Mirror frame: what they are and how to choose the best

The mirror frame is a popular accessory often used to decorate rooms. The decorative frame will turn a standard object into a striking element of the interior. To create a stylish design, you need to choose the right decoration for parts with reflective surfaces.

Mirror frame: features that are not visible to the naked eye

The mirror is a favorite component of designers, which helps to radically transform the room. Models in beautiful frames allow you to visually enlarge the room. Accessories with reflective surfaces create the illusion of endless space. A vertically hung optical element will raise the ceiling, horizontally – will push the walls apart.

The mirror frame will become a striking design component. A well-chosen detail will accentuate style, create a sense of luxury, or accentuate certain areas. The framing will become the link between the reflective surface and the furnishings in the room.

Mirror frame

An annoying design or style of a room can be easily changed with a new frame. The laconic version in minimalism can be replaced with a spectacular baroque or classic model, creating a new point of contact. The decor brings a fresh touch to the design and quickly transforms the interior.

Mirror frame
Mirror frame

The mirror is the object that sets the tone in the room. With the help of the frame, it is easy to create the mood of the owners, focus on habits and hobbies. An art object in a figured frame does not differ in function from paintings or photographs. Wall designers often combine images and reflective elements in matching baguettes.

In a dark room, a mirror frame will help increase the lighting. The object in the form of a window with illumination along the perimeter simulates an opening. The frame is created from the same material as a real glass block. The component can be decorated with curtains or thin curtains.

Branch Mirror frame

Decorating reflective surfaces is often made from natural wood and wood residues. By combining different textures, a spectacular and unusual frame is created. You can assemble the original frame yourself.

Traditional square or rectangular designs are easier to create than round or oval designs. For work you will need:

  • branches of the same thickness
  • mirror in a simple baguette
  • masking tape
  • paper.

The number of branches depends on the size of the structure and the type of decoration. Before creating the decor, they think over a sketch of the frame and calculate the volume of details. The mirror is protected with a sheet and adhesive tape. On the reverse side, a drawing scheme is applied with a pencil. The components must fit snugly together. First, large elements are glued to the base, then they move on to small ones.

Mirror frame

After completing the work, leave the workpiece to dry. From the back, a loop is fixed for mounting on the wall. The branches can be kept in their original form or painted to match the design of the room. With the help of enamel in a can, the composition is carefully sprayed, trying to cover all parts. After all the layers have frozen, remove the masking tape and paper.

Oval models made of bent rods look impressive. Before making a frame for a round mirror, you need to prepare the material. Branches (willow, broom) are cleaned of leaves and bark, gently bent, and put in an old saucepan. Raw materials are poured with cold water to the edges of the container and boiled for 40 minutes over low heat.

The blanks are thrown into the bathroom with an icy liquid. After cooling, the branches are easy to twist in the shape of a mirror. A drawing is created in advance in the desired size, by which they are guided when changing the rods. So that the structure does not disperse, the edges are neatly tied with a rope (thick threads). After 2 days, the material will dry, after which you can start gluing.

If you need to create a complex structure from the branches, then an ammonia solution is used. Soaking in 25% ammonia makes the raw material elastic and docile. The furniture maker’s technology allows simple twisting, squeezing, or flattening of wood elements under pressure.

Ammonia is hazardous; therefore, manipulations with the solution are carried out in a well-ventilated room or outdoors, wearing protective clothing (mask, gloves). The branches are soaked in a chemical for a day, then give the desired appearance, fix, and leave to dry in the open air. After drying, the wood fibers gain strength and retain their chosen shape.

Metal Mirror frame

Forged mirror models look luxurious. Practical and durable raw materials will harmoniously fit into the interior of any style. Metallic elements can be made monochromatic glossy or matte. The design uses glitter decor (gilding, bronze, silver).

Mirror frame
Mirror frame

The frame for the mirror is often made from an aluminum frame. Lightweight, plastic material comes in the form of a square, triangle, or rectangle. The workpieces are assembled using special fasteners, glass, and the back are inserted into the grooves. If the model is large, then springs are additionally used in the design. According to the type of surface, the decor is divided into:

  • matte
  • glossy
  • structural

The DIY frame can be made of copper wire. A rigid steel wire base is used as a frame. A thin metal thread is wrapped around the structure, creating intricate patterns. We recommend drawing the ornament in advance in the diagram. The finished craft is varnished or left with a spectacular patina.

Designers create a frame-sun out of rigid wire. Luxurious decor with rays of different sizes will become a striking element of the interior. The base is a piece of drywall, foam, or plywood, which is 2-3 cm wider than glass. Along the perimeter of the structure, straight iron parts are fixed with glue. After drying, install the fastener.

A mirror frame can be made from an old metal meter. The measuring tool consists of 10 flat plates that are riveted together. Elements rotate, which allows you to adjust the height and angle of the structure. Decorative details of the “sun” are painted or pasted over with a film.

If there are tools for metal processing, then a window frame should be made for the mirror. “Shutters” with “opening” bring a touch of luxury to the design. The surface is painted in bronze or artificially aged. The decor can be combined with wood inserts and stones.

Cast metal frames look expensive, monumental, and unusual. The molten material is poured into a special mold, after hardening, the edges are cleaned and polished. The décor can be left matt, patinated, or added volume with paints.

Cutlery Mirror frame

Exclusive mirror frames can be made from metal spoons, forks, and knives. Items can be either modern, antique, or vintage. A saucer is used as a base for the glass. A structure is cut out of thick cardboard or plywood, which is 1 cm less than the shape of the plate.

Cutlery is laid out around the mirror, depending on the type of frame. Forks, knives, and spoons can be positioned in any order or strictly alternating. With a glue gun, fix the parts on the cardboard, put a plate on top. Ceramic dishes will hold the glass and protect the structure from deformation. Designers recommend decorating with beads around the perimeter of the accessory.

Mirror frame

From plastic or metal spoons, you can make a chrysanthemum frame for a mirror, which will become a bright interior detail. To implement the idea you will need:

  • cutlery; the cloth
  • cardboard (plywood or foam)
  • scissors
  • glue gun

A base for the frame in the shape of a circle is cut out of dense material, covered with fabric. The handles are separated from the spoons. The blanks are fixed on cardboard in the form of chrysanthemum petals. They start work from the top row, glue all the tiers symmetrically, the last ones – the bottom and the edge framing. After drying, the structure can be tinted with aerosol paint. Glass is inserted into the middle.

The cutlery handles come in handy for creating a compact mirror frame. A base is cut out of dense material, to which the elements will be attached. On the reverse side, fix the parts in the form of sun rays with a glue gun. After the structure has dried, insert the glass into the middle. Decorative accessories of different diameters will become a bright decoration of the interior.

Requirements for framing mirrors for different rooms

The design of the frames should harmoniously fit into the design of the room. In the classic style, moldings and stucco moldings are used. In modern trends, unusual geometric shapes are appropriate both with a pattern and without it. A mirror with a volumetric frame is used in a single copy, otherwise, the interior looks overloaded.

The frame material must match the functional purpose of the room. For kitchen decoration, models that are not afraid of high temperatures and are easy to clean are suitable. The bathroom uses materials that are resistant to corrosion and moisture. It is not recommended to install plastic baguettes near heating devices. If the mirror is placed opposite the window, then the frame is covered with a protective compound against ultraviolet radiation.

The lack of natural light in the hallway must be compensated for with additional elements. The frame in the hallway should create the illusion of maximum lighting. A baguette with reflective inserts brings or redirects the rays from the lamps in the room. Framing is placed opposite floor lamps, sconces.

Mirror frame

Mirrors with the most decorative frames are installed in the living room. The huge massive construction attracts the attention of those entering. Decorations consisting of modules look elegant in the hall. In the decoration of the walls of the room, glass with reflective properties and paintings (photographs) can be combined. In a dark space, sun-shaped options add light and make the design luxurious. The element is placed over:

  • sofa
  • TV cabinet
  • console table
  • fireplace.

The mirrored frame in the bedroom should not annoy or distract from the rest. If there is a soft accent wall, then the decor is repeated in the frame of the accessory. The decoration in the form of a mosaic, embroidery, or plaster molding will harmoniously fit in. In the decoration of the sleeping room, options from cuts, branches, and thin wire are appropriate.

Mirror frame

In interior design, it is recommended to use frames created using a single technology or from one material. The reflective glass should be the focal point of the room, and the rest of the components complement the composition. The abundance of ornaments makes the design tasteless and flashy.


A mirror frame is a simple and original way to change the interior. The do-it-yourself decor will bring a fresh touch to the design and save money. The shape, color, or design of the frame will help make the element stand out from other decorations.

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