TV shelf for your home: tips, nuances, design ideas

TV is an integral part of any home. But to beat it in the interior and fit into the design of the room, you need certain furniture. And in this article, we will talk about what kind of TV shelf is on the wall and what alternatives there are. Below you can find tips for decorating a living room with a TV: where and on what to place the monitor, what style to choose, and why it is better to stay on backlit shelves. Read to the end and learn everything in order.

TV shelf

Types of TV shelf

TV shelves can vary in several ways. They have different functions, different attachment systems, different structures, and styles.

Types of shelves by meaning

It should be noted right away that a TV shelf may not hold the screen, but perform a decorative function. In this case, the device itself will be hung on the wall using brackets or hooks. There are three main types of shelves for the TV zone according to their purpose:

  • The shelf holder acts as a support for the TV. Now this option is irrelevant because monitors hung on the wall are in fashion. But still, many prefer this installation method.
TV shelf
  • Shelves for accessories. They are hung next to the screen and perform auxiliary functions. Here you can place small items, souvenirs, remotes. It is necessary if the room has few horizontal surfaces for storing things.

Decorative shelves are shelves that do not fulfill a specific function but are used to fill free space. They often have an original multi-tiered shape and an interesting design.

Variations in structure of TV shelf

To decorate a wall with a TV, shelves are used, made using the following technologies:

Cast shelves are made of glass or metal. They are a single piece of unusual shape. It can be in the form of a ladder or a rectangle. Cast shelves are used most often in a modern style.

  • Frame shelves can be in the form of cabinets or composite structures. Most often, they are made in the form of niches, inside which a TV is built. This helps to stylistically highlight the screen in the interior.
TV shelf

Also, there are classic wall and floor cabinets and stands in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

TV on the partition

When decorating a TV zone, many are faced with the fact that the existing background does not highlight the monitor. In this case, there is an option to buy a special panel for the TV. Such a decorative element can be used as an alternative to a shelf or in conjunction with it.

The partition can be a wooden board with a pleasant texture or a frame covered with original linen or leather. However, it is worth remembering that caring for surfaces made from natural materials is a responsible business. But at the same time, designers are inclined to believe that it is natural materials that give home comfort.

The TV panel does not have to cover the entire wall. It can be located locally, or even divide the room into two parts. A shelf or even a whole set is often hung on such a partition, and thereby fit it into the interior.

Living room decoration with TV

Most often, the TV is installed in this room. Here they receive guests and just spend their free time, so the interior of the living room should be beautiful and thoughtful.

How to place a TV in the living room

In narrow and long-living rooms in the form of corridors, it is better to use monitors with a small diagonal. In this case, there will be no discomfort for the eyes. But if you are still leaning towards widescreen models, then it is better to place such TVs on the wall opposite the window. Moreover, it is recommended to hang dark blackout curtains in the room.

TV shelf

When choosing the color and design of the TV shelf, you should consider the interior design. Otherwise, the room may turn out to be too fractional and inharmonious.

Feng Shui fans believe that placing a TV in the southeastern part of the room helps to strengthen family relationships. The southwest side, on the other hand, attracts wealth to the house and helps to expand the circle of friends.

If you plan to install a screen in a small room, then you should choose small-sized TV shelves in the living room with wall or ceiling mounts.

Where to hang a TV shelf in the living room

Most often you can find wall-mounted TV shelves. This is the easiest and most straightforward way to place your TV screen.

TV shelf
TV shelf

If there is a shortage of free space, the TV area in the living room can be placed in the corner. Most often, this option is used in small rooms. However, it is worth remembering that the sofa and armchairs will also have to be positioned at an angle, and this can lead to a significant reduction in the usable area. Therefore, before you hang the TV in the corner, you should carefully consider the layout.

The TV can be placed in a niche. Such a find helps to dilute boring walls while leaving them within the framework of minimalism.

To arrange a partition between two windows, you can take it on a wall or floor shelf with a TV.

To optimize the space, you can place the TV under the stairs. If you place furniture and a speaker system next to each other, then you can successfully and tastefully use the free space.

TV shelf

Sometimes the TV panel is placed in the middle of the room so that it acts as the main element of the decor. A TV in such an interior becomes a focal point that attracts all the attention.

Another way to integrate the TV into the interior is to place it on a special pipe. As a result, you can create an expressive composition that will organically fit into the design of any room.

Living room styles with TV

The same storyline should be traced in every detail of the interior. Only then will it be possible to create a harmonious and effective living room. Here are some interesting TV zone styles:

  • The classic style implies that the TV will be an auxiliary part of the interior. Often the screen is hidden in deep niches in the closet or temporarily covered with a screen. Small wooden or metal shelves are used. They try to decorate all modern equipment with baguette frames within the framework of this design.
TV shelf

For a TV area in a modern style, LED or LCD TVs with a large diagonal are more suitable. Curved screens fit well into modern design. It is best to install the monitor on an oddly shaped cast glass or metal shelf.

  • The Scandinavian style involves the use of TV shelves. Massive structures in the form of small cabinets or dressers fit best.
  • Loft style is often referred to as industrial style. In concept, it is similar to modern interior design. The difference is that crisp, regular shapes and warm colors are encouraged. Within the framework of the style, certain dynamics are created, for which natural materials are used in the design of the TV zone.
TV shelf

However, it is worth remembering that interior decoration is everyone’s business. Therefore, styles can be mixed and you even need to try to combine the incongruous. Indeed, only in this case, it will be possible to create exactly the interior of the living room that will appeal specifically to you.

illuminated shelves of TV shelf

Local light sources illuminate the TV screen much better than direct beams that create glare on the monitor. In addition to the fact that the backlight improves the quality of the picture, it also helps to aesthetically decorate the TV area.

TV shelf

Backlighting is most often done in plasterboard shelves above the TV in the form of cabinets or pedestals. LED strips are used as light sources. Also, additional lighting is often organized in niches for the TV.

TV shelf

Backlit shelves are great for living rooms because they help not only illuminate the screen but also highlight individual elements of the interior. In addition, there is always the opportunity to turn off the main lighting and sit in a room with dim light.

Briefly about the main

A TV shelf can act not only as monitor support but also as a decorative element.

Most often there are cast and frame TV shelf. Cast shapes are more suitable for modern style.

The TV can be placed on a special partition. This helps to beat the TV zone and get rid of the monotony.

The shelf can be hung on the wall, on the ceiling, on a post, placed in a corner, or a wall between windows.

There are certain styles of interior decoration, but they can be combined and complemented to create an individual home.

Certain advantages are provided by the use of a TV shelf with a backlight.

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