Mirrors in the living room: views, design, and shape options

The modern world of design when decorating a living room interior allows you to choose a large number of decorative elements, among which mirrors are the most sophisticated and functional of them. Today, no one perceives a mirror as an object in which only a reflection of the exterior can be seen, since it can perform completely different functions in the living room. It is important to correctly fit it into the interior, place it in the right place, and play with certain details. What types of Mirrors in the living room are relevant, how to choose the desired shape, location, and not be mistaken – read on.

Mirrors in the living room 1

Benefits of placing mirrors in the living room

Existing types of mirrors can improve the appearance of the room. It is important to find the right model. Also, the layout of the room plays an important role in choosing the location of the mirror. There are no mirrors! Large and oval, round and rectangular, square and curly. Each form can create a non-trivial appearance in the living room, place stylistic accents, and create the desired mood. With the help of different shapes of mirrors, you can visually enlarge the room or hide the errors of the repair. But in any case, the mirror will make your living room more free and modern.

Mirrors in the living room 2

Proper placement will expand the space, especially in a small living room. Also, you do not have to clutter up the room with unnecessary decorative elements, since the reflection in the mirror will fill the space. The choice of the shape of the mirror will visually change the perception of the proportions of the room, for example, a long mirror will create the illusion of a high ceiling, and around one will expand the room.

Mirrors in the living room 3

Mirrors on the wall in the living room

The composition of mirrors looks exquisite in the large living room. You can use the same frame style, but modern options allow for a variety of frames. You can dilute the composition of mirrors with photographs, floristry, paintings, or another wall decor.

Mirrors in the living room 4

The imitation of a mirror window is a novelty in the modern world of design. The frame of such decor in the living room will emphasize the chosen interior style, for example, the wooden frame creates a rustic atmosphere, and the white one – aristocratic. The mirror on the wall makes the atmosphere of the living room truly homely and cozy.

Mirrors in the living room 5

The large mirror in the living room

The larger the size of the selected mirror for the living room, the greater the effect of expanding the room. The presence of living plants located near the mirror looks incredibly impressive. You get the effect of a winter garden. And it is better not to leave a large mirror with a frame, leaning against the wall, without fixation, if children live in the apartment or pets live. In this case, select a dedicated stand or mount.

Mirrors in the living room 6

Mirror above the sofa

Installing the mirror over the sofa in the living room should be trusted only by professionals. Saving on specialist services does not guarantee quality and can become unsafe. For example, if a mirror needs to be attached with glue, then professionals will use only special materials that will not allow dark spots to appear on the mirror surface in the future.

Mirrors in the living room 7

If you place a mirror over a sofa, chest of drawers, fireplace, or other surfaces, then make sure that no more than a couple of large interior items are reflected in the reflection.

Mirrors in the living room 8

The mirror above the furniture works only in a duet with light. Without the necessary lighting, the mirror will not fulfill its decorative purpose, therefore, be sure to make the backlight or beat the mirror with a table lamp.

Mirrors in the living room 9

The location of a large mirror surface opposite the sofa in the living room creates an uncomfortable psychological atmosphere. Neither guests nor hosts should constantly see their reflection. Above the sofa, the mirror is the most suitable place!

Mirrors in the living room 10

Modern mirrors in the living rooms: creating a stylish space

In an aristocratic modern room design, it is advisable to insert mirrors into the browser. So you can play up the interior with color and create an impressive spatial effect. To render the interior of the living room, you can arrange horizontal or vertical stripes of mirrors. For example, thin stripes in the form of a sofa edging create the effect of floating furniture, while longitudinal mesmerizing lines up to the ceiling increase the height of the room.

Mirrors in the living room 11

Panoramic placement of mirrors from floor to ceiling will not only contribute to the visual increase in space but also bring some charm to the interior.

Mirrors in the living room 12

Mirror cabinet in the living room

A wardrobe with a mirror surface is a rather rational solution in the interior of the living room. So the mirror plays not only an aesthetic role but also a practical one. The mirror cabinet makes the room spacious, light, and original. A sliding wardrobe with geometric patterns on the mirror is an interesting solution that will attract the attention of guests. This option will never spoil the design of the room.

Mirrors in the living room 13

Basic rules for placing a mirror in the living room

  • Do not put mirrors opposite each other. This interferes with orientation and does not in any way affect the visual expansion of the living room.
  • If you want a frameless mirror, pay close attention to the edge finishing.
  • Mirrored ceilings in the living room are out of place. This solution is more suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, or low rooms.
  • A gallery of mirrors will break the living room wall and reduce the height of the room. The effect of enlarging or shrinking the room also depends on the frame of the mirror.
  • Mirrors leaning against the wall look interesting, especially near furniture. Moreover, if the mirror has a massive frame, then the floor installation will prevent the risk of the mirror falling from the wall due to the load.
  • A mirror opposite the window brightens the room.
  • Reflection in mirrors of beautiful objects, colorful flowers, photographs with happy moments gives a positive mood.
Mirrors in the living room 14

Photo gallery of the design of mirror in the living rooms

The presented photo-review of the living room design proves the practicality, originality, beauty, and functionality of the mirrors used in the interior. Today, the shape and color scheme allows you to choose a mirror for every taste. So the design of the living room will become more elegant, organic. Graphic reflection and backlighting will create a certain zest, an impressive effect.

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