kids bedroom: 70 Trendy Interior Design Ideas 2021

The environment plays an important role in the development of every child. And since most of the time children spend in the room, it is very important to equip it as functional and safe as possible. After all, a kids’ bedroom often combines an area for sleeping, studying, creative activities, and even games. Also, when designing, it is extremely important to take into account the preferences and age of the children.

kids bedroom

kids bedroom: functional zoning

As mentioned above, the kids’ bedroom must necessarily be divided into zones for a more comfortable pastime in it. Among the most important is the area for sleep, study, games. If possible, it is also worth adding an area for sports that the child likes. There must be good lighting everywhere. Therefore, several light sources are often used at once.

The sleeping area must have a good bed with a quality mattress. This will provide the baby with the most comfortable rest for every day. Quite often, a small bedside table is installed by the bed. It is suitable for books, night light and other things necessary before bed.

kids bedroom

The study area should be equipped with a table and chair. Please note that they must be selected based on the height and age of the child. Therefore, it is optimal to purchase a table and chair with height adjustment. Also, take care of the storage space for school supplies and a table lamp. This is a basic set of items that must be in the kids’ bedroom.

It is best to place a warm carpet or a special rug in the play area for the child to sit comfortably on it. A small box with a variety of toys will delight every day. As for the sports area, basically, a horizontal bar or wall bars are installed in it. But remember that children mostly follow adults. Therefore, try to do morning exercises with the whole family every day.

kids bedroom

kids bedroom of different sexes

If one room is intended for two children, then each of them needs to allocate their own space and complete their own furniture. A bunk bed can be purchased for two children. This is convenient and also saves space in a small room. If space allows, then you can divide it into everything. This applies to shades for wall decoration, furniture colors, etc. This option is ideal for children of different sexes, each with their own interests. As for the desktop, it can be long for two children. An alternative solution would be to purchase two structures that are not too large. It is also very important to consider the hobbies of each child. Participants in competitions and olympiads should definitely allocate a place for medals and certificates.

Making a children’s area for children of different sexes is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important to prioritize and highlight the main common play area. It is very important here to choose neutral shades so that everyone is comfortable.

kids bedroom

Bedroom interior for children

An important role in the design of kids bedroom is played by colors. Designers recommend choosing not too bright colors, each of which has its own meaning. Mostly girls prefer pink, lilac, white and yellow. And boys, in turn, predominantly choose blue, blue, and purple shades. Perhaps the most neutral is beige and green, as well as pastel colors. According to experts, too bright colors should be discarded, as they quickly get bored and over time can start to annoy. Recently, neutral walls with a more active pattern have been popular. These can be circles, clouds, animals, fairies, and even superheroes. The main thing is that there are not too many of them.

The interior with painting or vinyl stickers is incredibly beautiful. They may have images of your favorite cartoon characters. Thanks to this, it turns out to create a unique fabulous, or magical atmosphere. That only is the interior in the style of the school of the famous film about Harry Potter. In such a room, the child will definitely be happy.

kids bedroom

Small kids bedroom

Even in a small bedroom, it is always possible to correctly place all the functional areas. The main thing is to think about everything carefully and then the room will be quite spacious. First of all, we note that the most optimal solution would be light walls. For example, white, milky, or beige. They visually expand the space, which in this case is an advantage.

As for the bed, everything is individual here. It is better to choose a medium size so that it does not clutter up space. If a small bedroom is intended for two children, then you should think about purchasing a bunk bed. Basically, an older child is placed on the upper tier. But still, this is not too important. And if the age difference between children is not large, leave it to them to make this decision.

kids bedroom

Children’s bedroom textiles

Textiles play an important role in the kids’ bedroom design. This is because it is he who forms the feeling of warmth and comfort, which is especially important in the house. Curtains, bedspreads, carpet, and pillows should all be chosen in the same style. Also, we recommend opting for sustainable materials. As for the color, it can repeat the overall design of the bedroom or be contrasting. Basically, curtains are chosen moderately dense so that they do not let light through. At the same time, it is better to choose a light tulle, not dense, and without additional details. After all, the transmission of light affects the vision of the child while working on homework.

kids bedroom

In the process of decorating a kids’ bedroom, you should not blindly follow fashion trends. Do not forget that your child should like this room. And the main thing is that the bedroom remains clean and safe both for sleeping and for studying

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