fully open the window, then in such an example, the canvases have a reliable fixation. Adjustment of the penetration of daylight into a room with such window decoration is carried out using special grabs or cords located at the bottom of each canvas.

Window decoration 14

Products with such an original name have the same unusual appearance and, as a rule, consist of threads that differ in texture, intertwined with each other. Curtains-threads, in which bulges or beads are additionally used, look especially gorgeous.

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Decoration of window openings with blinds

The method of decorating windows with blinds is considered an equally original idea. The main advantages of using such structures are ease of use, the practicality of products, convenient regulation of the intensity of light penetration, as well as quite an affordable cost and a wide range of products.

Window decoration 16

Blinds are made of metal, plastic, wood, bamboo, and various fabrics, and depending on the direction of the location of the slats, they can be vertical or horizontal, as we mentioned above in the material. And the most interesting thing is that this design method can be used as an independent type of design for window openings, or it can be combined with ordinary curtains. At the same time, the length of the product can accurately repeat the parameters of the glass or almost reach the floor.

Window decoration 17

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to decorate window openings. And today we have considered only a few of the possible options. We hope that the proposed material will become a kind of guide in the world of design and the future, our readers will be able to easily translate their own ideas into reality.

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