curtain design 2021: styles, colors, and decor

A beautifully designed window transforms any room and complements the interior. the curtain design is influenced by the style and color scheme of the interior. As one of the main elements of the interior, the curtains perform not only a decorative but also a practical function. They shade the room and reduce the level of sunlight. With their help, you can quickly change the mood of the interior, make it stylish, meeting the latest trends in the fashion world.

curtain design
curtain design
Window decoration options

New items in the world of curtain design in 2021

The curtain design changes every season. In 2021, designers offer the following directions:

  • White curtains in the interior are a versatile and always relevant solution for any interior. White serves as a background for the surrounding shades, it gently diffuses light and creates an atmosphere of lightness and airiness. This season, translucent fabrics are in fashion, letting in natural light from the window and reliably protecting from prying eyes in the dark.
  • An incredibly stylish combination of deep gray, almost black, straight curtains, and white translucent curtains. Dark fabrics with a subtle shine are in trend – they look more noble and stylish than modest matte textures.
curtain design
  • The trendy menthol shades can be used to dilute the monochrome color scheme. Multilayer curtains made of graphite, white and menthol fabric are an excellent solution for a white interior.
  • Printed fabrics are not losing popularity this season. Beautiful curtains with floral or geometric patterns imitating a pencil sketch on a white background are at their peak of popularity.
  • Striped curtains in the interior are back in fashion. Available in horizontal and vertical positions. The strip may differ not only in color but also in the material of the fabric. For example, tulle on dense satin.
curtain design
curtain design

You don’t have to be afraid to experiment this season. Given the style of the interior, heavy curtain design, for example, can be replaced with a combined version of classic models with Roman blinds or blinds. This will unload the window, add light to the room, and at the same time maintain its functionality.

To diversify the appearance of curtains in the interior will allow well-chosen decor, for example, garters-T-shirts in the form of a rope. Different diameters, weaving, colors, and materials make it possible to obtain an original decorative effect.

curtain design

The main thing to remember is that the curtain design in the interior of 2021 should look somewhat restrained and concise, with a minimum of decor and maximum functionality.

curtain design

Stylish curtain design

Complex designs and combinations – draperies, frills, and ruffles are a thing of the past. The trend is sophistication and simple cut. And the main thing is the functionality of the models that reliably protect the room from light.

At the same time, you can choose fashionable curtain design by color, texture, type of fabric for any interior. Minimalistic curtains for the Scandinavian, Roman, and Japanese trends are popular in style. You can add romance to the Provence style with the help of French or Austrian models.

The top shades of 2021 include all shades of green. Universal beige, brown, milk, and dark blue curtains in the interior have not lost their relevance.

Delicate lilac, powdery, and blue tones can create a light and relaxed atmosphere.

curtain design

A large floral print on a light background, executed in a bright, expressive manner, will become a bright accent in a calm neutral interior.

curtain design

The 2021 season does not set strict limits on the texture and type of fabric. The material of beautiful models of curtains can be both light, weightless, and dense, heavy fabrics. Linen, cotton, velvet, and dense opaque fabrics are in fashion.

It is important to remember that light and light fabrics are chosen for small spaces or when it is necessary to create a background, for example, in rooms with a lot of furniture. For spacious living rooms, multi-layered, multi-colored options are used. With a pattern, geometric print, stripes – those that will attract attention and create a mood.

Straight floor curtains will not lose popularity in 2021. They allow you to visually “raise” the ceiling and make the room more spacious. Stylish and bright, they can be a complete replacement for an accent wall.

Sustainability and beauty: bamboo curtains

Bamboo curtain design in the interior immediately stand out and attract attention. They are made from environmentally friendly natural material and will appeal to lovers of eco-style interior decoration.

curtain design

The advantages of such curtains include the following:

  • Versatility. Bamboo will not fit except into historical styles and strict classics, but in all others, it will look natural and organic.
  • The design of bamboo curtains allows you to use them in any room, regardless of its purpose, even in the bathroom.
  • Bamboo canvas goes well with different fabrics and allows you to create original combined design options for the window opening. The combination of bamboo with natural linen, cotton, and jute, which are popular in 2021, turns out to be especially stylish and harmonious.

There are the following types of bamboo curtains:

  • As an option for a minimalist, modern interior, roll-up models are suitable. Such a canvas gently transmits sunlight and air, but retains dust and protects from prying eyes from the street in the evening.
  • For a high window, Roman blinds with several voluminous folds are suitable.
  • Bamboo curtains-threads look stylish and original. With their help, you can decorate a doorway or divide a room into several zones.
  • Laconic bamboo curtains in Japanese style will organically fit into the minimalist interior. They look especially beautiful on panoramic windows.
  • Vertical and horizontal blinds are suitable for decorating office spaces and living rooms in industrial styles.
curtain design
curtain design
curtain design

Practicality and versatility: Roman blinds in the interior

Roman blinds in the interior are a modern and practical solution that will suit any interior. The simple design of the structure does not prevent it from looking stylish and graceful.

curtain design

When assembled, the canvas, fixed on a rigid bar, forms soft folds. The advantages of such models include the following:

  • Stylish design and a wide range of colors, which allows you to choose a product for any room.
  • Such curtains are distinguished by a simple, reliable design and easy operation.
  • Easy maintenance. The construction does not accumulate dust.
  • The ability to combine with different types of curtains
curtain design
curtain design

Structurally, products are:

  • Wireframe. This is the classic, most popular model. The crossbars are sewn into the fabric, which, when raised, creates folds.
  • No frame. This model is equipped with a rigid insert. The folds when the fabric is lifted are soft and loose.
  • Cascading. The drapery of such models is preserved even when the canvas is completely unfolded.
  • Two-layer fabrics of different density and color. Thick fabric performs a protective function, and light fabric decorates the window opening.
  • With photo image. They create an original decorative effect and add personality to the interior.
  • Electrically operated. Automated control is carried out using the remote control. Relevant for window openings located at an inaccessible height.
curtain design

The light permeability of roller blinds is different. Canvases can be transparent, translucent, and opaque. The first type is recommended for rooms facing north and suffering from a lack of natural light. In the second case, the fabric gently scatters daylight, slightly dimming it. In the third case, a multi-layer dense fabric is used, which effectively darkens the room.

curtain design

Pleated curtain design

Corrugated curtains in the interior outwardly resemble horizontal blinds, but they do not consist of individual lamellas, but of a solid canvas assembled “in an accordion”.

The advantages of such models include the following:

  • Compactness. The corrugated canvas does not go beyond the window opening and allows you to use the window sill plane as a working plane.
  • Can be used on windows of any size and shape, including non-standard ones (triangle, arch, roof window).
  • The canvas is easy to care for, it does not accumulate dust and does not wrinkle.
  • Variety of models in color, the way of fixing to the window.
  • Can be used in any room.
  • Does not affect visual reduction in space.

There are several types of pleated canvases, which makes it possible to choose the best option for any room:

  • Cloth fabric is made of special dense corrugated material. Protective impregnation prevents the fabric from fading under the sun’s rays, simplifies the process of washing and caring for the product. Outwardly, such curtains are monochromatic and multi-colored. Modern models can be decorated using the technique of photo printing.
  • The simplistic and short-lived corrugated paper model is an inexpensive alternative to fabric options. Can be used as a temporary replacement for basic curtains.
  • Features of the curtain design for the roof window is the presence of metal side guides that hold the canvas. The fabric does not sag, is securely fixed in the window opening, and reliably protects the room from the sun.
  • On a vertical window, it is enough to use a canvas without rigid fixation, which has a metal weighting agent in the lower part.
  • Two-layer models are multifunctional and allow you to effectively darken the room, even in the daytime.
curtain design


Modern curtain design play an important role: they not only protect the room from prying eyes and sunlight. With their help, you can create a unique look of the interior, make it play with new colors, correct or completely change the style of room decoration. To make the house look stylish when choosing a fabric, it is enough to listen to the recommendations of designers regarding fashionable novelties and choose a model taking into account the style and color scheme of the interior.

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