Podium bed: best design options, features, and functionality

Podium bed: the Luxurious, exclusive, and incredibly spacious, the catwalk bed will be a dream come true after you see it in the photo. She came to us from Japan, but in a short period of time, she won the hearts of many. The initial version involved a slight elevation, a thin mattress with a pillow, and a bedspread. Nothing more, stingy rationalism. Having rethought and refined an interesting idea, the Europeans have created an amazing device. Today it is found in various types and designs.

Podium bed

Podium bed types

A podium bed means a kind of elevation on which the sleeping place is located. It consists of a raised base and a bed, or a mattress. It is divided into several types, depending on the appearance and functional characteristics.

Bed on the podium with drawers

A sturdy catwalk bed structure with linen drawers on runners. High-quality equipment allows you to slide them in with the slightest touch of the hand. The upper part is used as a sleeping bag; the lower – is a place for storing things.

The podium frame is assembled from different materials: the metal profile, wooden beam, chipboard. The front part is revetted by the rest of the interior of the room.

Installing a bed with a podium with built-in linen drawers saves space, can be used in zoning. An ideal variant of the layout of living space for modern apartments with a section of the area fenced off from the hallway.

Podium bed

Podium with pull-out bed

The pull-out bed on the podium looks like a platform, raised above the floor level by no more than 50 cm. A full-fledged bed is hidden inside the structure. It slides out if necessary. The size of the base is determined based on the area of ​​the bed.

Installed in the back of the room about the front door. The most functional option would be the assembly of a podium bed, combined with built-in drawers.

The advantage lies in increasing the free area used as a work or play area, installing furniture, equipment, or for another purpose.

Bed on a high podium

The capital base for the bed, located on the podium, is made of different materials:

  • Painted metal profile.
  • Treated wooden beams.
  • Concrete.

In the case of the latter, it is necessary to take into account the significant weight of the structure, as a result of which the load on the floor slabs and the foundation of the house increases. Therefore, the use of metal or wood is considered an alternative option.

The interior of the upper part of the base and the amount of its rise above the floor are determined based on the height of the room ceilings. The type of podium also depends on this: there will be a built-in bed, several boxes for linen, or maybe a full-fledged wardrobe.

The increased used space reduces the functionality of the room almost 2 times. By installing a high podium in a one-room apartment, you will clutter up half of the apartment, but you will get a universal structure that can accommodate most of the furniture. From the point of view of the beauty of the interior, it will look attractive, the same situation applies to functionality. The only drawback of this and other methods when installed in small rooms is a significant narrowing of the space available for free movement.

Interesting! Installing a podium bed in a one-room or studio, some people equate with living in a small apartment.

Round podium with bed

The round podium in the interior of the room plays a key role in creating style. For example, the composition shown in the photo makes an incredible impression. The disadvantage is the possibility of using the technique only in large rooms. Due to the lack of straight lines, a lot of free space is “stolen”, which does not fit in with most Russian apartments, which have a relatively small area. A voluminous, round pedestal will clutter up the room, making it cramped.

It is not necessary to order an individual round mattress design. The main thing is that its dimensions do not exceed the podium area. The use of standard forms is allowed, as shown in the photo.

Important! The combination of a round catwalk with the country and neoclassical styles is not recommended. A good option is to combine it with the style of a modern bedroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of Podium bed

Thanks to the unique solution, the interior of the apartment can be significantly transformed. The advantages of a podium bed are as follows:

Performs the function of zoning the room. Conditional zones, devoid of solid partitions, look more impressive thanks to the open space. The mattress, raised on the podium, by its presence introduces restrictions into the territorial interior.
Practical to operate. Under the base will hide not only linen boxes or the bed itself but also communications: heating and water pipes, electrical wiring.
The podium bed in the interior of the room brings originality and looks impressive. The room ceases to be ordinary and takes on a sophisticated look and a certain mood.
Increase of free space, which is always so lacking. The most relevant topic is regarding children’s rooms.

Podium bed

The main disadvantages of podium beds are 3 factors:

  • The obligatory presence of high ceilings, inherent in some species. The bed will rise higher about the floor than in the classic version. Therefore, it is not possible to equip such a structure in every apartment, but only where the ceilings allow.
  • Exploitation problems for the elderly. 2-3 steps of the podium will become an unbearable obstacle for those suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Those who use the toilet at night are in danger of facing a similar problem. Few people like to fall asleep on a ladder.

Important! When designing a podium bed, take into account: this is a capital structure, and it will not work to move it to another corner without partial or complete analysis.

The mattress on the podium instead of a bed: advantages and disadvantages

As you already understood, not only a bed is installed on the dais, but also one mattress. In terms of aesthetics, this option is no different from what we are used to, and in some cases even surpasses. For example, there are no sharp edges (bumpers) that are easy to hit with your knee.

Podium bed 2

Installing a mattress instead of a podium bed will be a smart decision when arranging a children’s room: let the child jump and jump on the bed without fear of breaking it – the design of the pedestal is capital. The disadvantage of the installation is the likelihood of falling into a dream. This method will not work for young children.

It is not advisable to use it in homes where there are elderly or sick people. In this case, several nuances should be taken into account:

  • Compliance or proximity of the height of the surface of the berth to the standard indicator: at least 50 cm.
  • The width of the base should not exceed the size of the mattress by more than 10 cm. If these dimensions are observed, an elderly person will still be able to get out of bed, lowering his feet immediately to the floor. Modern interpretations of podium beds are predominantly oversized.

A podium mattress instead of a bed is an interesting option, suitable for young, physically healthy people. Before you start developing a project, think about how you feel about squats and lifting from a position where the tailbone is almost at heel level. If this does not create problems for you, feel free to start implementing your plans.

Helpful! Making a podium bed with your own hands is possible with minimal skills. It is often enough to arrange 1 sheet of chipboard in a horizontal plane. Install on the legs, fix additional support on all sides. The base is ready. Cover it with flooring and buy a mattress.

Catwalk bedspread: best models

Despite the originality of the podium bed in the interior, the final element, as always, remains the bedspread. The model is selected not only with an eye to the interior, but also the technical design of the bed. For example, on built-in models hiding inside the structure, you may not use it.

Podium bed 8

For variants with a visible body, the use of a blanket is necessary. Here it performs its standard functions:

  • Protects the bed from dust and dirt. Allows you to lie down on her in clothes without the fear of staining the laundry.
  • Hides it from prying eyes, giving it a neat look.
  • In some cases, it plays the role of a blanket.

The type of material from which the bedspread will be made differs depending on the type of bed:

  • On the beds on the podium of the classic type, various models are allowed: both lush and thin.
  • A sleeping place, organized in the form of a mattress, located on a podium without a bed, requires a different way of decoration. It is necessary to emphasize clear boundaries, highlight the baselines. To achieve the result, it will be more expedient to use thin models that can emphasize and distinguish between the bed and the pedestal.

No IKEA furniture beats what you can do with your own hands. Natural wood, curtains, and bedspread in the same style, material, and shade. Stunning harmony that can calm and distract from the bustle of the city. The final element is a small window that lets in a minimum of sunlight and dim lighting that creates a kind of intimacy.

A silk bedspread, made using oriental attributes, has an attractive appearance and a high price. The fabric of amazing beauty and quality is made from silkworm cocoons. Differs in strength, unpretentiousness in care, and durability.

The classic version of the bed cover on the podium is made of viscose, wool, or cotton. A prerequisite is the presence of the edges of the canvas hanging down to the floor. Such options are used only if there is a reserve of the base area. Agree, whether it is 10 cm narrower, going to the shelf for a book will be problematic. The edges of the bedspread will get in the way.

A distinctive feature of the bedspread for the podium bed from what is covered on the mattress is the use of thin, not lush models. With their help, the original style of your home is emphasized, making the bed one of the main elements of the interior.

How to make the podium boring?

Podium bed

There are a lot of options on how to make a podium bed not boring, from installing a suitable night lamp to arranging niches or shelves for placing souvenirs. Consider popular methods using a photo as an example:

  • For high-tech style, the classic cladding option is not suitable. We’ll have to use futuristic shapes and neutral colors, emphasizing the attitude to the ultra-modern interior.
  • A podium bed knocked down from untreated boards in the interior of a small bedroom looks very impressive. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it with decorative elements: a table lamp, blinds, and a fragment of the political map of the world. The only drawback of this harmony will be the high probability of splintering an arm or leg.
Podium bed
  • The area of ​​the elevation should not at all be slightly larger than the size of the mattress. Double zoning of a berth with an equipped boudoir, carried out with the help of a podium and blind curtains.
Podium bed
  • Zoning of a small room occurs by placing the sleeping and working area on a dais. The original idea is a chrome-plated bed guard against falling. More succinctly, this arrangement can be characterized: when there is little space, but everything must be placed!
  • A good option seems to be the design of a podium bed for twins. The closeness of children is emphasized by the strict symmetry of the bedroom. With such an organization, in a small room, there is a zone for doing homework, each has a separate sleeping place, and there is still a place to play.
Podium bed 7

Compliance with the overall interior and harmony will make the sleeping place more laconic, laconic emphasizing its direct functionality.

In a small apartment, a podium with a pull-out bed will look great. A work area with a computer or laptop will be harmoniously located on the surface.

Important! Pay attention not only to the appearance of the structure but also to the technical component. The podium bed is assembled from durable, durable, and reliable building materials that can withstand the load of 3-4 adults. When designing steps, keep them low but wide. This will reduce the likelihood of nightfall.

When choosing a podium bed style, rely on the prevailing interior in the room. First of all, it is the color scale and form of making the base. Already at the design stage, imagine how the finished structure will look like.

If the shade of the box is matched to the color of the floor of the room, zoning is carried out using different walls, and vice versa. On the one hand, the structure is perceived as one whole, on the other, there is a clear division of space. In some variations, this is achieved by the correct installation of furniture, enclosing elements, and even blind partitions installed for sound insulation.

Podium bed

The ideal bed for a small sleeping area, a full storage cabinet, or a place to put a computer desk? All this refers to a universal piece of furniture that can combine all the listed functions.


Podium bed – at first glance, the design may seem bulky, but this is an illusion. With the ratio of the functionality performed by this structure, for a small-sized apartment, a better option has not yet been invented.

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