Kitchen table: fashionable models for a stylish interior

A kitchen table is a place that very often brings people together. In many families, important issues are discussed behind him, a meal takes place and guests are received. Although an apartment often has many rooms, the kitchen remains the heart of the house. It doesn’t matter if it is a party with friends, meeting with mother, children or holidays, the table in the kitchen is an indispensable place. So, use the guide to choosing a kitchen table and find out what to look for when buying, so as not to regret your decision.

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How to buy a kitchen table correctly?

The table that is chosen should depend not only on typical design issues, but, first of all, on the size of the surface, the kitchen, and its location. It is known that the more household members, the more roomy a table are needed, but what to do when you live in an apartment building, and the kitchen is very small? Then you have to bet on practical solutions.

When choosing a table, at the beginning it is worth measuring the kitchen and taking into account the comfort and freedom of movement. The calculations should take into account the space occupied by the chairs. If the kitchen is large, then you can choose a larger model, since such a design will not be practical with a small area.

types of kitchen tables

Kitchen tables can be divided into several categories:

  • Size – for 2-4 people, for 6 and 12 people. Among them, some can be laid out, so initially, they can accommodate, for example, 4 people, and after unfolding even 10.
  • Shape – square, rectangular, round, oval, and asymmetrical tables are available on the market.
  • Mounting method. Classic models are available on one leg (round), two, three, or four, as well as products placed on the wall using support or additional legs.
  • Production material: wood, plastic, MDF, metal, and glass.
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The choice of a table for 2, 4, or 6 people is very extensive. It is best to follow the principle that every person sitting at the table should have an available area of ​​60 cm x 40 cm. This calculation will allow you to buy a model, thanks to which the interior of the kitchen, dining room, or living room will not be squeezed. When it comes to height, it is best to opt for the 70-75 cm option for comfortable chairs. If you have small children and do not want them to sit at the table, get the taller model, but remember that convenience comes first. If the table is too high, then eating at it will not be comfortable.

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Adjust the table shape to suit the kitchen style and space available. It is also worth it because the rounded version is roomier and safer for the smallest. Moreover, it is ideal for family celebrations. However, rectangular and square models are modern. In the case of a very small kitchen, where there is no place even for a table, it is worth choosing a wall-mounted and folding tabletop. It will serve for cooking, and when not needed, it will not take up space in the kitchen.

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Another problem is the choice of material. It should match the rest of the room. If your kitchen countertops are wood in light colors, choose a table in a similar style. A heavy dark wood table is not suitable for modern furniture, but for a glass kitchen in a retro style. However, the design itself is not everything. Functionality and ease of maintenance are also important. Models are available on the market from the following materials:

  • Wood is the most classic offer, well-matched in color, suitable for all interiors. Such material should be protected and updated regularly. Unfortunately, wood is prone to stains and scratches.
  • Metal – suitable for harsh interiors. It’s solid, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Any scratches are very quickly visible,
  • Glass is elegant, convenient, and easy to clean. The high-quality glass is not scratched. Contrary to its appearance, this version of the table is very resistant to breakage. However, it will not work in a kitchen that does not have kitchen countertops and will carry out all processes such as eating meat, using household appliances.
  • Plastic – easy to clean, modern, and practical. However, the material is quite picky when it comes to interior design.
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Kitchen table: fashionable models in 2021

The modern kitchen table is the centerpiece and decoration of the main room of the house. To find the right one, consider the popular kitchen countertops. So, what to look for when choosing this important piece of furniture for your interior. First, decide the size of your dining room, then choose a dining table that suits your style.

The dining table with dimensions 80 × 80 cm, 70 × 70 cm, or 100 × 60 cm fits into a small interior. Traditional stools can be used instead of chairs. They take up less space and can be easily pushed under the rack. A large traditional table will fit in the dining room, so many beautiful ideas are allowed here to show off because the furniture handed overcomes in different designs: rectangular, round, with rounded sides, with non-standard legs, in a variety of styles. Keep in mind that a round table will suit more people than a classic rectangle.

You already know how big a kitchen table should be. If so, then all you have to do now is look at the styles and colors available, choose the perfect dining chairs, so that the piece of furniture matches the rest of the outfit. Should you buy a white dining table or a light wood color that will create a cozy atmosphere in your home?

Here, the choice is yours, although we have to admit that white is extremely interesting and in line with the Scandinavian style. You can also choose a wooden dining table, remember that the tables in the living room and the dining room are fold-out. So you can bet on a small fold-out model that can accommodate the whole family if you need it. The tables are also suitable for original interiors.

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The dining room tables can be much larger to accommodate the family for dinner or receptions. Sizes, styles, and functions vary, so the choice will often be difficult but also enjoyable. When choosing a kitchen table, make sure it matches the style of the other furniture. Today the assortment is so wide that you can easily find the right model. An interesting option is a round folding table. It is a piece of furniture in a modern style that perfectly matches the interior, decorated with innovative arrangements. The white tabletop and light legs add brightness to the interior.

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Glass tables give you many interior design options while still maintaining their functionality. Choosing the right countertop and choosing it is a task that requires some thought, but there are a few important questions to keep in mind. It is important to decide where and how the table will be used, and also not to forget about the shape and size of the kitchen.

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Kitchen tables and chairs

Most of the tables are available with dedicated chairs. If you prefer balance, appreciate the traditional approach, this solution will surely be loved. Today there are a huge number of sets of tables and chairs.

Chairs must be correctly selected for the table next to which they will stand: in the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Therefore, it is best to buy tables and chairs in sets. Thanks to this, everything will be done in the same style, from the same material (for example, you place a white pine table with chairs of the same color and raw materials). The height of the chairs is also important. If you buy a set of tables and chairs in a set, you will be sure that they are ideally suited to the height of the tabletop, and it is very comfortable to sit on them.

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A table and chairs are a set that can be found in every home. These sets are placed in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. The size of the countertop depends on the needs of the household and the parameters of the room in which this piece of furniture was installed. The number of chairs included in the set should be adjusted to the size of the table.

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The most popular table and chair sets are a table and 2 chairs, a table and 4 chairs, and a table and 6 chairs. There are also sets with a sliding table, next to which there are 2 or 4 chairs in the folded version, and after unfolding they can be put already 6. When buying a set of tables with chairs, you must, however, provide a place in the house or apartment for storing additional furniture for seating when this furniture will not be used.

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How do you choose the perfect dining set?

A table is more than a piece of furniture. It is a symbol of reconciliation, mutual understanding, and family hearth. Life around the table is always fast and intense, so this type of furniture must be durable and, above all, very comfortable. It can be an amazing decoration for your living room or dining room. Spectacular chairs will successfully replace armchairs, and a stylish table will complement everything.

When choosing a table, you should be guided not only by design or style. First of all, the table should be comfortable. The height should be about 75 centimeters. When choosing chairs for the countertop, make sure that each person seated has enough space (about 65 cm) to sit freely. If the table folds out, you might be tempted to buy more chairs. If necessary, extra everyday furniture can be hidden in the attic or the closet without taking up the necessary space.

The shape of the table should be adjusted to the size of the room. In small rooms, a round or oval table is ideal, which will visually enlarge the interior. Large, square, or rectangular tables are best presented in a roomy living or dining room. A small rectangular version, located against the wall in the kitchen, can serve as an additional worktop.

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Colorful chairs

Chairs with colorful upholstery are a simple and glamorous way to add flavor and character to interiors. To spice up rooms with color, look for glamorous accessories like rugs or pillows. Try colored chairs. This is a pretty extreme choice, but definitely original.

When choosing chairs, it is worth considering not only their functionality but also aesthetics. There is a wide range of colors and patterns on the market, many solutions, as well as additional functions that are an alternative to classic wooden chairs. At this point, the chair is no longer an exceptionally comfortable place to sit. It increasingly plays the role of decoration. It is the perfect complement to furnishing stylish spaces.

It is commonly said that the table is the heart of the house, at which people spend time with family and friends. Indeed, this piece of furniture has magical powers and the ability to combine. It doesn’t matter what materials it is made of and in what form. It is important that it just be.

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Sliding kitchen table

The table is the focal point of the kitchen. This is why it is so important that he fulfills all his tasks, including decorative ones. Not everyone can afford a large table because space is often a limitation. Therefore, extendable kitchen tables are a great choice. They do not take up many centimeters every day, and if necessary, they can be quickly and efficiently adapted for a larger number of guests.

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Folding tables for the kitchen are made of various materials. Thus, you can successfully find a model that meets all expectations. However, you need to choose a table so that it is comfortable to use in any condition. Folding kitchen tables made of wood match both modern and classic compositions. A cheaper alternative is solid slab models such as MDF. You can choose a table in a natural wood shade, white, colorful, or exquisitely lacquered to a high gloss. Glass-top extendable kitchen tables are a good choice for modern and glamorous arrangements.

Small kitchen table

Small kitchen tables can be made from various materials: wood, metal, glass. The choice depends on the style of the room. Modern tables can also have marble, stainless steel, or aluminum countertops.

A small kitchen table will allow you to eat a family breakfast even in a very small kitchen. He can also look good and perform all the other functions assigned to him. Get inspired by ideas for a small kitchen table.

A small kitchen table will save you space since the whole secret lies in the correct placement of furniture and the choice of the size of the structure. Get inspired by tips and photos on how to set up a small kitchen with a table.

Kitchen table 28

Whether you have a kitchen open to a living room or a sleek mini-room, the small table should be stylistically consistent with other areas. In addition to the muted colors, there are some variations worth considering. For example, a slim and small kitchen table that rises slightly to the height of bar stools. Located at the edge of the wall, outlining the usual border of the kitchen and living room, it will optically and functionally cover the organization of the space in the apartment. Also, this option is perfect as a countertop replacement or additional workspace in the kitchen. You can enrich a small table with wheels with blockers (for kitchen work). Then the mobility of small furniture will allow you to equip both interiors – both the kitchen and the living room, acquiring an interesting look.

Kitchen table 30
Kitchen table 30

Classic, semi-circular, or rectangular folding countertops are still a very practical solution, as they are a table replacement for a small kitchen. Their wood, raw finishes will never go out of style because they are timeless classics that can be used in almost any style of kitchen decor. This folding table top is perfect as a small table where you can easily have breakfast.

Kitchen table 31

Modern small cooking rooms require innovative small kitchen counter solutions. Pull-out panels and movable tabletops, hidden in the bottom of the wall cupboard, offer unlimited possibilities of use. Ideal for family meals, extra guests in the kitchen.

If you have already covered all the architectural tricks for arranging your kitchen and, despite the strenuous trials and combinations, did not find a place for the classic four-legged table, do not worry! The way out of this situation can be a neat buffet. Modeled after the creative designs that are used in cramped bistro spaces. Window countertops with tall stools attached to them perfectly serve as a family table in a small kitchen, and the expansive breakfast view is priceless.

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Kitchen table 33

Ikea kitchen table

Buying a dining table is a very important and time-consuming choice because it is often the center of family life. Furniture should be large enough for all family members and guests to sit comfortably behind. But at the same time, you must adjust the size of the table to fit the room. It cannot dominate the entire space and make it difficult to navigate the kitchen. The tabletop should be solid and the legs stable. You will definitely find such a table at IKEA. Choose between traditional and modern designs. At IKEA, you will also find comfortable chairs that fit the table.

Even the owners of a small apartment sometimes receive guests and need a table to sit comfortably at. The best solution would be a folding table. Every day, when folded, it can serve the hosts, and during the holiday, after unfolding, guests will sit next to it to eat. Visit IKEA and discover our range of extendable tables.

Kitchen table 28
Kitchen table 40

A classic wooden dining table will look great in a traditionally furnished interior. At IKEA you will find tables with round, rectangular or square countertops. Choose the type of furniture that best suits the shape of the room and its decor. The decoration of any dining table is its legs, which can be straight or turned. IKEA offers classic wooden dining tables in various types of wood – oak, pine, and ash. To add a festive feel to your table, cover it with a tablecloth.

In the kitchen and dining room, it is very important to use the available space efficiently. The table should match the shape of the room. A rectangular folding long table will do. It should be remembered, however, that the round model should have large unfolded countertops so that all users can sit comfortably.

Kitchen table 37
Kitchen table 38

Contemporary tables

Combining metal with glass or wood in a modern dining table is a great solution for innovative interiors. It can be around, rectangular, square, or irregular table. In a small room, you can put a small, low glass or wooden bench. Folding dining tables are also a good option.

Kitchen table 39

Round tables are devoid of sharp edges, so they bring harmony to the interior and take care of a cozy atmosphere. However, their benefits don’t end there. An important plus is the ability to accommodate more guests next to each other without the risk of someone having to sit in a corner. The round tabletop also means that everyone who sits behind it has free access to all dishes. The round table also allows you to start a conversation with everyone at the table. This makes it easier to have a conversation, especially when there are a lot of people around.

At a traditional table, you only have access to the nearest neighbors on the left and right, and to the people on the opposite side. At the round table, you see the faces of all those present.

Round tables are also about safety. When small children live in the house, it is not difficult for the running children to hit the furniture. For this, a round table without sharp edges and edges is much safer for children, since it does not pose a threat, unlike traditional models. The roundtable also solves lighting problems. One lamp is enough to light it up.

Kitchen table 40

The modern offerings provide a wide selection of round tables in various sizes. For people who have a small installation area, small structures that fit easily should be considered. However, if you need a table for a large number of people, then some can be expanded to 12 people. For people looking for even more practical furniture, the extendable round table will be recommended.

The offer includes modern round tables that come in both simple and unique shapes. People who value elegance in a room may want to consider a glass top. An interesting example, thanks to which the interior will acquire a taste, is a round table on one copper-colored leg or with a marble top. If you appreciate Scandinavian minimalism and the beauty of natural wood, then a round table with a white top and wooden legs is recommended. However, if you are dreaming of an industrial décor in your apartment, choose a model with a metal base and a wooden countertop. This is a solution that will surely satisfy you.

If you’ve already managed to find your perfect table, don’t forget about the right chairs. Today you can choose from a wide selection of options, so equip your apartment with a unique round table with chairs, which will create the perfect place to spend time with your family, eat together and celebrate important moments in life.

Round tables are an excellent choice for meeting rooms. With their unique shapes and beautiful designs, they make the perfect setting for social gatherings, parties, or just eating. Likewise, these models will work in the dining room. Round tables are also a very good choice for the kitchen, where you can have a cup of morning coffee or simply use an additional countertop when preparing meals. Round tables are a great offer for houses and apartments, but not only. They are also suitable for cafes, restaurants, or bars. Their fashionable design ensures that the user will not only be satisfied with the delicious menu but also enjoy the arrangement. The wide availability of interesting models and colors – from neutral gray to intriguing green – will allow everyone to find the right table for their interior.

Kitchen table 42
Kitchen table 41

The choice of table shape does not always depend on personal preference. People are often limited by size and other issues. You may like round tables, but unfortunately, the interior parameters do not allow for large models. Oval tables seem like the perfect compromise. They fit easily in a smaller space while offering plenty of seating space.

Consider oval tables in various sizes. Thanks to this, you will choose the option that best suits the needs of the interior. Oval tables are devoid of sharp edges, thanks to which they will give lightness and harmony. They are also great in apartments and houses where children live. Thanks to this, small households will be able to play freely in the dining room or the living room without fear of being faced with a sharp edge.

Many people turn their attention to simple, minimalistic designs. This is a very versatile piece of furniture that will look great in any interior. Tables with wood tops and metal bases are also great choices. This solution will work in every home where you want to bring a little industrial character. Of course, many will enjoy the classic table. Lovers of elegance can opt for a stylish table with a glass top.

Oval tables often cause uncertainty about which tablecloth to choose. However, do not worry, because both traditional tablecloths and special oval-shaped options will look good on it.

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