Blue curtains in the interior of the living room and bedroom

The interior of any room will not be complete without the competent design of the window opening. The choice of curtains can be influenced by the style of the room, its size, and the preferences of the owner. Blue curtains help create a calm and cozy atmosphere. A feature of this color, designers call versatility. Although it is considered a model of elegance and nobility, it can be used in absolutely any design: from classic to modern trends.

Blue curtains

Features of using blue curtains

Light colors make the room visually larger. Also, the designers highlight other features of the use of curtains in blue shades:

  • Shades of blue are cold. Therefore, you should not choose them for dark rooms of a small size. Otherwise, it will look gloomy and uncomfortable.
  • Blue is ideal for spacious rooms with south-facing windows. This color can cool the room, filling it with fresh notes.
  • Deep shades of blue make the room look deeper. In this case, you need not overdo it, otherwise, the atmosphere may turn out to be depressing. Therefore, it must be combined with light colors.
  • Shades of blue help suppress appetite. Therefore, they are recommended to be used to decorate a window in the kitchen or the dining room, if its owners are watching their weight.
  • This color range, when used in doses, can have a relaxing effect on a person, helps to cope with mental and physical fatigue.
Blue curtains

Blue Spectrum Tone Combination

The tone of the textiles and fine decor affects the overall interior more than we might imagine. It’s the details that define the taste Therefore, it is so important that the colors are combined successfully.

  • Dark blue. Very often they are found in the bedroom or living room, bringing here a sense of cleanliness and peace.
  • Light blue. Ideal for a bright room. Because blue can visually increase the space, curtains of this shade can be used for rooms with a small area.
  • Bright blue. They will look good against the background of bright walls or decor, so they are advised to choose when decorating a children’s room.
  • Cornflower. Especially impressive, this shade will look snow-white. This combination is suitable for interiors in modern design directions.
Blue curtains

In order not to overload the room and make it too “heavy”, blue should be combined with the following shades:

  • Gray. This combination gives a calm atmosphere, therefore it is recommended for use in the bedroom.
  • Orange. If you need to create a calm atmosphere, orange should be combined with heavenly tones. Where a bright design is required, sand tones are combined with dark blue curtains.
  • Golden. This majestic color traditionally pairs well with blue.
  • Yellow. This combination will play most favorably in country-style decoration.
  • Milk, white. They are often combined in a nautical-style interior.
  • Beige. The elegant blue and beige palette looks very restrained.
  • Red. The connection is rather complicated and contradictory. But with a skillful approach, a unique composition can be obtained.
Blue curtains

Blue curtains examples in interiors

Because of their versatility, blue curtains are used regardless of the purpose of the room. But in order not to make stupid mistakes in the interior, it is important to know about the rules for the selection of blue curtains in each separate room.

Blue curtains living room

When choosing textiles for the living room, it is important to consider important parameters: window size, ceiling height, room illumination, number of windows. Already based on these data, it is concluded that gloomy, dense dark curtains are contraindicated in a low and darkroom. Light and light materials are better suited there. Conversely, if the living room has windows facing south, you can hang dense curtains of even the darkest shades of blue.

Blue curtains

Blue curtains with golden stripes accentuate the wealth and luxury of the home. But, gilding should not prevail in the room, but only set off the main color. In this case, it is worth considering the harmonious combination with wall decoration and decor.

Decorating the living room with blue curtains, designers advise paying attention to its style:

  • For a spacious room made in a classic style, it is recommended to choose dark blue curtains from heavy fabrics with lambrequins and garters. In a small room, you can hang light curtains made of satin fabric with embroidery in silver or gold thread.
  • In a rustic style, curtains made of linen, jacquard, or satin, decorated with floral ornaments or floral patterns, will be appropriate. The larger the room, the larger the drawing can be.
  • For a modern interior, you should choose plain curtains made of translucent fabrics on eyelets. Textile blinds, roller blinds, or roman curtains will be appropriate here.
Blue curtains

For the blue curtains in the living room interior to look more harmonious, their shade should be repeated in the decor, furniture, decoration, lamps. They will look good with a photo wallpaper depicting the sky or the sea.

Blue curtains for kitchen

The blue palette is associated with cleanliness, so it is ideal for kitchen decoration. Blue curtains are advised to choose those who adhere to a diet or are struggling with extra pounds. Checkered curtains or blue curtains in combination with snow-white tulle will look great here.

A good choice for the kitchen would be blue roman blinds, which effectively contrast with the white kitchen set. The curtain can be plain or patterned. It depends on the interior of the room, the shades of the walls, and the furniture.

Blue curtains

Blue Curtains for Bedroom

According to psychologists, blue color pacifies, gives a feeling of calmness, allows you to get rid of negativity and problems. Therefore, it is advised to use it in the bedroom. It is advisable if the shades are muted, this will allow you to tune in to rest. Blue curtains in the bedroom interior go well with such tones:

  • Turquoise, sapphire, and aquamarine. This will create a dramatic monochrome look.
  • White, gray, beige, and milky for a neutral composition.
  • Yellow, red, orange. The combination turns out to be contrasting, so it is important to ensure that individual elements of the interior do not cut the eye.
Blue Curtains

For Children

The atmosphere in the nursery should be calm. But, so that she does not oppress the child, it is important to complement the interior with cheerful notes. Therefore, blue curtains in a baby’s bedroom can be diluted with green, pink, yellow tones. The design of the curtain can be straight, hanging, roll-up, or lifting. The only condition is that it must be reliable and harmoniously fit into the interior.

Blue Curtains

For Bathroom

Bathrooms that have a window can be decorated with azure or light blue air curtain. In such a room, the marine theme is relevant, for which the shades of this range will be most welcome. But to prevent the bathroom from getting too cold, you need to not overdo it with blue.

Blue Curtains

For Study

For a business setting, cool blue shades of curtains are ideal. They look restrained, elegant, and personable, set up for a working mood.

Blue Curtains

For Country house

Country house owners can choose blue curtains for furnishing it. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the style of the room. Dark colors will be appropriate in a homemade in a classic direction. Together with red, such tones are suitable for the direction of pop art. They are ideally combined with natural wood furniture. Cornflower blue will look good next to yellow. This combination is suitable for country style.

Blue Curtains for Public spaces

Public premises are also decorated with blue curtains. Discreet and cool curtains in these colors will be the perfect choice for the office. Here you can pick up strict Roman or roll options, but blinds will look best here. This will create a working, business spirit.

Light-colored curtains (cornflower, lavender) are suitable for the store. They will make the space more extensive and at the same time comfortable.

But in catering establishments (cafes, restaurants), blue curtains will be inappropriate. This is because the shades of this range can suppress appetite. But in the interior of hotels, they are used quite often, as they soothe and tune in to relaxation.

Selection rules for Blue Curtains

When buying blue curtains, harmony should be traced in the interior of the room. They should be positive and relaxing. It is important to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Which side the room windows face. If this is the south side, then the palette of shades can vary from ultramarine to subtle cornflower blue. Even dense textiles are allowed here. It is better to decorate a window facing north with curtains in which blue is combined with yellow or gold. But it is better to refuse white shades here, otherwise, the room will look too cold.
  • Room area. The smaller the room, the lighter shades you need to choose. If the room is decorated in a nautical theme, you can experiment with a blue and white combination. In a large room, dark and saturated colors are allowed.
  • Curtain texture. On a dense canvas, the color will look more saturated. Blue velvet drapes add a heavy feel to the atmosphere. If they need to be lightened, they use brushes, fringes, lambrequins, pickups of white or silver tones.
  • Depth of shades. Blue has a huge range of tones, each of which can be selected based on a specific situation.
  • The presence of a drawing and decorations.

Examples of blue curtains in the interior


You can decorate any room with blue curtains. By choosing all the elements correctly, you can get not only attractive but also functional results. However, experts do not recommend overdoing it with this color scheme, especially with saturated options, since they are too emotional, therefore they require a neutral background.

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