curtains for rooms: Selection of color, model, and length

Curtains are one of the most important elements of room decoration. Thanks to the pattern or individual design of the curtains, you can complement the style, while the wrong choice will lead to the destruction of the idea. Therefore, it is important to heed the advice of experienced professionals to embellish the appearance of the room without distorting the functions of the window.


select curtains for a specific room

When choosing curtains, it is important to rely not only on the appearance and fabric but also on which room the curtains will be placed in.

BedroomThe main function of curtain in the bedroom is to prevent sunlight or moon rays from entering the room. Therefore, it is necessary to choose thick curtain. The dark fabric is preferable as it shields from light better than white options. The combination of translucent tulle at the back and curtains over it is considered classic. At night, the window is closed with blackout curtains, and during the day you can preserve natural light without worrying that someone outside is observing the room
Living roomA luxurious curtain is an essential feature of any living room. They will add coziness to the room, embellish it by highlighting the window against the general background. If you place large-sized furniture around the perimeter of the entire room, avoiding the space in front of the window, then the accent on the curtains will fit well. The second curtains located on top in a lighter fabric will be appropriate when creating a living room in a Baroque or antique style
ChildrenFor the nursery, it is recommended to choose a light gas curtain with an unusual pattern. Dark tissues are recognized as a practical option, but, according to psychologists, they can negatively affect the emotional development of the child. It is much better to choose curtains with a light background and dark print, for example, with rich leaves of palm trees and ferns, marine life or mermaids.
CabinetA simple curtain in dark colors will fit perfectly into a minimalist or cubist office. If the owner is trying to emphasize his well-being, then when choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to velvet fabrics with fringes. Tulle or translucent gauze curtains are out of place, as are yarn curtains. Fabric roller shutters or blinds with wide crossbars are a versatile and practical option, regardless of the appearance of the office.
Kitchen, dining roomLightweight tulle is better for the kitchen than blackout curtains. Odors or moisture will not accumulate in the curtain, they will not interfere with cooking. It is important to choose an option that will not exceed the length of the window sill. If you hang curtains that are too long, they can catch fire due to proximity to household appliances or the stove. Tulle is easy to wash, which is also important when placing curtains in the kitchen. During cooking, unwanted stains can appear, which means that the curtain will have to be washed more often than usual.

Depending on the interior of the room, you can choose the color and design

Room designCurtain
It is based on a floral print, the use of living plants and dried flowers as decorative elements.Solid fabric in the color of the buds or white curtain with the image of fern or palm leaves.
Monochrome base with colored inserts, the minimal number of prints.Light plain curtain or with a small floral print in Provence.
Black and white room decoration, accents with rich colors.Black or white plain curtain or fabric prints. Widescreen images of world landmarks or cityscapes will do.
Design based on geometric shapes.Bright, unprinted fabric tied with ribbons in different shades.
Room decoration only in tones of one color with the addition of white or black.Beige or nude pink curtains that will overlap with white details. Cream, moray, or brown curtain are a harmonious addition to black details.
Checkered decor elements on a monochrome background to match.Selection of curtain in accordance with the main print: a large cage of a different color or a small pattern of geometric shapes.
Straight parallel lines, a combination of vertical and horizontal lines.Plain curtains arranged in accordion style. Straight lines that appear when the fabric is folded are parallel or perpendicular to the main pattern.
Arabic patterns that adorn walls or surfaces around the perimeter of the room.Monochromatic curtains to match the main color scheme will add harmony to the interior, and velvet fabric in gold or platinum color will become the visual center of the room.
Animal images or prints with the same type of images (vehicles, fish, fruits, and so on).Plain curtain with single patterns, curly clasps, brooches, or hairpins. Unusually tied fabric in several places and at different levels.
A combination of 2 or 3 base colors without the use of prints or side shades.The choice of curtains depends on the main technique – contrast or color combination. Pale shades will stand out against the background of rich interior items.

How to choose the right curtains?

Before choosing curtains for a room, you need to measure the height of the cornice. The traditional option is the selection of curtains by 7-10 centimeters more. If you need a medium curtain that covers only the window, then fix the distance from the cornice to the window sill, adding a quarter of a meter.

Before buying, be sure to check the fabric. It should be soft and pleasant to the touch. If you feel stabbing or tight, it means that an excessive amount of chemicals was used during processing. There is a high risk that after prolonged use or washing, the appearance of the curtains will deteriorate significantly.

How to choose curtains for a specific style

The traditional decoration of rooms in a particular style requires that the curtain match the appearance of the entire room. A conscious choice of curtains is an integral part of a single and complete composition.

Room styleRecommendations for choosing
EcoCurtain made of natural fabrics of natural color without bright details. Greenish canvas curtains. White or cream solid colors.
ProvenceThe classic version with a small floral print. 
Solid blue or olive curtains. 
Checkered blue and white or red fabric.
MinimalismBrown, moray, burgundy or dark green fabric without patterns. Black or beige silk. Gauze tulle with a bottom that does not reach the floor.
BaroqueLush red or blue velvet curtain with many folds. 
Overlapping white curtains depicting the tops of antique columns.
VanguardCurtains with geometric shapes in bright colors. Fabric asymmetrically dyed in different colors. The use of wide ribbons and bulky bows for decoration and fixation.
Sea stylePrint with fish or other marine animals. Drawings with mermaids, pirates and treasures. Lost treasure map with many islands.
Pop ArtCurtain featuring superhero or comic book clippings. Fabric printed with popular 20th-century popular art paintings. Photos of cultural figures or politicians in filters.
AnimeThe image of your favorite characters on fabric, sakura, or cranes – traditional symbols of Japan. 
Selecting curtains in theme stores or decorating curtains with anime merch on your own.

How to choose for the living room?

Depending on the characteristics of the living room, you can choose that fit well into the setting:

  • In a large room, you can place a volumetric curtain that will completely close the window and become one of the main elements of the decor. When choosing large-format curtains, the furniture mustn’t get lost against their background. Medium and small armchairs and sofas will harmoniously combine with them.
  • If the room has large furniture, then it is better to choose a curtain that does not stand out from the general background. Their main function will be to complement the interior, and not to place accents. When choosing curtains, it is important to remember the combination of the color scheme of the room with the fabric. If you choose a color to match the furniture, then the curtains will become part of the overall composition. If curtains overlap with decorations, then they will become an element of decor.
  • An ideal option for a small living room is loose curtains that are no longer than a window sill in length. There will be a space next to the window where you can place a sofa or armchairs. Thanks to the sunlight coming in through the translucent curtains, the room will not need artificial lighting until dark at night.

In the living room, which is filled with rays most of the time, it is better to hang a blackout curtain. They will help preserve natural light while protecting against interfering sunbeams.


How to decide on the color of the curtains?

There are several options for choosing the color of the curtains. They are based on the combination of the curtain with the interior and the general color scheme:

  • If the window does not occupy an important place in the layout of the room, you can use curtains to match the floor or ceiling. This combination will make the room more beautiful and complete. In this case, it is important to leave the curtain long so that there is no feeling of the division of the space into levels.
  • The window, which is located in the central area, is important to highlight and decorate. Wide curtains made of a light fabric of light shades will help with this. They will not create a feeling of clutter, and their lightness will complement a spacious room. Thanks to light colors, more sunlight will penetrate the room.
  • It is tipped to choose short curtains for a small window of a small room. They will reduce the amount of light entering the room but will complement the interior if they match the main shade of the color scheme. Light or gray tulle fits perfectly into any design. The budget option is white macrame curtains with plants or multicolored patterns embroidered on them.
  • If there are chairs, a sofa or a bed next to the window, then you can choose curtains from threads. They will visually increase the height of the room, while not reducing the amount of natural light from the windows. If necessary, the threads can be tied with a bright ribbon in 1, 2, 3, or more bundles, creating your own design that suits the individual characteristics of the window. The combination of a white background and colored ribbons will look original.
  • If the windows occupy the entire wall, the same curtains are placed on each. If you choose a monochromatic option that combines shades of a single color scheme, you can create a visual transition from one curtain to another. Printed fabrics will not work with this layout: due to the difference in the position of the pattern on the fabric, the joints will be very noticeable.

How to choose for a certain type of room

To understand how to choose curtains, you need to pay attention to the following room characteristics:

  • If the room is spacious, massive curtains with voluminous folds will do. You can consider both a single color version and with large drawings. A small print won’t look good on a wide window.
  • If there is a lot of free space next to the window, you can create double curtains. The first step is to install curtain rods that can fit 2 curtains at once. The second step is the selection of the curtain fabric. Monochromatic variants of shades of similar colors are beautifully combined. Differences in texture and material are welcome. Tulle can be placed in the background, and curtains with fringe or ruffles can be hung in front.
  • Double curtains can also be placed in the kitchen if the length is right. The short main curtain will be decorated with small waves on top. They can be created from a lighter weight fabric, or made from the same material overlapped on the cornice. This design idea is suitable for both blackout curtains and tulle.
  • In a small room, it is recommended to hang tulle or curtains made of light gauze fabric. Thanks to this, the room will be light throughout the day, this will visually expand the space. You can place fabric roller shutters directly on the window. Then you can hide from prying eyes in the evening and at night.
  • When looking for options on how to choose curtains for the interior, it is important to remember the combination of not only colors but also patterns. To harmoniously add curtains to the room, it is enough to choose an option that echoes the print of wallpaper or interior details. Floral arrangements, polka dots or a cage will all help when combining the overall look of the room with curtains.
  • Placing 2 curtains on one cornice is possible when choosing curtains made of thick fabric and tulle. Instead of the traditional arrangement, the translucent material is placed in front. The curtains tied with a bow will harmoniously fit into the interior. In the evenings, you can only untie the thick curtains located at the back, leaving the tulle in the same form.


When thinking about how to choose curtains for the interior, it is important to remember not only the functions of curtains but also the harmonious combination of this decorative element with the decor. Curtains can complement the design of the room or, on the contrary, distort the idea

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