Hanging bed: features, nuances, and design

The bed, the central object of the bedroom, has a reputation for being a solid object that has no fundamental differences in different styles. However, you can radically change the design of your bedroom if you choose a Hanging bed. We figure out what features and advantages such a design has, and what styles it fits into most organically.

Hanging bed 1

The advantages and disadvantages of hanging bed

The suspended structure evokes thoughts of a cloudless childhood and its simple entertainment, one of which was a swing. People who have a positive attitude towards mobile furniture point to the following advantages:

  • Original appearance. The bed hanging to the wall will help to create a truly extraordinary interior, and, what is important, in any style. The impression is not difficult to enhance by placing additional light sources under the bed.
  • Simplification of cleaning. Owners of floating furniture do not have to move it to put things in order; the cleaning process becomes quick and uncomplicated.
Hanging bed 2
  • Saving space. You can use the space under the bed at your own discretion; for a small home, such an expansion of functionality is an ideal solution.
  • A variety of models and sizes. If you wish, you can choose a hanging bed for a modest bedroom.
  • Light movements (swaying) have a positive effect on the psyche, help to calm down and fall asleep.

The bed is the central object of the bedroom, and not everyone will agree to change the traditional-looking furniture for a floating bed, familiar in Asian countries. Anyone who does not like the idea of ​​resting on weight motivates his opinion with the following reasons:

  • Fixed position. You won’t be able to rearrange the bedroom. If you want to replace the hanging bed with a traditional model, you will need an express repair at the attachment point.
  • Limitations of interior solutions. If a suspended bed is expected in the room, installation of a suspended or stretch ceiling becomes impossible.
Hanging bed 4
  • The complexity of the design. Suspended models must be safe. Structural errors can cause, for example, excessive swaying, which can lead to the weakening of the fastening with all the ensuing consequences.
  • High price. Suspended models are more expensive than traditional ones, as they are manufactured with increased requirements for strength and reliability.
Hanging bed 5

Increased danger to children. The younger generation loves to test such structures for strength, so hanging cots should be of high quality, equipped with reinforced mounts and sides.
The need for frequent cleaning. The open space is beautiful, but some floor coverings show the slightest bit of dust. The wrong choice will lead to daily ritual cleaning.

Hanging bed 6

Structures and methods of fastening a hanging bed

To fix the bed, you need to choose a place and purchase suitable fasteners. The main requirement for fasteners is reliability because they must withstand a dynamic load (the weight of the bed itself and people) for a long time.

The strength of the attachment point is equally important; decorative ceiling beams and plasterboard surfaces are definitely not suitable. For example, a hanging bed in the country can be attached to the ceiling or the wall, a combined version is possible.

Ceiling mount of Hanging bed

This is the traditional and most common way of fixing the air bed. The ceiling mount has the following features:

The bed is fixed at one or several (usually 4) points. Fasteners are mounted in the ceiling or open ceiling beams, if provided by the style and are part of the structure, and not the decor.
The most important task is to calculate the load and select the reinforcement based on it. The height above the floor is chosen according to your taste; the optimal height is 30 cm.

Hanging bed 8
  • Typically, strong metal anchors are chosen as ceiling mounts. Four attachment points are needed for a classic rectangular bed. Round hanging beds to the ceiling are usually fixed at one point.
  • The bed is suspended with nylon ropes, metal chains, or cables fixed in the corners of the furniture.
Hanging bed 9
  • A place for furniture should not be chosen close to a window or wall. After installation, the structure will remain mobile and sway. To reduce the range of motion, the place is chosen so that the bed is leaning against the wall with one side; then one of the surfaces is protected with a soft material (for example, felt).
  • If you want to get rid of wobbling, cables and chains can be replaced with bars or metal poles. To fix a static structure, not anchors are chosen, but round or corner metal elements.

Wall mount

The wall mount gives the hanging bed a mysterious look. If you look at it from a certain angle, the attachment point is not visible, and the stock appears to be floating in the air. Wall fixing provides the same stability as the ceiling version but is less common.

The low popularity is due to the more complex structure of the supporting structure; here you cannot do without supporting beams and massive corners. The following life hacks add stability to your wall mount:

  • The structure is equipped with a central leg against the wall. Sometimes it is made of transparent plastic, and then the detail is not striking.
  • The product is fixed according to the principle of a berth in a train: with the help of side supports, creating the effect of a clamshell, and metal cables. In this way, you can place two beds one above the other, and save space, which is important if you need to arrange a suspended baby bed.
  • The bed is fixed in the corner of the room. The load is distributed over two walls, which increases reliability.
  • The main feature of the structure attached to the wall is that it does not swing.
Hanging bed 12

Combined method of hanging bed

The combined mount is considered the most reliable and safest and therefore is often used in children’s rooms. It is also chosen when doubts arise about the strength of the ceiling. The method combines fixing the product to the ceiling with simultaneous fixation to the wall or floor, which eliminates swinging. For installation, the following scheme is usually used:

  • In the corners of the headboard, fasteners are attached to fix it near the wall.
  • At the legs, cables or chains are fixed, which are suspended by hooks from the ceiling.
  • Sometimes a window sill or a podium serves as additional support for the bed.

Design and location

The floating hanging bed creates a light and somewhat mysterious atmosphere. It fits easily into most popular styles; this is facilitated by a variety of shapes (round, square, rectangular) and additional elements. So, a canopy, a mosquito net, a table, or a shelf attached to wall support will help to diversify the design. The following stylistic solutions are common:

  • Wooden models fixed on ropes will be appropriate in interiors with natural materials. Such a bed is chosen for design in the Scandinavian style, as well as in the loft or country style.
Hanging bed 14
  • Models on chains or ropes will suit the sleek and relaxed interiors of a tropical bungalow or eco.
  • Hanging bed on chains will also be relevant in a modern bedroom. In a high-tech interior, it can be supplemented with lighting.
Hanging bed 15
  • The Provence-style hanging bed or chalet is fitted with chains and attached to the ceiling beams. In the French style, the beams are painted white.
  • Round models look attractive in rustic, ethnic, and eco-styles.

The type of bed and mountings are chosen depending on the location of the furniture. So, in the attic, a rectangular model with combined fixation will be the best solution. For a veranda or terrace, choose a single rectangular bed and attach it to the ceiling on chains.

In the bedroom, the shape and method of fixing the bed depend on the preferences of the owners, but for the nursery, they choose the safest products with combined fixation and a side along the edge.

Briefly about the main

A hanging bed is a choice that immediately transforms any interior into the category of original and unusual solutions. For the product to serve properly for many years, it is necessary to choose the right place and method of fastening. Reliability also depends on the quality of the fixings and the ceiling.

The most common is ceiling fixing, the most original is wall fixing, the most reliable is combined. For ceiling mounting, use anchors, ropes, chains, or cables. The bed is attached to the wall using corners, beams, or profiles.

Suspended models fit perfectly into the interior of summer cottages and country houses; in urban conditions, you must choose a spacious room. Depending on the design, the model on pendants will become an interior decoration in-country, loft, high-tech, or eco style.

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