The built-in wardrobe in the bedroom: modern design

The built-in wardrobe is convenient in design. It can be used for rooms of different purposes. Most common for adult bedrooms. Before choosing this option for storing things, you need to study a few nuances of choice and interesting ideas for using a home headset.

built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe: what is it, design features

A built-in wardrobe is a traditional storage space for seasonal clothing. It does not have its own frame, only swing or sliding doors are equipped. Installed in a special niche or parallel to a straight wall. Corner structures can also be used. Typically, the body of a headset is the floor, walls, and ceiling in the room. When choosing such a piece of furniture, you should focus on several recommendations:

  • Decide on the installation location and cabinet depth. As a standard, this parameter does not exceed 60 cm. If the cabinet option has a hinged opening method, then a margin of 10 cm should be added. It is necessary to equip the closing system.
  • Select the material for the facade and shelves. For the manufacture of doors, frosted glass, or mirror surfaces are used, less often the raw materials from which the interior is made are used: shelves and partitions. Natural wood is not used for arranging cabinets due to its heavyweight.
  • The Interior layout is important. Here it is important to provide for the required number of shelves and rods for hanging the hangers. The fewer dresses, the more shelving there should be inside the built-in cabinet body.
  • Height. This indicator can be anything. Ceiling-height or three-quarter options are suitable. The highest shelf must be easily accessible while standing. 278 cm for average apartments will be enough.
  • The presence of decor. On the doors of the headset, there may be dusting or special decor in the form of stickers. Also, the surface is without various patterns or ornaments. This looks good in a classic or modern interior.

In shape, the wardrobe is semicircular, angular, straight, or irregular. The last option is used in the case of organizing a non-standard interior in a room.

built-in wardrobe

Options for built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

To save free space in the room, they choose simple models of wall cabinets. Let’s consider the most common:

  • Angular. Such a model is located on two adjacent walls. Takes up enough space, suitable in spacious rooms. Fits well into any interior style. Such a cabinet with internal racks and rails for hangers inside looks original. Glass doors sliding in different directions are chosen as a facade for such a set. They often have a mirrored surface or are painted to match the overall interior.
  • L-shaped. This option is located along two adjacent walls. Usually, one side is intended for storing dresses, the other serves as a rack with numerous niches for storing underwear, T-shirts, and other summer clothes. The facade of such a model is chosen the same for both sides or a design one that differs only in color. Has the same decorative design.
  • U-shaped. This model is appropriate in narrow rooms. The main part of the built-in cabinet falls on the far narrow wall. The central niche is often used as the main part of the wardrobe, the side ones are used for storing bed linen and underwear.
  • Wall cabinet. Suitable for small spaces. A distinctive feature of this design is independent compartments for storing clothes. A built-in compartment can be provided with a niche for installing a TV.
built-in wardrobe
built-in wardrobe

Note! The cabinet is assembled at the installation site. Therefore, make sure that in the end, the structure is strong and reliable. For this, it is important to use all fasteners and clips.

built-in wardrobe 2

The facade of the wardrobe in the bedroom

When choosing a facade, you should always focus on the style of the interior in the bedroom. For a room of this purpose, facades are made in pastel low-key shades.

A beautiful sliding wardrobe built into the wall with a semi-mirrored facade looks original in spacious, bright rooms. Beige, cream, ivory, and other pastel shades are perfect for the modern interior trend. To make the flaps look attractive, they are complemented with dusting and various floral patterns.

built-in wardrobe

The built-in wardrobe for the bedroom can have a wooden facade with a glass surface applied on top. Such headsets are made from two or three doors. The closing mechanism for such cabinets is installed on the floor or in a specially equipped bar.

A deep niche for storing clothes is decorated with an overall beige facade with frosted glass inserts. The doors are formed with an aluminum profile and are installed on special runners that are screwed to the floor covering.

Sliding wardrobes in the bedroom: design inside

For embedding, cases are made with a large number of internal shelves. On both sides, there can be rods for hanging hangers, and in the middle, there is a row of deep shelves. A niche in the form of a chest of drawers with wide drawers looks good under them. The adjacent closing shelf is used for storing seasonal shoes.

The interior of the built-in wardrobe for the bedroom may not have horizontal shelves at all: only pull-out shelves and hangers. It is very convenient to store shoes and jackets in such frame models. If a deep top shelf is equipped, then it can contain suitcases, bags, and other items that are not constantly used.

built-in wardrobe
built-in wardrobe
built-in wardrobe


The built-in wardrobe does not take up free space in the bedroom. Therefore, it is easy to store clothes and other accessories in a niche, as well as make good use of the internal space. Such a design in the bedroom is used with a lot of advantages, including the ability to hide unnecessary objects and put things in order.

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