Corner bathtub: the best design ideas

The appearance of a corner bathtub in the offer of sanitary ware is an important innovation in the organization of small bathrooms. Their design provides a comfortable bathing bowl while taking up much fewer space thanks to a simple yet extremely clever installation concept.

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Corner bathtub: in which interior to choose a bowl for bathing

Seeing such a huge variety of corner baths, people wonder which version of the bowl fits the most in a particular space. The answer is very simple – in all interiors. The only problem that can be encountered here is an adaptation to the chosen design and other equipment elements. If you place the angular shapes of toilets and washbasins in a similar style, then the bathing bowl should be from the same line. If you are thinking of rounder shapes, then this style should look for a corner bath. Thanks to this, you can create a holistic and attractive interior. A corner bath is a solution for most rooms. The variety of shapes and possibilities gives you a great chance to choose the right product. Corner baths can be symmetrical (the sides are the same length) or asymmetric (the sides are different from each other).

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What to look for when choosing a corner bathtub for your bathroom?

When choosing, you should pay attention to several aspects, such as the length of the sides and additional accessories such as headrests, casings, and the elements required for assembly, that is, the bath siphon. It is also advisable to purchase suitable bathroom fittings. Customers who have corner bathtub bowls often decide to buy a mixer with 3 or 4 outlets.

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Some corner baths are equipped with additional elements that enhance their functionality or aesthetics. This refers mainly to the fluted seats and armrests, thanks to which it becomes more comfortable to sit and swim in the bath. This also applies to all types of handles that you can use when entering or exiting the bath. For some baths, you can also purchase additional headboards or other accessories to make bathing even more enjoyable.

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Asymmetric corner bath

A modern bathroom is not only a guarantee of comfort but also impeccable aesthetics. If you want to enjoy long, relaxing water treatments at home and at the same time a designer interior, you can opt for modern corner baths. The original design of these models is combined with their high functionality.

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Corner baths come in a variety of sizes and shapes. One of the key questions to be answered at the beginning of the selection is the question of symmetry. Corner baths can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The former are suitable exclusively for large bathrooms, in which you can afford to occupy a spacious bowl. In other interiors, this solution will be inconvenient, significantly reducing the space of the room, impairing its functionality.

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In smaller interiors, asymmetric baths look better. The degree of their asymmetry is very different, but thanks to this, everyone will find a dimension that will best fit into the interior of a particular room. In a sense, this is a compromise solution, thanks to which you can enjoy a corner bath without losing useful space in the hygiene room.

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A wealth of choice of corner bath

Which bath is the best? Asymmetrical, semicircular, or with hydromassage? Rectangular baths have a big competitor – corner bathing bowls. These solutions are available in many forms, allowing even confined spaces to be optimally equipped.

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The range includes triangular, hexagonal, pentagonal, or curved models, the so-called semicircular baths. There is also an asymmetrical bathtub (with two sides of the same length) and an asymmetric bowl with one shorter side that works well in a small room space. Such a built-in bath is usually a low bowl (slightly lower than in the case of classic versions), ensuring safe entry and exit, especially for the elderly and children.

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The volume of the model depends on the selected size, it can vary from 90 to 300 liters or more. A room with a corner bath means excellent use of the available space without compromising the comfort of the bathing person and the aesthetics of the interior. To enhance the pleasure, fans of relaxing moments under the foam blanket can opt for the corner hydromassage baths.

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Types of corner bathtub

A corner bath can become a practical element of a room. Its functional characteristics will be determined by the advantages of the material used for production. Here are the main types of corner baths:

  • asymmetrical;
  • with shower;
  • with a screen;
  • with hydromassage;
  • built-in.

Manufacturers offer, among others, acrylic, cast iron, conglomerate, steel, and even wooden baths. The most popular of these materials are acrylic, which is pleasant to the touch, resistant to chemical and mechanical stress, and exhibits anti-slip and thermal insulation properties. Acrylic corner baths are the largest group of solutions available. To improve the functionality of the corner bath, water lovers can equip the bowl with additional functions. A corner hydromassage bathtub will be the ideal implementation to enhance your bathing experience. Air bubbles help you relax after a hard day. Practical alternatives would also be an asymmetric bathtub with a screen, that is, a corner bowl with a shower, or a bathroom fixture with a seat that guarantees additional surface for body positioning or cosmetics.

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The corner bathtub with a screen is a functional combination of a bathing bowl and a shower. A double (2-seater) corner hydromassage bathtub provides total relaxation in the privacy of your home. The design with a seat and handles is recommended for the elderly and disabled. A corner bathtub without a seat guarantees a large interior surface. A bath with low sides is not recommended for tall people.

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Small corner bathtub: the dimensions of the ideal bowl

When setting up a bathroom, measure and plan the room accurately. Before purchasing any equipment, determine the location of the individual furniture, bathtub, sink, or washing machine. After you know which size of bathing bowl to choose, you can decide on the material from which it will be made.

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A small hygiene room with a bath is not always possible. The arrangement of a small area is associated with several dilemmas, but the size of the corner bath gives complete freedom in terms of the location and use of every centimeter of the available space. The bath segment has small bowls 120 × 80 cm or 120 × 100 cm, as well as large corner baths 140 × 70, 150 × 150 cm, 120 × 120 cm, 130 × 130, or 190 × 140 cm, which are a chic place to relax. and replace the home spa. Asymmetric baths with one shorter side will take up less space than symmetrical bowls, so experts recommend installing them in a room that is not limited in size. This allows you to place a comfortable bowl in it without compromising the visual aspects of the interior. In turn, solutions with two identical sides, reminiscent of the form of a trapezoid or polygon, will require a large angle due to their location in a slightly larger space. The proposals will enhance the modern character of the decor and create geometric motifs.

For a small bathroom in a block, an asymmetric or narrow bathtub is recommended. Symmetrical bathtubs take up more space and are best used in a spacious room. The sizes of the corner bath are different, they cover both small and large models with parameters:

  • 150 × 150 cm;
  • 120 × 120 cm;
  • 140 × 70 cm;
  • 130 × 90 cm;
  • 150 × 90 cm;
  • 160 × 100 cm;
  • 140 × 140 cm.
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Small bathroom spaces are a real challenge for people who plan to place a comfortable and spacious bath in such a place. Everyone wants to set up their own mini-spa, where you can not only wash after a busy day but also relax, getting rid of stress. Of course, the best solution would be to have a spacious bathroom, preferably with a window, into which a large designer bathing bowl can easily be installed, and even then there will be a lot of free space in this room. Thus, in the presence of a small area, it is necessary to abandon the long-awaited bath? Of course not. Designers from the largest and most renowned companies producing quality and innovative sanitary ware come to the rescue of people whose bathrooms are small. Thanks to their efforts, it was possible to create bowls, which, with their shapes, adapt to the corners of the room, saving space in an incredibly clever way while offering a high level of comfort. A corner bath with a side of 150 centimeters can have a capacity of the same size as a regular bowl with a length of 170 centimeters. In the case of apartments in blocks and the narrowness prevailing in them, an additional 20 centimeters turns out to be an extremely important advantage, allowing, for example, a cabinet under the sink or additional furniture.

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The most common shapes for small rooms are triangles and tapered rectangles. Most often, one of the long edges is straight and the other is rounded. This saves space and also provides comfort while lying in this bath shape. A very good solution can also be to enrich the decor with an elegant curtain-screen, for example, made of tempered glass, which will allow you to take a shower whenever someone needs a quick wash, but there is no time for long baths. This way, you can combine the best features of both the bathtub and the shower in your plumbing while conserving space. A corner bath can take up to 1/3 of the room area.

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Comfort with corner bath: hydromassage

So that all people using the bathroom in the bathroom have a very high level of comfort while taking water procedures, you can choose a model for corner mounting, which will be additionally equipped with a hydromassage. Due to the high competition in the plumbing market, prices for whirlpools are much lower today than they were a few years ago, so almost everyone can afford such a purchase.

Corner bathtub18

To prevent your bathroom from being overwhelmed by the corner bathing bowl, which will take up most of the space, it is worth choosing it in white. It is known that white color optically expands the interior, therefore such tiles and facades of bathroom furniture will certainly give a sensational effect. You can even further improve the interior by placing a very large mirror on the wall above the bathtub, which is a well-known way of installing lighting with multiple sources. So instead of just one luminaire on the ceiling, you can enhance the effect of the space by installing several additional smaller LED luminaires. Homeowners can choose the type of bathroom lighting that suits them best.

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What are the materials for making a bathtub?

Both size and shape and type of bathtub must be adapted to the surface and parameters of the room, as well as to the individual preferences of the household. The operation of the bath and the entire room must be comfortable and safe. A hygiene room is an investment for years to come, so its purchase needs to be very well thought out. Currently, the choice is huge, we can say that it is unlimited. No wonder you still cannot decide on a specific model. Baths available on the market differ mainly in the material from which they are made, shape (design), size, and assembly method. First, let’s take a look at the materials the bathtubs are made of. The most common in houses and apartments are:

Acrylic bathtubs – acrylic is a material that is pleasant to the touch, always warm (which you will especially like in winter and early morning), with good thermal insulation properties, thanks to which it keeps hot water in the bowl longer. The result is a longer bath without having to constantly add hot water, which ultimately provides significant savings and helps protect the environment. The acrylic surface will stand up to a lot of children’s play because it is scratch-resistant. An additional advantage of acrylic is the ability to obtain interesting shapes, so today you can find bathtubs in such material of completely unpredictable patterns. Acrylic bathtubs are relatively inexpensive and can be completely refurbished after many years of daily use for a small fee.

Corner bathtub 20

Conglomerate baths – conglomerate is an extremely durable material, resistant to scratches and various mechanical damage, very easy to clean. This makes it ideal for the manufacture of bathing bowls. Conglomerate baths are distinguished not only by functionality but also by high aesthetics. They can be safely used in family bathrooms that are used by young children and elderly people.

Corner bathtub 21

Sanitary Composite Bathtubs – Composite is a mineral filler (for example, a combination of quartzite and resin) that is highly resistant to scratches and discoloration. This allows bathroom manufacturers to create an unlimited number of models. Composite bathtubs are distinguished by a designer, fresh shape, and thanks to the addition of acrylic resin, their surface is pleasantly warm to the touch and perfectly smooth.

Corner bathtub 22

Steel bathtubs – steel is characterized by maximum impact and scratch resistance. Steel baths are made of thin sheet metal, making them lightweight. Their disadvantage is rapid heat loss and cost. They can cost up to 2x more than acrylic samples.

Corner bathtub 23

Each of the materials presented has its own characteristics: acrylic is warm and light, cast iron baths are certainly durable, but also very heavy. Also important is the shape of the bathtub and the width of its rim, on which you usually put cosmetics used while bathing. When choosing a bowl, you should not rush, but you need to analyze every detail. Only then will you be sure that the bathtub is ideal for your hygiene room, aesthetically pleasing, and practical in the interior. All of these elements are just as important to your everyday bathroom comfort.

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Acrylic corner bathtub – a modern solution for the interior

People who wanted to install a bathtub in their apartment many years ago could not choose from a variety of options. Then there were models made of steel or cast iron, and the offer of shapes was small, limited by the practical dimensions of the bathing bowl, its length, and width. Fortunately, today, with a huge number of high-quality sanitary ware companies on the market, people planning a new bathroom have a huge range of different solutions at their disposal.

Corner bathtub 25

You cannot deny that acrylic bathtubs have many advantages. First of all, they are very light compared to their cast iron and steel counterparts. Therefore, it will be very easy to deliver the purchased goods to your home, even if the apartment is on the top floor. Acrylic bathtubs are also much easier to buy online and often have a better price. A light bath is a much cheaper choice and you can save more money this way.

Corner bathtub 26

Another advantage of the material, which is acrylic, is heat. Entering a cast iron or steel bowl filled with hot water has often been associated with significant inconvenience, significantly reducing bathing comfort. Acrylic is warm, which means it will not cause such problems when taking a bath. It heats up quickly, so it will be as pleasant to the body as possible. The final reason why you should choose an acrylic corner bath is the cost of purchasing it. This material is clearly cheaper than steel or cast iron. Do not overpay if you can save money without sacrificing quality.

Corner bathtub 27

The only difficulty with an acrylic bath is the need to use special products to keep it clean. Because it is made of plastic, chemicals that are too strong can start to dissolve the top layer, causing defects that can be easily seen. However, this is not a big problem, because, with the sheer number of acrylic bathtubs currently sold, it is very easy to buy special cleaning products that provide excellent hygiene. Thus, a corner bathtub made of sensational materials such as acrylic is the optimal solution for small rooms. Acrylic is a cheap material, and market competition is also driving down prices, making this bathing bowls affordable for many. You can easily bring and install an acrylic bathtub even to your apartment. This material provides warmth and comfort,

Corner bathtub 28

Currently, the bathtub is a key, if not the most important, decorative element of the bathroom, which is why the models on the market are taking on more and more fashionable forms. What are the most popular bath shapes? You can choose from asymmetrical and symmetrical models, classic and rectangular, oval, almond, or even round, which resemble a Jacuzzi.

Corner bathtub 29

If you are wondering which bath shapes are the most popular, you should also be interested in the most frequently selected assembly shapes. Built-in bathing bowls have predominated in homes and apartments for many years. However, these freestanding bathtubs are capturing the hearts of modern consumers and interior designers. Over the past few years, they are most in-demand, as they are available to a wide audience. There are even free-standing models on the market that can be placed on the wall.

Corner bathtub 30

You can choose from a variety of bath finishes. These include furniture panels, styrofoam enclosures, special facade kits, and frame screens. What’s more, regardless of the shape and type of bathtub, you can easily buy a case that fits perfectly. The assembly is also simple – the elements are connected, for example, using cutters. When choosing a bathing bowl body, you should keep it so that it can be removed in case of any malfunction. This is essential if you want to enjoy your beautiful bathroom for as long as possible.

You already know which forms of baths are the most popular, as well as their main types and sizes, but the key criterion for choosing a bowl for your room should not be the market success of this model, but the satisfaction of the needs of all users. The bath should be suitable for both children and adults. If you are hesitating between the two sizes, go for a more spacious model where you can easily stretch your legs. Remember that the size of the bath affects its depth and therefore water flow and entry/exit comfort.

Bathroom furnishing can be difficult. There is usually a small room that has many different functions. One of the most important decisions is the choice between bath and shower. However, this is not the end. Which bath to choose from? Where to put it? These are the main dilemmas that all lovers of hot and relaxing water treatments face. Consider corner bathrooms for an interesting and practical hygiene room setup.

The bathroom is one of the most difficult spaces to design. Like no other, it combines many functions in a very limited area. It cannot be hidden that her equipment is often problematic for professionals. It is worth spending a little more time in this room and carefully considering the placement of individual elements, especially if you dream of taking a relaxing bath at any time.

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