Living room decor: 70 stylish ideas in the photo

The living room is considered to be almost the main room in the whole house. It is here that guests are welcomed, cozy family evenings and noisy celebrations are held. Therefore, all designers argue that it is extremely important to carefully consider the interior. After all, this provides a comfortable stay in the living room. And of course, Living room decor plays an important role. It creates an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and is often an important element of a particular style.

Living room decor

How to choose the decor for your living room?

This question worries many owners of their homes. First of all, when choosing, it is worth starting from the style of interior decoration of the living room. Despite all the versatility, each of them has its own characteristics. Which in turn limits the choice a little. Besides, the color scheme of the interior and the size of the room play a role. In particular, the large spacious living room allows you to place even those items that are related to hobbies. These can be various collections or even an aquarium. Another important component of the living room interior is lighting. It also affects not only the decor but also the choice of furniture and other decoration items.

Living room decor 2

Living room decor with curtains

In the process of decorating a living room, curtains play a very important role. Therefore, a lot of time is often devoted to their choice. They emphasize the style of the interior, add solemnity. Also, they add a touch of comfort and warmth to the room. Pay attention to the length, density of the material, and the color of the curtains. For a classic interior, denser, heavier options are best. In turn, lovers of the Provence style should take a closer look at the light curtains of their cotton, silk, or chintz.

Living room decor 3

Living room decoration with flowers and plants

Perhaps, for any interior, various flowers and plants will be the perfect decoration. They can also help oxygenate your living room and purify the air. Please note that these can be plants of different sizes in pots or cut flowers in vases. The main thing is that the pots and vases match the style.

Living room decor 4

wall decoration

As mentioned above, the choice of decorative elements depends on the style of the interior, which they will emphasize. Therefore, if there is one of the modern styles in the living room, such as modern or high-tech, then it is worth taking a closer look at laconic paintings in flat frames. They will look best in the living room. In turn, for a classic room, you should definitely purchase paintings or mirrors in voluminous gilded frames. Because they bring a certain mood and character to a given room.

Living room decor 5

Seasonal living room decor

Of course, there is also seasonal decor, which is intended only for themed or festive decoration. With its help, you can freshen up the interior a little or set a certain mood. For example, in summer or spring, fresh flowers in beautiful vases are mainly used as decor. They look incredibly beautiful in the living room of any style and color scheme.

In the cold season, deep tones become more relevant. Therefore, dried leaves in the form of a bouquet will look great in vases. In winter, choose a themed Christmas wreath. We also recommend paying attention to the design of the pillows. Take a closer look at stylish knits. They will create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Living room decor  6

Decor over the sofa

Basically, the interior of the living room assumes that the sofa will take the central place. It is convenient not only in everyday life but also for receiving guests and relatives. Therefore, to emphasize this area, many designers propose to do wall decoration. Perhaps the simplest and most familiar option is to place a photo on it or several at once in different sizes. At the same time, it is better to choose frames of the same, laconic shape and color. This will allow you to create a whole composition that will definitely not be overlooked. Painting can be a great alternative. Take a closer look at abstract works, quotes from great people, and other options. Remember that the main thing is the right combination of shades. Thanks to this, the picture will be an ideal complement to the interior of the living room.

Living room decor 7

Small homeowners should consider installing thin shelves above the sofa. They are not suitable for storing things, since most often they are equipped with different decor. It can be floral or themed compositions for the holiday. They also host souvenirs from different countries, favorite trinkets, as well as eco-decor. These can be cones, dried flowers. Lovers of romance often leave candles of different shapes and sizes on the shelves, as well as home fragrances. If desired, you can also place your favorite books or magazines and other details on them.

Living room decor 8

Wall decor in the living room in a modern style

One of the most famous ways to decorate walls is to paint them. This design option is still relevant and popular. However, it requires some effort even before the start of work. Remember that the surface of the wall must be flat. This will ensure the attractiveness of the drawing in the future.

Of course, if you have artistic talent, you can design the wall yourself. Otherwise, it is better to purchase a stencil with a suitable pattern or invite a specialist who will bring your ideas to life. But keep in mind that it is better to design only one wall and not too many details. Also, the drawing should go well with the overall style of the living room and emphasize it. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully consider all the details before starting work. Thanks to this, the living room will look attractive and moderately cozy.

Living room decor 9

The process of decorating the living room interior is especially fascinating. Since absolutely all details and even small decor items play a significant role. Choose them carefully, match them in style and color, and then you will be able to find really suitable details.

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