Living room cabinet: tips for choosing the perfect option

If the entrance hall is considered the hallmark of any house or apartment, then the living room can be called an indicator of the wealth and hospitality of the owners. In a way, it is the “center of the universe” in which events are constantly taking place. It is here that the whole family gathers for relaxation or watching TV, here we invite guests and relax after a busy day. Therefore, when arranging the interior of this room, you need to be able to correctly select not only materials for decorating walls, floors, ceilings, but also details such as textiles, decor elements, lighting sources, and furniture. At the same time, a fairly popular piece of furniture is precisely the curbstone, which performs a lot of useful functions. Today we invite our readers to take a closer look at the Living room cabinet and then tell you what pedestals are and how to choose them correctly.

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Living room cabinet- advantages and disadvantages

In any furniture store, a sufficiently large assortment of such a piece of furniture is presented, which allows you to choose the ideal model that will not only match the style of a particular interior style but also meet the needs of the owners. At the same time, thanks to the indisputable advantages of the curbstone, its popularity, and accordingly the volume of sales of such a product, is constantly increasing.

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Drawers made for the interior of the living room have a more attractive design than, for example, the same items for the bedroom, and there are products for sale from a variety of materials. Most models of bedside tables for the living room are equipped with drawers or shelves, which allows them to be successfully used not only as a convenient stand but also for storing many things. And most importantly, the variety of the model range of this piece of furniture allows you to choose the right option for a living room with any area.

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The choice of material for the curbstone

When choosing a suitable sideboard for a living room, it is very important to pay due attention to the materials from which the product you like is made, because it is this factor that largely determines the purpose of the structure and is responsible for its strength and durability. Natural wood in this case is considered a material that has no competitors. Such pedestals belong to environmentally friendly products, are durable, and look simply luxurious. However, you have to pay an appropriate price for the quality.

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Products from MDF will be much cheaper. These cabinets are very attractive, durable, and can last for many years. The only “but” – the owners of such furniture should protect the structure from mechanical damage.

Living room cabinet 5

Chipboard is considered an inexpensive option for making furniture with a discreet design. Therefore, for arranging a living room, it is preferable to opt for better quality items.

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Another inexpensive option is the purchase of plastic pedestals, which have a large assortment and a rather attractive design. The disadvantages of plastic products include their predisposition to fading and instability to mechanical damage.

Living room cabinet 7

Glass cabinets for a living room always look beautiful and elegant, but they are a very fragile structure.

Living room cabinet 8

Stand in the living room for TV

More recently, a TV stand was a slightly awkward, angular box, which often did not fit into the overall design of the room at all. In this case, modern models of pedestals benefit not only from a variety of shapes, sizes but also differ in types. Floor TV stands can be called the most practical and convenient products that not only easily change their location, but also very harmoniously combine with all areas of design. Also, the floor type of pedestals is considered the most stable and affordable for the consumer.

Living room cabinet 9

A hanging TV stand will save space in the living room and look quite interesting. Such products are attached to the wall using special fasteners and can be both simple horizontal structures and more voluminous models with many shelves and lighting. Installation of such a cabinet, of course, will take time, but the result will be appreciated not only by family members but also by guests.

Living room cabinet 10

The built-in type of TV stands is located in a wall niche and often does not have any unnecessary details, except for the backlight. Such a design requires complex installation, but, like the previous proposal, it saves space.

Living room corner cabinet

The corner cabinet has a triangular shape and is considered an ideal solution for filling the unused area of ​​the living room – the corners, while preserving the rest of the space, which, in principle, is the main advantage of such models. Such structures, as a rule, have the height of a standard table, can be closed or open. At the same time, the functional purpose of this type of furniture completely depends on the strength of the materials from which the bedside table is made. Corner stands can be used as a base for a TV or an aquarium, as a stand for a vase or photo frames. The interior of the product can be equipped with spacious shelves or drawers, which can also be used to store various items.

Cabinet-showcase for the living room

The main feature of the variety of modern cabinets in the form of a showcase lies in their design, and are similar product designs, which partially or completely consist of glass. Such options for curbstones are intended not only for storage, but also for displaying their contents, and in most cases, these are beautiful dishes, figurines, souvenirs, expensive alcohol, and various decorative items. The back of the wall in such pedestals can have a mirror finish, which allows the whole structure to look more voluminous. Doors and shelves in display cases are usually made of glass. The most popular version of display cabinets is considered to be a type of chest of drawers, in which both closed storage compartments and open glass shelves with or without transparent doors are combined. An equally original solution for arranging a living room can be called the use of a hanging showcase or a cabinet like a pencil case with one or two doors. Such products can have a standard rectangular or square shape, be angular or rounded.

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Selection rules

As we have already said, the curbstone is a rather multifunctional piece of furniture, therefore, you need to choose such furniture according to the rules. First, the size of the living room should be considered. A compact cabinet is perfect for a small space. For a large living room, you can look for a more spacious option. But do not forget, too voluminous structures can look ridiculous even over a large area. The height of the ceiling in the living room will be the key to determining the dimensions of the furniture. Lighting is directly related to the color scheme of the product.

Living room cabinet 14

It is no less important to determine in advance the functional purpose of the curbstone because it is this factor that is an indicator for the choice of materials from which the accessory is made. And the most important thing is the choice of a furniture manufacturer. The popularity of the company and reviews about it, in this case, are the best assistant for choosing a particular model.

Living room cabinet 15

After all, as you can see, such a design can be used for absolutely different purposes. That is why modern designers are increasingly abandoning massive walls in favor of smaller and more compact bedside tables, the variety of which allows you to decorate and make any interior style more comfortable

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