Toilet design 2021: photos, styles, colors, interior ideas

The simplest solution is to make the toilet design the same as in the bathroom. But professionals say: it is not at all necessary to strictly adhere to a similar style. Think about what you want. Even one and a half square meters is room for imagination.

How to choose a toilet design

However, too much difference in stylistic directions in one apartment will look ridiculous. For example, a modern minimalist bathroom and a classic bathroom with baroque accessories. Therefore, a balance is needed. If you figuratively represent these premises together, they should not “argue”, but complement both each other and the entire living space.

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When deciding what the toilet design will be, styles are the first thing to decide. These can be modern trends: minimalism, eco-style, loft, neoclassicism (modern classics), etc. If the classic is closer to you, why not? But keep in mind that it looks better in large spaces. Maybe you will go further and make an exclusive design by mixing several styles. This is the main trend now. To decide on the design of the toilet, photos of finished interiors will help in the best way possible. This is called “watching”

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Hang and hide

In toilet design, ideas should work primarily for comfort. Beauty is secondary. But modern solutions help to combine both.

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It is no longer news that wall-hung toilet installations have practically replaced the standard floor-standing toilet bowls. Thanks to this, space has become more beautiful and free, and the cleaning – pleasant and comfortable.

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Placing hanging accessories on the walls (toilet paper holder, brush, liquid soap dispenser, toothbrush cup, etc.) is also a very convenient option.

The white plastic sunroof is a purely rough technical solution. If it is possible to move it and the installation to another room (for example, to an adjacent closet or dressing room), do it. If this option does not work, you can decorate the plumbing hatch with an interesting panel, for example, from stabilized moss. The option with a picture or a tile cut so that the hatch location is not visually “read” in the total volume also looks good.

toilet design

Pipes and meters can also be hidden. There are several options: a hidden hatch for tiles, furniture doors, again a panel, or a picture.

Toilet sink – needed?

Being able to wash your hands in the toilet is priceless. Therefore, if possible, install a sink in this room, use it. Now you can find very miniature specimens of various shapes in stores.

Rectangular sinks look stylish. They also take up less space along the wall. Pay attention to the mixer. The stores have a huge selection of relevant options. Built into the wall and looks more modern and practical. Stubborn stains often appear around common ones.

toilet design
toilet design 9

Space must be used rationally. If the size of the bathroom allows, consider what else you can fit there. This can be, for example, a bidet or a pseudo-bidet – hygienic shower. The second option, by the way, is also appropriate in small toilets, since this accessory does not take up much space. And don’t forget the towel holder.

Another thing you need is a water heater. Since it is usually hung on a wall, it can even be placed in a small toilet. But the boiler is not a very pretty thing, so it is better to hide it. For these purposes, a wall cabinet, a niche walled with a panel, or a box with decoration, like on the walls, is suitable. Necessarily with an inconspicuous door.

toilet design
toilet design 11

Other candidates for toilet placement are a washer and dryer. We will talk more about this in the next chapter.

Toilet design with washing machine

Placing a washing machine in the toilet is more of a compulsory measure than a design decision. This is acceptable when there is no room for large equipment in other rooms. Another case – the most common – is a combined bathroom. After all, placing a washing machine in a room with a bath is the most convenient option after a separate laundry room.

There are several ways to place the washing machine in the toilet:

Above the toilet… No, we are not suggesting clumsily hanging the washer on the wall. The modern version assumes a neat installation of a wall-mounted washing machine. You can also hide equipment in a niche or box. A definite plus is the saving of priceless square meters if you have few of them. Perhaps, in a small toilet, this is the only accommodation option. Cons: not very convenient to use, and even more so in case of repair.

In the closet. Much more practical and aesthetic option. The washing machine is hidden in a closet, and the space above it is used to accommodate household chemicals and other household needs. It is better to put the equipment, not on the floor but to provide for the rise. Then you don’t have to bend over or squat when using.

Under the sink, or even better – under the countertop with the sink. If, of course, they are provided in your toilet. If desired, the machine can also be closed with doors. Pay attention to narrow models so that it does not stick out, otherwise, it will be inconvenient to wash your hands. And it looks ridiculous.

A freestanding washing machine near the wall is also a valid option if it does not interfere with free walking. In this case, you can also install a drying machine on it. Modern housewives have long appreciated this device. There is no need to hang linen with it, and the towels are always soft, like new.

toilet design
toilet design

Small toilet design

The toilet is the smallest room, so there are special design rules. And if you only have 1 sq. m, you will have to think carefully about every centimeter of space. All details matter.

Consider several important design rules for a toilet room measuring 1 – 3 square meters. m.

The simpler the better. Therefore, the minimalist style is ideal. And it’s more convenient to maintain cleanliness.

The decor is appropriate but not bulky. For example, it can be a panel on the ceiling or walls. Plants will decorate any room. For the toilet, choose those that do not require a lot of light: cactus, ficus, etc. Functional decor – unusual soap dispensers, towel organizers, non-standard mirrors, compact decorative lamps.

toilet design 11

If your apartment is decorated in a classic style, then in a small toilet, you can support this theme with an aged mirror or marble floor (marbled tiles). No fancy chandeliers or figurines!

Another example with decor. If your style is Provence, then it’s much better than gluing wallpaper in a small flower, making neutral walls and accents in details. It can be textiles (towels, rugs), discreet paintings.

toilet design 12

In toilet design, colors are especially important. Light colors visually expand the space. Therefore, classic white will help you. It is associated with cleanliness and freshness. But it is not the only correct solution for a small toilet. Olive, beige, blue, and other pastel colors are also suitable. Finishing with light wood or marble, including artificial, will look good.

Some people mistakenly believe that in a small room one dim light bulb is enough. It will not light up the entire room, and dark corners will visually reduce the space. A built-in spotlight or diode strip can be added to the main luminaire.

toilet design 14

As you know, mirrors also visually expand the space. You can place them above the sink and on the opposite wall. Glossy surfaces that reflect light serve the same purposes: floor, walls, ceiling.

Let us remind you about the wall-hung toilet again. In a small toilet, it is all the more necessary.

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