Table decor: popular ways to decorate and restore

The dining table, so bright and elegant on holidays, looks unassuming on other days. Few pay attention to its everyday appearance, although the design of an empty surface can transform the dining area and benefit the interior. We figure out how to decorate a dining table when it is not being used for its intended purpose. Read on, and you will learn about proven methods and techniques of Table decor, get acquainted with budgetary and original ideas.

Table decor

Simple design ideas for Table decor

Dining tables serve as a fertile basis for creativity, and any self-respecting designer will have many original design ideas. A familiar piece of furniture is not at all difficult to turn into an interior highlight.

Table decor


Some may think that a tablecloth is not the best choice for a Table decor in the kitchen. However, the forgotten accessory is becoming a trend and is rapidly returning to everyday life. Casual and festive tablecloths create a homely atmosphere and change the mood of the room in the blink of an eye. The tablecloth is one of the most important elements of table decor, and certainly the largest in the area. It emphasizes the theme of the design, sets the color and texture.

Everyday tablecloths can be functional (dining) or decorative if you need to emphasize the style of the room (for example, Provence). A festive tablecloth does not have to be sewn from expensive natural linen or jacquard; mixed fabrics are also suitable, they are just as beautiful in appearance, but more wear-resistant. There are various ways to use the tablecloth: you can cover the table completely with it, arrange it in the form of fabric paths, or lay fabrics of different textures in two layers.

Flowers for Table decor

Natural Table decor has become another design trend, and the fresh flower bouquet on the dining table is totally in line. It is recommended to use vases of simple shapes, transparent or plain. They will not draw attention to themselves from the natural beauty of the bouquet. Garden roses, a pot of spicy herbs, a mix of wildflowers and ears, Japanese-style sakura twigs will look equally attractive.

Edible decor: fruit

A cheerful accent in the form of a fruit bowl is a beneficial table decor in the kitchen or dining room. It turns out cheap, useful, and picturesque; the main thing is to choose fruits that do not spoil for a long time without a refrigerator. Apples, citrus fruits, pomegranates, pears will do; hard peaches, unripe avocados will lie for a while

Fruits make stylish themed compositions, for example, for the New Year holidays. They are supplemented with nuts and cones, combined with sprigs of mistletoe, thuja, boxwood, juniper. A composition of a New Year’s wreath with fruits and candles looks beautiful on the festive table.

Table decor 2

Coziness of candles

Candles are great for any occasion, from a quiet family dinner to a wedding. You can show your imagination and not limit yourself to purchased candlesticks, but create your own composition. Depending on the theme, fresh or dried flowers, fruits, nuts, a glass of sand, and shells are suitable.

Table decor
Table decor

Exclusive table decor

Guests will appreciate such decor on the table, and it will become the center of attention for a long time. The most unusual objects can serve as decoration, perhaps the hobby of the owners.

What to put in the center

A group of objects in the same theme, placed in the center of the table, serves as a tried and tested method of decoration. Assorted bottles, vases and figurines, unusual candlesticks, fresh flowers, and even vegetables will help make the kitchen interior more interesting. An important detail: things are placed in a precisely adjusted artificial mess.

Table decor

If the kitchen table is made of glass; it is not hidden under a tablecloth, and a lightweight decor is selected. There will be glass vases, elegant candlesticks; if the compositions are small. Instead of a tablecloth, fabric, or wicker napkins, rugs that are in harmony with the theme are suitable.

The new life of an old table

To make the kitchen look exclusive, they choose a more radical way, especially if the farm has an old but solid wooden table. The restoration will save the furniture from being referenced to the cottage and will help the owners show their imagination. For those who are interested in the idea of ​​renewal, and wondered how to decorate the table in the best way, it will be nice to know that there are several different, but equally effective methods.

Table decor 2


Decoupage is useful if the interior is decorated in a rustic (Provence, country) or vintage style of Victorian romance (shabby chic). The technique involves fixing the applique on a suitable surface. There are several types of decoupage, the simplest one captivates with its budget and ease of execution, and includes the following steps:

  • The table surface is smoothed and smoothed with sandpaper to perfect smoothness.
  • Acrylic primer is applied to the prepared countertop.
  • After the soil has dried, images are prepared: paper napkins with a suitable pattern, dry leaves, photographs, lace, wallpaper, or special decoupage cards.
  • The blanks are coated with PVA glue from the inside out and laid out on the countertop. If wrinkles and bulges are formed, they are removed by smoothing the surface with a sponge.
  • After drying, transparent varnish is applied in several layers (for example, yacht).
Table decor


Craquelures are called cracks in the varnish or paint layer on old paintings, caskets, or cars. Decorating the kitchen table using the craquelure technique allows you to achieve the effect of antiquity. Such “antique” furniture looks good in a variety of interior styles, including eclecticism.

A single-phase (one-step) craquelure is considered to be easy to manufacture. It looks like a cracked layer, through which the color of the substrate shows through. This decor is suitable for plain surfaces. To get this effect, the base color is applied to the countertop; shades of metal (silver, bronze) look beautiful. When the paint dries, a crackle varnish is applied on top, and, after 40 minutes, the second layer of paint.

Two-phase craquelure forms a network of cracks. It does not hide the base layer, so it is suitable for finishing images, painting, or decoupage. The varnish layer is applied in two steps, and the mixtures have a different composition: after shellac varnish, a layer of craquelure is applied on top.


Traditional painting is chosen when a table needs to be quickly refreshed. The first step is to determine the color scheme. In modern kitchens, a white countertop looks organically, sometimes the color is chosen in contrast, black or brown. To make the table the center of the interior, it is painted with bright colors: yellow, turquoise, red. These color experiments look good in fusion style.

The restoration begins with surface preparation. The old coating is removed with coarse and fine-grained sandpaper. If you have a belt sander, the work will speed up. After grinding, chips and the slightest cracks are sealed with putty. When the “patches” are dry, the tabletop is sanded again.

If you want to preserve the natural texture of the wood, the table is stained, and then varnished or applied with a layer of wax. To prepare the surface for painting, it is degreased and primed in one or two layers. Priming is a mandatory step, without which the paint will lie unevenly, and in the future, it will quickly lose its appearance. After the primer is dry, sand the countertop again to smooth out any unevenness.

Since the table will often be wiped and washed, quality paint is essential. A water-based alkyd enamel or metal spray will do. Acrylic-based enamel paint is more environmentally friendly. The decor of the kitchen table will turn out to be more interesting if you use an ornament, a cardboard stencil, or masking tape is useful for this.

Art Table decor

When there are time and desire, you can paint the table “in manual mode”. You should not refuse the method, even if you have not taken a brush in your hands since school. In this case, stencils or outlines transferred to the table with tracing paper will help.

The method is good because it provides a creative approach to design, and a truly original piece of furniture appears in the kitchen. Drawings are best applied with a brush and acrylic paints. Slightly careless freehand art painting will decorate the interior in the country, Provence, ethnic style.

Before giving free rein to imagination, the table is prepared: grind and apply a primer. After the drawings are dry, the surface is protected with one or two layers of varnish.

Table decor

Ceramic tile

If the house has a stock of ceramic tiles of a suitable color, it can be used to decorate the countertop. The method is suitable for decorating the table not only in the kitchen but also on the terrace, veranda, or gazebo. There are no technical differences compared to floor or wall installation.

It is convenient to use liquid nails as an adhesive, but if there is a special tile glue, you can dilute it too. For work, you will need spacers, crosses, as well as grout, preferably epoxy.

The ornament is thought out in advance. To add attractiveness, combinations of plain and patterned tiles are used, the edge is trimmed with a border. The theme can be a geometric or floral ornament, decorative panels, patchwork.

When you want something unusual, you should go to hardware stores and salons. Periodically, there are promotions, sales of past collections, and remnants. At a reasonable price, you can purchase original tiles from leading Spanish, Portuguese, Italian brands.


Any mosaic panel will update the old kitchen furniture and at the same time refresh the interior. Mosaic decor for the kitchen table is made from different types of mosaics: ceramic, stone, smalt, glass. Suitable wooden, acrylic, or metal, 1.5-2.5 cm in size. The shape of individual fragments is most often square, but there are mosaics of round, rectangular, triangular, and arbitrary shapes.

Fans of original solutions can use colored pebbles, broken ceramic tiles, CDs, round cuts of branches. The main difficulty will be to determine the pattern and calculate the shape, size, and required number of mosaic elements for it. Before starting work, it is useful to arrange the prepared pieces in a planned order on a flat surface to check the correctness of the idea.

Decorating technology is similar to working with ceramic tiles. The mosaic pieces are attached to the countertop with liquid nails or a suitable glue, which is gradually applied to the prepared surface with a notched trowel. After drying, the joints are filled with grout, the mosaic panel is cleaned with a damp cloth.

Table decor

Briefly about Table decor

The table is an underrated kitchen detail. In everyday worries, its appearance is not paid attention to, which makes the tabletop look boring. The situation can be corrected in different ways. A simple way is to decorate the table with decorative elements. Flowers, candles, fruits, exclusive combinations of objects are used.

Those who decide to renovate the old table and give it a new sound are in for dramatic changes. The easiest way is to paint the furniture in a suitable color, it will not take much time and will help to refresh the interior with a minimum investment. The craquelure and decoupage technique, hand-painted or stenciled, will help to update the table. If tiles or mosaics remain in the house after repairs, they can also be used to decorate the countertop.

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