Dressing table: sizes and types of designs

This article contains information about the dressing table: dimensions, how to organically fit it into a certain interior and space. After reading, it will become clear what to focus on when choosing a table and how to choose the ideal option based on your preferences.

Dressing table

Standard dressing table sizes

When buying a table, they are guided by height and length. The height usually does not exceed 75 cm, but it may deviate, depending on the height of the person. As for the length, for stationary (i.e. for tabletops with legs) it averages 1-1.1 m, and for suspended ones – 60-65. The standard width is no more than 50 cm.

With the size of a dressing table with a mirror, things are different: usually, the size of a mirror is 50×50 cm, but for many people, this is not enough and therefore it can be larger (mainly in length – this will allow you to evaluate the compatibility of clothes and, for example, makeup).

With the size of the mirror, the size of the table increases accordingly, mainly the length. It can be increased up to 1.3 m (it happens that it even reaches one and a half meters), for the mirror to stand more stable or organically fit into the size of the tabletop if it is suspended. The increase in the length of the entire table guarantees an increase in the capacity of shelves, cabinets, and interior compartments.

It is clear that there is no definite standard – there are average values ​​formed based on the size of the room in which the table is located (for the most part, this is a bathroom or bedroom).

Even the height does not have a constant value – it is often made 75 cm because this value is suitable for girls with an average height, on which the dressing table is oriented. The mirror is hung so that when sitting at the table you can see the whole head, including the neck.

Dressing table into the interior

Any furniture must be able to integrate into the existing space. This is a difficult task because you need to proceed not only from considerations of beauty but also comfort. The table can be beautiful, but it does not go well with the design of the room. It may not be the right size for a composition of existing furniture. The interior implies both aspects and should be taken into account before buying.

The first goal is site selection. For the most part, this is either a bathroom or a bedroom. The size issue is immediately resolved – the bedroom is clearly larger than the bathroom, often, therefore, the size of the table for the bathroom will be smaller than for the bedroom. But if the size of the room allows you to fit a large dressing table, then you should only care about the design.

Dressing table

With the bathroom, again, everything is simpler: as a rule, the room is made in several colors, the presence of patterns, but no more. There are fewer details in the overall composition in the bathroom than in the bedroom, so new furniture will complement or dilute it, but will not be superfluous.

After choosing a place, you need to correctly position the dressing table .:

  • Not only to save space but to preserve and complement common design elements, different designs can be used. The table can be inserted into one of the sections of the wardrobe, which will save space and add charm to the interior.
  • Combined tabletops are used – a mirror is placed on one part, a computer monitor can be placed on the other, and at the bottom, there will be a compartment for the system unit and wires. This again saves space, besides, also, the table will have several purposes: as a toilet and as a worker
  • The ideal solution for organically fitting into the interior would be to place the table in the corner. A good solution would be to put a dressing table by the window, but this must be done correctly.

It should be borne in mind that it will replace the bedside table, but in its dimensions, it is much larger than it, so it is required to place the table at a short distance from the bed (20-40 cm, so that it is convenient to stand up) and from the window, but so that the table does not obstruct with a large width him. But the location near the window will avoid unnecessary reflections and distortion of perspective in the mirror, which means that nothing will interfere with its use.

After choosing a room and a specific location, you can already think about how the dressing table will fit into the surrounding space.

First of all, you need to know who will use the table, in what room it will be located. This will allow you to determine in advance which type is more suitable.

Types of the dressing table

There are several types of dressing tables. Their features will be discussed below.

Classic version

Otherwise, it can be called standard, since all sizes correspond to the usual values. As for the mirror, it also does not exceed the already mentioned 50×50 cm.

Perfect for home make-up, with an abundance of shelves, it can easily accommodate all the cosmetics in the house. Some models allow you to change the position of mirrors and cabinets. Perfectly fits both the bathroom and anywhere in the bedroom corner, so this dressing table will look perfect in any interior.

Dressing table

It is recommended to take a plain countertop. If the interior is made in dark colors, brown, dark brown, or black will be a good color. A good addition to the design of the dressing table will be the presence of a contrasting, polar (opposite) pattern in colors, going through all parts of its structure.

If you want to frame the edges of the mirror with illumination, for proportionality it is better to use small or medium-sized bulbs (3-5 cm in diameter). It is better not to overuse large bulbs on the tape, because they will be larger about the details of the table (handles, cabinets, things on the tabletop).

Medium in size, the classic version fits well in the corner of a room, whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom. The wall option is also good because the length of the entire structure will be 2 or even 2.5 times less than the stationary one.

Also, this allows you not to save on the size of the mirror, which plays an important role in the makeup, while maintaining the average size of the cabinets and shelves for cosmetics and everything else.

Dressing table

Flip-down mirror design

A practical option that saves space, it fits well in an environment where all pieces of furniture are presented compactly. The mirror is built into a panel that can be opened if necessary.

Under the panel, often to save space, compartments are made for cosmetics and everything that can be on the dressing table. In more expensive models, notes are even made for what this or that compartment (cosmetics items) is made.

This table is multifunctional because without a mirror serves both as a chest of drawers and a desk. Due to its compactness, it is well suited for rooms with a small area, moreover, it is more profitable and more expedient to have it than a regular table.

It is better to edge it not with a tape with bulbs, but with an LED tape with LEDs, it will be more beautiful, because will be commensurate with the small size of the dressing table and also such a tape shines much brighter than bulbs and burns much longer.

Will fit well into any composition. It implies the presence of one-two primary colors, combined with the colors of the room. In the case when there are more colors, the interior begins to be overloaded with an abundance of colors, which is at least not aesthetically pleasing.

Trellis Dressing table

Three classic doors that cannot be confused with anything else under any circumstances. A dressing table that fits perfectly into the interior of the bedroom, in the corner, because with its own design, as if it was made for this place. The central sash is immovable, the others can adjust the degree of rotation, such a convenient function made trellis popular.

It is placed in the corner of the bedroom because it is almost always made of wood, which allows it to be combined with a wooden bed or bedside table (which it can replace). The flaps, thanks to their rotation, allow you to place it in a corner.

Thus, being able to combine with most of the interior details in the bedroom, the trellis can take its rightful place in the overall composition.

Dressing table

Style and design do not include mirror edging with mirror illumination, but there are exceptions, at the general discretion of the owner. A good option would be wall lights located on the sides of the trellis.

Just like the trellis dressing table fulfills all its functions, the turning of the mirrors allows you to literally appreciate the hairstyle and makeup from all angles.

Almost always, such a table is monochromatic, therefore, when embedding into the interior, only the style and what color – dark or light – should be taken into account. Of course, it is better to place a light table in lightroom, but in some cases, dark furniture will help dilute all the components of the interior. In such cases, the owner chooses the color based on his own perception.

Dressing table

It differs from all others in the presence of a mirror, the size of an average person’s height (or half the height). Due to the presence of such a mirror, it is not very large in size, especially in height, but this will open up a view of the whole body. The mirror is usually mounted on the wall, so when planning a place for a table, it is better to immediately take into account that it will be there for a long time and it will not be possible to move it later.

The emphasis in such a table is placed precisely in the mirror. The design itself usually implies the presence of several pedestals for different cosmetic accessories. The bays are small because all space is occupied only by a mirror.

Just like the trellis, the pier-glass is more related to the classic style (although there are exceptions), such a table is well suited to the interior in the bedroom if it means classic wooden furniture.

In this regard, illumination is rarely made for a mirror in a dressing table, it is simply not aesthetic in such a context – it does not combine with the general style. The pier glass performs only the main function – only everything you need for makeup can be placed on it, there is simply not enough space for anything else.

As with trellis, to fit the table well into the interior, it is better to take furniture of the same tone as the tones of the room: dark with dark, light with lamp.

Choosing a chair for the Dressing table

Chairs and armchairs are also part of the interior, moreover, the correct height can guarantee absolute comfort when using the table.

They are made from different materials, have different designs, and have different colors. But the most important rule to follow when choosing a chair for a dressing table is its size.

Fitting a chair or armchair harmoniously into the overall design is not a very difficult task – it is much more difficult to find a comfortable height.

Dressing table

The algorithm for determining comfortable sizes is as follows:

  1. You must sit in a chair
  2. If the legs are bent at the knees at an angle of 90 degrees, and the eyes look at a point in the mirror that is acceptable for a person, then the height is ideal. If there is any deviation from this, it is better to look for other options.
  3. The body should feel free being on the chair, if there are armrests, then the hands should lie so that they do not quickly become numb.

Using this rule, you can choose a chair that is comfortable for yourself, creating even more comfortable conditions for yourself.

At the end

There are no standards or canons for the perfect dressing table. Each person has his own rather clear criteria by which he chooses those things that he liked. In any case, he will need to rely on the size of the living space, on how the space of the room in which he plans to arrange the furniture is made. Even the colors should have some kind of harmony.

But all this in no way means that when choosing a table and a chair for him, a person has no freedom. Quite the opposite, he can complement the existing interior, do it competently, but in a way that makes the result enjoyable. Form, design, style – all this is determined strictly individually. Even the functions that the table will perform (storage of cosmetics, combining the makeup table and the desktop) are determined only by its owner.

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