Dining table – modern and stylish design

It may sound strange, but a wooden dining table can be in an apartment not only in the kitchen, as we are used to.

Dining table

Often in modern interiors, you can see how the tables find its place in the hall, in the dining room, and sometimes even in the bedroom.

Dining tables

The dining table is such a piece of furniture that is sometimes used as decor, but at the same time, its reassignment has not disappeared anywhere – uniting the family at the table for a pleasant pastime and eating goodies with tea.

Dining table

A beautiful dining table should be in the interior, even when a very small family because you need to place guests somewhere on the occasion of the celebration.


A wide range of dining tables represents modern production, and therefore a logical question arises of

how to choose a dining table.

When choosing a table, it is important to focus on ensuring that the table not only fits into the interior but also fits in size to how many people are in the family.

Dining table

Do not forget about the moment that the table cannot violate the style of the room, and therefore when choosing it is important to pay attention, not to its shape, the material from which it is made, to the color.

Extendable dining tables

Probably it’s no secret to anyone that sliding dining tables have a colossal list of advantages, and therefore this type of furniture never goes out of fashion.

dining table

Rarely does a family need a very large table in daily use, and therefore such a purchase does not make sense.

dining table

And if you remember that most of the rooms are not large, then the point to buy disappears, because such furniture is complete “out of topic”. But if the family likes to receive guests, then the usual table is not enough …

dining table

A folding dining table can fit well into any interior (we are talking about a table in its normal form). If the need arises, the table moves apart, and thus the area of the tabletop becomes noticeably larger and all guests will be seated at the table.

dining table

The simple design of such tables. The tabletop can be made from two halves, and they are the same sliding elements.

dining table

Under these halves is the third part, which is inserted between the first. This will simply increase the surface of the countertop.

dining table

A glass dining table, again with a sliding structure, will perfectly complement the interior, which is made in a modern high-tech style, moreover, such tables will become a highlight.

dining table

Choosing a modern dining table for the design of a particular room is not at all difficult, because today tables of different shapes and from different materials are made. The classics are often preferred.

dining table

Round dining table

A round table made of solid wood is perfect for a spacious living room, a kitchen that is made in a classic style. For the living room, they choose a table made of expensive mahogany, and a white table will find its place in a classic kitchen.

dining table

If the kitchen is very small, then for it you can choose such a dining table option as a sliding table, which will significantly save space, and when unfolded it will become a larger area.

dining table

Coffee-dining table

The trend to save space encourages designers to come up with something new, invent tricks.

dining table

So, it is often fashionable to see how designers suggest decorating a dining table in the interior of a magazine. Such tables are traditionally made in the shape of a square, and therefore, no doubt, they will suit any style.

dining table

It is best when such a table finds a place in a spacious living room but is made of expensive natural wood.

dining table

In furniture catalogs, there are a lot of photos of a dining table of different variations and from different materials, and therefore it is not at all difficult to make the right choice.

dining table

Photo of the dining tables

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