Coffee table: standard height and best design

The coffee table is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use as you wish. This is not only a decoration of the room and part of the overall style of the interior but also a convenient surface for the location of the necessary items. It is convenient for the whole family to have a snack at the table while watching a movie or having a fun friendly conversation. This product plays an important role in activities with babies – they draw behind it, make something with their own hands, and also eat. The height of the coffee table is the determining parameter on which the convenience of use depends.

coffee table

general characteristics of coffee table

A universal rule: the table does not exceed 50 cm, but at the same time not lower than 40 cm.

coffee tables

A folding piece of furniture belongs to a separate category. When unfolded, the product is equal in height to the kitchen table. Users are expected to sit on high chairs while eating.

coffee table

Types of coffee tables

There is a wide variety of these products on the market. Various sizes, shapes, designs, and design styles can be selected. If you are going to buy a table, you need to carefully study the assortment and decide on the required parameters. There are these types of coffee tables:

  • Decorative. This is a kind of interior decoration that is selected for a specific style and plays the role of addition or accent in the design.
  • Serving, with a removable tabletop.
  • Transformer. This item provides a wide range of choices as the width and height can be adjusted as you see fit.
  • Additional. Such a table has wheels, with the help of which it is easy to transport it between rooms for serving a meal. It is an auxiliary item for convenience in the kitchen.
coffee table
coffee tables

Main advantages of coffee table

Coffee table outperforms other similar furniture for their versatility. This item is suitable for various pastimes and performs many useful functions. With it, you can organize a romantic dinner, have a snack in the evening while watching the TV, work on your laptop, read, write or draw. Interesting books, magazines, souvenirs, as well as remotes from household appliances are often kept on the table. For this reason, a rare living room does without a coffee table.

coffee table

Another advantage of the product is its mobility, which allows you to frequently change the position of the table. Sometimes furniture becomes the central part of the room, the main accent, and highlight. Transformer tables have gained popularity among users due to their convenience.

coffee tables

Choice of coffee table height

Some recommendations should be followed to choose all the parameters correctly:

  • Modern designers believe that a table should not be taller than a sofa seat. In this case, the lower limit of dimensions is not provided.
  • Standard GOSTs implies that the load on the table should be carried out by its purpose. Based on these data, the height of the piece of furniture is also selected.
  • The designer Le Corbusier recommended purchasing products that are comfortable to sit on an ottoman or in an armchair.
  • An important condition is the proportionality of the table. High legs should be combined with a small worktop, and a wide surface means low support.

It is best to combine all of the above tips and purchase a table according to its purpose. A product that serves as a stand for books and other similar utensils can be quite low. For occasional dinners at the table, a product with a height of about 50 cm is more suitable. It is better to choose a bedside piece of furniture with dimensions up to 80 cm.

coffee tables

Storage of things on the table

The product must be selected based on the intended use. Two-tier models are designed to store things in an additional compartment of furniture. The advantage is the availability of items and a good overview. At the same time, such options for tables are distinguished by their light and elegant design, which significantly distinguishes them from their counterparts.

coffee table

Drawers come in handy in cases where you want to hide the contents from prying eyes. In some models, the boxes are locked with a key, ensuring privacy and protection. This solution is especially convenient in families with small children who are very curious. The accessories will be nearby, but at the same time, they will be inaccessible to outsiders. It should be borne in mind that a table with drawers can make the interior a little heavier.

coffee table

coffee table shape selection

Modern designers offer many interesting designs for any style of the room. It can be both classic shapes and fantasy outlines:

  • A popular solution for the living room is a table with a square surface. The height of the coffee table is selected individually; ease of use is important here.
coffee tables
  • Rectangular options have good spaciousness, while they require more free space for their placement. Most often, such products are not too high, their length can be different, and the width is always standard.
  • Models with round or oval countertops are versatile pieces of furniture. Their sizes are different, there are no restrictions here. You can buy both tiny models for drinking coffee, and large items for a full dinner. An additional advantage of this shape is its safety for small children.
round or oval

Interior stylistics

It is very important to choose the right coffee table design so that it blends harmoniously with the rest of the furniture. In this case, the product can become not only a decoration of the room but also its main highlight.

The classic assumes the presence of strict wooden models, which are made in traditional forms and are devoid of unnecessary decor in the design. Such a table creates a business atmosphere and supports serious conversations.

coffee table

High-tech and minimalism imply laconic furniture options with a transparent tabletop and a metal base. The shape of the product should be as simple as possible.


Wooden or bamboo products go well with the fabric and garish decor, and ethnic styles go well with stones or shells.


Such a seemingly insignificant part of the interior not only complements it but also adds its own entourage to any style. A small table allows you to beautifully decorate a romantic dinner or create a cozy atmosphere during friendly gatherings with tea.

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