Wall decoration and a choice of wallpaper for the hallway

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway and corridor, we often come across the idea that one room is a continuation of another, and accordingly, the wallpaper should be equally unkillable. However, this is a huge misconception. The entrance hall is the hallmark of the house, the room that greets the owners and guests, creating a mood already upon entering the house: that is why it is so important to correctly design this room and choose the Wall decoration.

Wall decoration

Wall decoration for a small hallway

If you do not have a lot of space, then tips for visually increasing the space in the room will come in handy. To begin with, it is worth remembering that dark shades will emphasize the small size of the hallway, based on this we conclude: you need to use basic light shades. Wallpaper stripes also play a role.

Wall decoration

When choosing such a pattern on the wallpaper, it is important to know that horizontal stripes visually expand the space, and vertical stripes increase the height of the walls. And to make it easier to breathe in the room, do not overload the room with unnecessary pieces of furniture and accessories, it is enough to add one bright accent detail.

Wall decoration 2

Wallpaper color

The first step is to choose the color scheme of the Wall decoration since its color directly affects the general mood of the interior and can visually transform the room.

Light wallpaper

White wallpaper, at first glance, is a rather impractical option, but choosing this color will help you create a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness in your hallway, and furniture in contrasting colors will look especially interesting against their background.

Wall decoration 4

They often try to bypass the light gray color in the interior, considering it dull and boring. However, with the right choice of the furniture set and dilution of gray with accent shades (for example, yellow, red, or white), interior designs in this color will sparkle with new colors and will definitely become an excellent solution for supporters of minimalism.

Wall decoration 5

Beige wallpaper is one of the safest options. This color will create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the room and will be in harmony with various natural materials in the decor and furniture set.

Wall decoration 6

Dark wallpapers are more suitable for illuminated spacious rooms. Since dark shades visually reduce the space, they should be handled carefully. Black wallpapers look stylish and luxurious, especially with the right furniture and decor. An accent black wall also looks beneficial in rooms.

Wall decoration 7

Blue wallpaper will perfectly complement wooden objects in the room, and will also bring freshness and a sense of cleanliness and comfort to the interior.

Wall decoration 8

Wall decoration by Combining wallpaper

Usually, a lot of time is not devoted to the interior of the hallway, which is a huge omission. An interesting solution that will definitely bring new colors to the interior of your hallway is the combination of wallpaper. Starting from the combination of colors and ending with different textures and techniques of wall covering – all sorts of solutions will look interesting and attract attention, the main thing is to approach this issue responsibly and with a sense of taste.

Wall decoration 9

Liquid, vinyl, and non-woven wallpapers can be favorably combined with natural textures such as wood, cork, bamboo, and others. Regarding the color scheme, we can advise using dark shades at the bottom of the wall, and placing the light ones higher: this way the hallway will visually become more spacious, and the walls will seem taller.

Wall decoration 10

Wall decoration in modern style

Bright and unusual solutions are considered modern trends in this period of time. Among the popular trends, we can note stripes, geometry, wallpaper, and classics. As mentioned earlier, stripes can affect visually decreasing or increasing space in a room. Geometry means original wallpaper decorated with triangles, rhombuses, squares, and other geometric shapes. Such wallpapers can be made in both calm minimalistic and bright cheerful colors. All kinds of photomurals are also returning to fashion, with images of landscapes, animals, nature, or just an image that copies natural textures.

Wall decoration 11

The liquid wallpaper

One of the best and most practical options for decorating the hallway is liquid wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper is a mixture similar to decorative plaster in appearance, but differing from it in composition. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, this method of wall covering is quite practical: it can be easily repaired by wetting and removing the top layer, then filling the gap with a new mixture, and it can also be repainted several times, which makes such a coating ideal for creative and fickle people who require frequent changes

Wall decoration 12

Brick wallpaper

Many people resort to using wallpaper with a brickwork pattern because the implementation of natural brick masonry is a rather expensive and complicated process. Wallpaper made for brickwork is in rather high demand among consumers, because it looks great in almost any style and brings a coziness to the interior.

Wall decoration 13

Other Wall decoration finishes

Vinyl wallpapers

Such wallpapers are distinguished by their durability, practicality, and moisture resistance. They can be either plain and simple, or embossed on top or simple patterns. They are distinguished by their characteristic shine and smoothness.

Wall decoration 14

This Wall decoration is a nonwoven fabric made from cellulose. They can be single-layer and double-layer, they are difficult to scratch and, like vinyl, are moisture resistant.

Wall decoration 15

A fanciful and luxurious option for wall decoration, however, such wallpapers require special care and quickly become dirty.

Wall decoration 16

Durable, with a varied texture and moisture resistance. These wallpapers can be used both in homes and apartments. They are very practical and look stylish in any interior.

Wall decoration 17

The hallway is the hallmark of your home. Therefore, we advise you to take a responsible approach to the appearance of this room and also think especially well about choosing a wall covering for this room, since wallpaper sets the mood of the interior and visually transforms the space.

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