Round bed: how to choose the right model

A bedroom with a round bed looks original and invariably attracts attention. Despite everyone’s admiration, the round bed in the interior is such a non-standard detail that few people dare to purchase it for their home. We figure out which interiors the round design fits into, and what types of it can be found on the market. We are learning to select a round bed based on its characteristics.

Round bed

Advantages and disadvantages of Round bed

To choose the most suitable model of a round bed, you need to understand what advantages it will bring, and what negative features you may encounter. The advantages include the following qualities:

  • Originality. It is unlikely that many of your friends have a bedroom with a similar piece of furniture, so the interior with a round bed is always original.
  • High level of comfort. On a spacious round bed, you can sit as you like, the orientation is not set rigidly here, as on rectangular models. Rounded shapes create a sense of security, a “nest”.
  • Security. There are no hard corners here, which is especially valuable for children and the elderly.

Before decorating a bedroom with custom furniture, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with its weaknesses. The following qualities are considered cons:

  • Price. The flip side of the merits: the unusual design automatically increases the price tag.
  • Dimensions. Rounded shapes require enough space, they are cramped in a small bedroom. Squeezed by walls, the round bed looks awkward.
  • Difficulties in operation. We are talking about bed linen and textiles. Compared to ordinary underwear, the choice is small, and it is not presented in every store. It remains to hope for an individual order.
Round bed

Varieties of round beds

The assortment of round-shaped models pleases with a variety; you can always choose the option to your liking. The following furniture modifications are common:

No additional elements. An ascetic circle without a headboard and other details are ideal for a studio apartment. Such a bed will create a logical combination of the living room and bedroom; it is suitable for sleeping and daytime gatherings.

Round bed
  • With headboard and bumpers. As a rule, the headboard carries a decorative load and is made in a certain style, which is expressed in its shape and material of manufacture. Models with a headboard are sometimes complemented by a footboard.
  • On a round podium. Option for a spacious room. The podium occupies a large area, and its height rarely exceeds 20-30 cm. The design can be complicated by drawers, niches, a headboard, and night tables. The mattress has a standard rectangular shape, which eliminates the problem of bedding.
Round bed
  • Suspended. The idea for a hanging bed originated in the Asian region. Suspended models look romantic, and are more often used for daytime relaxation than as a bed for sleeping. The lightweight construction is attached with special rods to the ceiling at one fixing point and can hold up to 300 kg. The use of the model has a limitation – the ceilings in the room must be high.
Round bed
  • Sofa bed (transformer). One of the most practical and convenient options, suitable for decorating a bedroom, living room, studio apartment. The design includes separate movable sections when assembled to form around the bed. By removing or sliding the sections, depending on the model, you can get a semicircular sofa or a modular set with a table and a pair of poufs. Folding or sliding mechanisms, storage boxes serve as an addition.

Designer models. Unusual designs in the form of a shell or a futuristic capsule appeal to children and teenagers. Often such beds are equipped with lighting (for example, in the form of a starry sky) and an acoustic system.
Corner, semicircular. A suitable solution for a small room.

  • Floating” bed. Models with a disguised fastening system create the illusion of floating in the air, the effect is enhanced if a backlight is installed in the lower part of the frame. There are no storage systems in the bed, and the space under it remains insight, and it will not work.
  • With a canopy. A round bed surrounded by a weightless translucent fabric looks romantic, but not suitable for all styles.
Round bed

Parameters and equipment: what to look for

There are several characteristics to consider when choosing around the stock. First of all, attention is paid to the following qualities:

Size. A round bed that is less than two meters in diameter is considered a children’s (teenage) bed. The model is about two meters in diameter and corresponds to a standard single bed. If you are looking for an option for two, concentrate on models from 2.5 m.

Installation method. Classic options have legs. Platform podium beds are popular, but they only fit into a spacious room. Suspended models require a high ceiling.

Round bed
  • Frame type. The service life of the product depends on it. There are two options: one-piece and half, allowing the possibility of transformation.
  • Base type. Three types of mattress bases are common: slatted, deaf (on the podium), with orthopedic lamellas.
Round bed

Mattress. The package includes a regular or orthopedic mattress. By design, there are mattresses with a dependent and free spring unit, the latter will last longer. The mattress can also be springless – filled with environmentally friendly synthetics or natural materials.

Complete set. For convenience, various models of round beds are equipped with built-in drawers, a lifting mechanism, or a multifunctional headboard (with shelves, speakers).

Round bed and bedroom style

I am glad that the design of a bedroom with a round bed is possible for any of the popular styles, from classic to modern. To make the round bed for sleeping harmoniously fit into the interior, when choosing, pay attention to the shape of additional details, color, material, and texture of the upholstery; the type of bed linen may also be important. The following ideas are used for different styles:

Classics. Refined models will decorate the classic interior. Their signs: expensive fabrics or leather, capitonné (carriage brace), a high headboard of an intricate shape, possibly with carved wood decor. Decorative pillows, velvet, or velour bedspread will serve as an addition. More understated options are suitable for a modern bedroom, where they can add a touch of sophistication.

  • Minimalism. Round beds in a minimalist design are free from small details. The colors are clean, calm, close to the natural palette. Models of laconic outlines are suitable for a Scandinavian-style bedroom.

Vintage. The vintage style is based on pastel shades, aged furnishings, and romantic décor. A round bed of white, milky, beige color will fit into the style. The bed will be decorated with a bedspread and pillows with floral or floral designs. A bed for an interior in Provence or shabby chic looks similar. For the French style, a model with a forged headboard would be a good choice. For metal parts, you can choose any paint texture: smooth, matte, shagreen, with an antique patina.

Round bed

High-tech, loft. Beds of ascetic forms are preferred, without sides and frivolous decor. The palette is appropriate: white, charcoal, asphalt, gray.
Modern. A model with an asymmetrical designer headboard will perfectly fit into the style; the usual back of smooth outlines is also suitable. Colors – deep, rich: brown, terracotta, blue, cherry; white and black are allowed.

Round bed

Briefly about the main

A round bed in the interior looks stylish and original, but it does not fit into every bedroom. The main obstacle to its acquisition is the insufficient floor space. In this case, you can pay attention to corners, semicircular models, as well as transforming beds.

When choosing a model, pay attention to its size, installation method, and type of frame. Noteworthy is the type of base and the structure of the mattress, as well as additional equipment. To choose a model that suits the style, evaluate its color and material.

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