Decorative pillows: beautiful and unique interior items

Interior arrangement always involves a thorough study of all the details, from the choice of materials for finishing the walls, floor, and ceiling in the room, to the selection of furniture, decorative elements, and accessories that allow you to fill the room with warmth and comfort, as a result of which the overall design takes on some meaning and becomes completed. At the same time, special preference is given to various types of textiles, namely decorative pillows designed to ensure maximum comfort and not only. Such accessories always emphasize the stylistic orientation of the interior, bring bright accents, or vice versa, soften the overall perception of the design. You will learn more about what kind of pillows are, and how to use them correctly in the interior.

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Decorative pillows – features of accessories

It is believed that the ancient East is the birthplace of the origin of various types of decorative pillows, and the first mention of such accessories appeared several centuries ago. The first pillows were made of silk fabrics and decorated with jewelry, therefore they were expensive and were used to furnish rooms in the homes of wealthy people. Over time, this way of decorating a home conquered the inhabitants of Europe, and the appearance and design of accessories have become much more diverse, and today decorative pillows are an integral and multifunctional piece of furniture. And the most important thing is that this textile can be deservedly called universal in purpose.

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Decorative pillows can be used to soften hard seats on chairs or as a softback on a sofa. The wonderfully smooth out the outlines of corner pieces on furniture, and are used as a comfortable headrest or footrest. Serve as a link between pieces of furniture and other interior details.

Decorative pillows add attractiveness, accompany the creation of the most comfortable atmosphere and favorably emphasize the style solution of the overall design of any room.

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Types of decorative pillows

Like any item in the interior, decorative pillows have many varieties and differ in size, shape, fabrics from which the cover is made, and filler. Further, we propose to consider each of the proposed points of the characteristics of these products separately.

The lineup

Even though today a variety of types of decorative pillows can be used in interior furnishing, in general, they can be divided into several categories, including classic models with standard sizes of 40×40 cm, 70×70 cm, or 20×20 cm. And sectional models of pillows, quilted products, and Turkish pillows. As well as cushions in the form of cushions and exclusive models of unusual shapes with complex designs and decorations.

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As a rule, various geometric shapes are used as the basis for creating pillow designs. However, in recent years, more and more often, in examples of interior arrangement, there are accessories of an unusual shape. Thus, we can conclude that the most popular forms of decorative pillows are square and rectangle, which is universally suitable for any type of furniture, as well as an oval or circle, ideally complementing interiors with notes of oriental style. Decorative pillows in the form of triangles and polygons, pillows, rollers, and products of an unusual shape, duplicating the appearance of funny animals, letters, flowers, and many other objects, look no less original.

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Any decorative pillow consists of an inner cover and an upper cover. For the manufacture of the inner part, a rather dense cotton or coarse calico is used. As for the sewing of the outer cover, in this case, upholstery fabrics should be preferred. It can be felt, leather or eco-leather, tapestry fabrics, velvet, linen, or chintz. Fur models and pillows with the various decor in the form of a bead composition or applique look especially interesting.

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An equally important detail is the inner content of decorative pillows, and in this case, modern manufacturers use both natural and synthetic types of fillers. The first category of fillers includes down feathers, and animal hair, as well as special bamboo fiber, foam rubber, various herbs, and buckwheat husks. Materials such as synthetic winterizer, holofiber, latex, hollofan, or polyurethane foam are artificial fillers.

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Selection of decorative pillows for the living room

The living room is intended for receiving guests, communicating with family members, and relaxing, so it is simply impossible to imagine the presence of upholstered furniture without cute pillows, which not only add flavor to the overall design style but also create the most comfortable atmosphere necessary for a pleasant pastime. And in this case, when choosing suitable accessories, you should definitely pay tribute to the color of the products, interesting finishes, and a variety of shapes.

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Decorative pillows “dressed” in strict men’s shirts, frayed jeans, or knitted sweaters will look fresh and original. Products made using the patchwork technique, as well as pillows with feathers, pompoms, beads, and another decor, look spectacular and impressive. You can give preference to a whole set of decorative accessories, using the same variety of colors, or you can opt for a pair combination of products or create your own collection.

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for furnishing the interior of the bedroom

It is difficult to imagine the existence of a bedroom without pillows, and in this case, we are talking not only about those products that provide us with a comfortable rest and sound sleep at night. Decorative pillows in the bedroom are, firstly, beautiful and fashionable accessories, and secondly, a great opportunity, if necessary, to put a couple of products under tired legs or back during a short rest without having to completely unroll the bed.

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Designers recommend in this case to give preference to bright and expressive products that will help make the whole environment more orderly or choose pillows that duplicate other interior items in color and texture.

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Decorative pillow for sofas

For the chosen pillow not to look like a “foreign” object on the sofa, you should adhere to some combination rules regarding a particular style of design. If your sofa or a set of upholstered furniture is designed in a minimalist style, the perfect solution for decorating it will be solid color pillows of the correct geometric shape and different sizes.

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A rustic boho sofa-book can be decorated with knitted or embroidered accessories.

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For a sofa that complements a Scandinavian-style room, you should choose pillows with an unusual ornament or an interesting texture.

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When decorating a sofa in the “attic” style of a loft, it is acceptable to use bright and colorful accessories.

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An indispensable option for Provence is considered to be pillows with various ruffles, lace, or simple ornaments.

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It is customary to compliment a sofa in a classic style with decorative pillows made of expensive fabrics with the decor in the form of fringes, puffs, draperies, exquisite embroidery, or a combination of materials.

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It is not only possible but also necessary to use such types of accessories like decorative pillows in the interior of a house or apartment. With their help, you can create an extraordinary atmosphere of comfort in a particular room, emphasize the style of the interior or decorate furniture. The main thing is to observe the general composition and not be afraid to experiment!

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