Modern living room: 100 stylish interior design ideas

The Modern living room is considered to be the hallmark of every home. Friends and family gather here for a pleasant pastime. Therefore, it is very important to equip it as comfortably as possible, taking into account current trends. This can be difficult to do since the living room is often a functional space that combines a kitchen, bedroom, or study. Therefore, interior design requires more careful planning.

Modern living room

Modern living room: current colors

The color scheme for the living room is rarely limited to frames. This is because various interior solutions often require not only neutral but also brighter colors. Classic white, black and gray colors are most often used as a base. They are completely neutral, like a blank canvas, so that the design can look completely different. But still, mostly they are decorated with various colored accents.

Modern living room 1

It should be noted sand, milky and beige shades. They have been popular for a long time. Because with their help you can create the most comfortable, warm interior of the living room. You always want to spend as much time as possible in such a room. Another advantage is the high compatibility with any other range. That is, if you wish, you can add a bright piece of furniture, a sofa or a carpet. It will be an accent in the living room that will definitely not be overlooked. Therefore, if you are looking for a universal, practical design option, then pay attention to it.

Modern living room 2

Of course, bright colors are actively used in the interior of a modern living room. With their help, you can liven up a neutral design. The emerald color will not only add brightness to the design but also create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. It is mainly used for just one wall to create an accent in stunning, stylish interiors. The same can be said for the color of Marsala. It has a special depth, so the atmosphere in the living room will definitely be warm. Despite the bright amber color, it will add a relaxing effect to the living room. In turn, gold and lemon shades will brighten the room. This is especially true if the room is not on the sunny side.

Modern living room 5

If we talk about other variations of color design, then we recommend paying attention to cold shades. Blue, purple, or green looks great as an accent in a modern living room. However, their use should be considered in advance, since otherwise the living room may be deprived of an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Modern living room 77

Modern living room: current style trends

Today, designers recommend adhering to a single style in the design of the living room. With so many different directions in interior design, it can be difficult to decide. Therefore, it is worth studying the features of each of them to better understand the nuances. This will help you choose a really worthwhile option, taking into account all the nuances of your living room.


The minimalist style made a splash. Now many people choose it not only for the living room, but also for decorating the kitchen, dining room, hallway, and even bedroom. It’s all about the simplicity of shapes and lines that allow you to keep the space as free and spacious as possible. The minimum amount of furniture, decor, and fittings are perhaps the main characteristics of the style. It is interesting that along with this, technological and functional solutions are assumed. Therefore, a living room in the style of minimalism always looks interesting and modern.

Modern living room


In the modern world, environmental issues have become almost the main one. Not surprisingly, this has been reflected in interior design as well. Fans of this style choose mostly natural materials. Natural wood is mainly used for furniture. For interior design, as well as decorative items, it is better to choose materials such as linen or cotton. The eco-style living room is almost always light and spacious, so it is a pleasure to be in it. And, of course, such an interior will never go out of fashion. And this is a significant advantage for many.

Modern living room

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian motives are incredibly popular in design projects. This style has quite a few features, which makes it unique in its own way. The laconic design allows you to save free space. But at the same time, such an interior will definitely create a feeling of comfort for each family member or guest. In general, we can say that the Scandinavian style is a bit similar to minimalism. It offers light, neutral walls and furniture, and plenty of natural light. This effect can be achieved by giving up too dense and dark curtains. In the living room, they are rarely used for their intended purpose. An alternative solution could be roller blinds, thin tulle, or even blinds.

Also, it is very important to use mainly natural materials in decoration and decoration. Basically, the furniture for this interior is made of wood. Therefore, it is of high quality and durability. You can add a touch of comfort to the living room with matching carpets, decorative pillows, blankets, candles, and vases. From time to time, their color scheme can be changed to make them a seasonal theme.

Modern living room


Rural motifs that are characteristic of the country style are increasingly used in modern interiors. Wooden beamed ceilings, as well as furniture with natural patterns and minimal workmanship, are what the modern living rooms lacked so much. Interestingly, such details are now used not only in large houses but also in simple apartments, adapting for themselves.

Modern living room

Industrial loft

One cannot fail to note the loft-style, which for a long time was considered exclusively masculine. Since it was originally characteristic of industrial premises. Over time, it began to be used in apartments and houses, adapting to modernity. But still, for it to look stylish, it is very important to have high ceilings and a large space.

Of course, not everyone decides to make a loft in the living room in a classic form. The designers have skillfully adapted it and suggest making only one accent brick wall. It can be constructed or made of special material. If desired, you can use other elements, such as a concrete wall or ceiling with a noticeable overlap. But most often in the design of the living room, they are limited to one brick wall. And of course, with such details as a chandelier of an unusual shape, black batteries, etc. Interestingly, it is for the loft-style that various coffee tables are characteristic. They can be made from building pallets. By the way, if you wish, you can make them yourself.

Modern living room

Living room design in modern style

Undoubtedly, the rhythm of life of a modern person is quite high. Lots of responsibilities, events, activities take a lot of energy. And in the evening, when you come home, you want to feel as comfortable, cozy, and calm as possible. Therefore, there are almost always many requirements for the design of the living room. In the modern world, there are many opportunities to make a truly attractive and comfortable interior. To achieve this result, you should definitely think over all the nuances and decide on a budget. This understanding will help to implement all ideas in a short time and not sacrifice the quality of work or necessary interior items.

Wall decoration

There is still no consensus on the design of the walls in the living room. Still, the most commonly used options are painting or wallpaper. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is better to immediately decide what is important for you. Basically, the walls for the living room are usually made light. They will be a kind of backdrop for any creative expression. At the same time, an experienced designer will always help you to implement bolder ideas based on dark or bright colors. The main thing is to use them in moderation and then even an unusual interior won’t get bored after a while.

Modern living room

Living room flooring depends a lot on the renovation budget. Undoubtedly, parquet flooring in a spacious room looks luxurious. However, not everyone can afford it. Much more popular is not too expensive and at the same time more practical laminate. Moreover, you can even install it yourself. The process does not require special skills or a lot of time. Also, there are many variations of the texture and you can always choose what is suitable for a particular interior. For a modern living room, laminate flooring will definitely be almost the best solution.

Modern living room

Ceiling and lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in any room, as it is an important part of creating a cozy, truly homely atmosphere. As for the living room, experts recommend not limited to one chandelier. Several different types and techniques in lighting look much better. The base light will be the main light for the whole room. For him, we recommend purchasing a chandelier of a classic or unusual shape. It is best to choose it based on the interior design. Indirect lighting is ideal for creating a cozy romantic evening or watching a movie on a large sofa. There is no denying the relevance of local lighting in certain places. It is ideal for reading books, playing games on a console, or playing an instrument. Beautiful floor lamps have not only a functional but also a decorative role. Besides,

Please note that it is very important to have a good ceiling. The optimal solution would be a smooth white surface without decoration. It can be a suspended structure with a built-in lighting system. This option is ideal for a minimalist living room. The multi-level design looks great. As for photo printing and images, it is better to refuse them. Since this is not at all relevant now and often only spoils the interior.

Modern living room

Modern living room furniture

One of the most important components of a modern interior will definitely be the right furniture. It should be selected taking into account the required functional load. It is important to think about this nuance in advance to purchase a really suitable option. Basically, the storage system in the living room is represented by a wall, shelves, chests of drawers, or cabinets. Also popular are modular designs, which consist of cabinets, blocks, boxes. They can be glossy or matte. A touch of originality can be added with small glass inserts. But in general, not too much furniture is becoming more and more relevant. This saves space in the room.

Also noteworthy is open storage, which has recently been used more and more. This solution looks modern, rather unusual. But pay attention to the fact that it is used mainly for decorative purposes since a cluttered space will definitely not look aesthetically pleasing. Family pictures in beautiful frames, favorite books, decorative vases, or themed compositions – this is what will decorate a modern living room in any style.

Modern living room

Basically, a fairly large soft sofa is installed in the living room for comfortable placement. Corner models are incredibly popular due to their undeniable advantages. At the very least, they allow you to create an extra bed. Also, they have many storage sections. This is an ideal solution for those who have not too much space in the living room. Since upholstered furniture takes up a significant part of the space, it is important to choose the right texture, upholstery, and style. The overall impression of the room will depend on this. Leather sofas look expensive, brutal, and can be the main accent in design. However, they are not always comfortable to be on, and often such furniture requires too careful maintenance. This is especially true for models made of eco-leather.

Poufs or armchairs perfectly complement the cozy ambiance of a modern living room. Interestingly, they are used not only as seating but also as tables. Therefore, you can often see a thematic composition on one of the poufs. This solution looks fresh, original, and never goes unnoticed by guests. An alternative would be thin glass structures that remain virtually invisible. Coffee tables made from natural materials also look great.

The quality of the living room furniture should be noted separately. Remember that in this room it will be used as often as possible. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to models with high wear resistance and unpretentious care. Undoubtedly, their cost will be much higher. It is not worth saving at this stage, since such furniture will remain in an attractive appearance for a long time, unlike budget designs.

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Modern style curtains for the living room

It is impossible to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room if there are no curtains in it. It is an especially important decorative item that often changes the overall impression of a room. Of course, you should choose them based on the chosen design. But still, we suggest adhering to the current recommendations:

  • the high density of curtains will provide an opportunity to relax in the living room even during the day. This nuance is especially important if the living room from time to time acts as a guest room.
  • thin and airy tulle creates lightness in any room. Take a closer look at the simplest options without a pattern and embroidery.
  • quality products look much more attractive and will not lose their attractive appearance over time. Therefore, it is better to choose the optimal solution in terms of quality and price.
Modern living room

Original decor

The modern interior of the living room does not at all limit the choice of decorative details. But still, a lot depends on what result is to be achieved. In general, we recommend purchasing universal, functional, high-quality parts. For example, sofa cushions can be in the same color scheme or contrasting ones. Themed pillowcases look great and add to the festive mood. But pay attention when choosing the quality of the material.

Modern living room

Various lamps, candles, candlesticks, and their compositions are not only objects of illumination, but also comfort. They help create a special romantic atmosphere throughout the room. The same can be said for garlands of different shapes and sizes. Separately, it is worth noting the wall decor, which has always been considered one of the most important. Neutral paintings often complement the space, making it even more harmonious. Flamboyant artworks will definitely not go unnoticed in modern interiors. Compositions based on memorable photographs in beautiful frames look great.

One of the most attractive types of living room decor is fresh flowers and plants in pots and vases. They add freshness, lightness, and brightness. The main thing is to choose pots and vases that are suitable in color and texture. This will help to achieve maximum design harmony.

Modern living room

Fireplace in the living room

In a modern spacious living room, you can often see motives of classic design. In this case, we are talking about a fireplace. It can be decorated with natural materials such as brick or stone. But still, artificial materials are more popular. Thanks to this, the fireplace takes up much less space, looks more concise, and helps to zone the space.

Modern living room

Modern kitchen-living room

An increasingly common solution is the combination of two functional areas in one room. In this case, we are talking about a combination of living room and kitchen. Basically, this option is chosen for themselves by the owners of not too large houses and apartments. It looks very interesting, modern and allows you to make free space more spacious.

Most often, the kitchen is combined with the living room in such a way that the dining area is located separately. Such zoning can be achieved with the help of correctly selected furniture, lighting, carpet, or wall decoration. This approach will help to properly manage the area and organize everything as comfortably as possible for all family members.

Modern living room

Living room-study in modern style

As more and more people work from home, it is important to have a good workspace. And if the area of ​​the house does not allow for a separate study, an alternative solution may be to combine it with the living room. It doesn’t need too much space. After all, manufacturers offer furniture in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose the most suitable option, even in style. If desired, you can additionally purchase small lockers for storing documents or books, magazines. This solution looks modern and quite original.

Modern living room

As you can see, the modern living room is really not limited by frames. And you can always make it not only beautiful but also a cozy, stylish room, where every family member can relax after an eventful day. Regardless of the area and budget, an experienced designer will help you use the space wisely. A variety of decor and bright accents will make the interior unique, which will delight you for many years.

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