Bedroom layout: interior subtleties and useful tips

It is simply impossible to get a beautiful and comfortable house at the same time without a competent interior layout, because in this matter it is important to take into account everything, from the area of ​​the premises to furniture and beautiful curtains. Every centimeter must be turned into a cozy place, and this is especially true for the bedroom, which is primarily intended for relaxation. Every detail is important here. That is why, before taking decisive action, you should carefully read the many variations in the bedroom layout and take note of the recommendations of experts.

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Bedroom layout: ergonomic rules or where to start

Any bedroom layout begins with determining the number of sleeping places and their purpose – for children or adults. Next, the area of ​​the room is taken into account and a special drawing is drawn up, which displays all the future details of the room: the front door, window, flooring, wall cladding, and other nuances. Before buying furniture, you should decide in advance on its types, quantity, and size, providing not only multifunctional cabinets for storing things but also space for aisles between them. It is also very important to correctly divide the room into zones, each of which performs its own role.

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Bedroom layout for a child

As you know, a children’s room simultaneously serves as a bedroom, a playroom, a place for classes and receiving guests, therefore, the basis for the layout of such premises is comfort and safety. Dividing the room into zones, in this case, is considered the most successful design solution that will help to make the child’s time as easy as possible. Do not clutter every centimeter of the nursery with pieces of furniture. Focus on beds and shelves where toys and other items can be stored. A wardrobe, a couple of chairs and a table for playing educational games or homework will be enough. Kids love soft rugs, and an original ottoman or an unusual-shaped armchair will be an ideal addition to a teenage room. As for the color scheme, then for the sunny side, calmer palettes with bright accents are relevant. For dark rooms, it is better to use warm shades.

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Arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom

A walk-in closet in the bedroom is a very convenient and practical solution inherent in a person who knows how to rationally manage the area of ​​the room. Successful planning of a bedroom with a dressing room, as a rule, begins with clarifying the functional areas. We determine the location of the bed and mark the rest of the zones, including the place for the dressing room. Corner storage space visually expands the room. The optimal solution for an elongated bedroom will be the location of the wardrobe part along with one of the short walls or in the form of the letter P. In the layout of a spacious bedroom, you can afford any of the options or install a built-in wardrobe. In this case, one should not forget about the general style of the bedroom.

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Planning a bedroom with a bathroom

Recently, bedroom projects are increasingly including a bathroom, and I must admit that such a solution saves space and is very practical from the point of view of everyday life. The main thing is to decorate the entire interior in one style and maintain a combination of shades close in the spectrum. Based on personal preferences, the separation of the bathroom from the bedroom can be done using ordinary doors, opal glass, or the so-called screen. At the same time, an option is encouraged when the floor of both rooms has the same coverage. All furniture should be made from the same material, and mirrors should have the same frame. The same rule is acceptable for all other decorative elements, the function of which is to harmoniously complement each other. If the area of ​​the bedroom does not allow you to build a full-fledged bathroom, then you can completely limit yourself to a shower stall,

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How to equip a rectangular bedroom

Even though planning a bedroom in a rectangular room has some difficulties, you can always find the perfect solution. The main thing is to choose furniture, finishing materials, and take care of high-quality lighting, which will allow you to successfully adjust the space. To visually expand the room, designers recommend resorting to the method of different wall decoration, and when choosing furniture, focus on the bed. Modern modular headsets in this case will very well mask the shortcomings of a rectangular room.

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As for the issue of zoning, in this situation, such a solution will make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. In this case, the presence of enclosing partitions is not at all necessary. All kinds of curtains, combining textures, shelves, or gypsum plasterboard structures will perfectly cope with this task. Another important factor is that for rectangular rooms one “overhead” light is not enough, therefore local illumination is simply necessary.

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Secrets of planning a square bedroom

As in any other example, the layout of a square-shaped bedroom begins with the placement of accents, and in our case, a TV on the wall or a decorative fireplace will perfectly take on this role. Also for such a room, there is such a concept as basic furniture, which includes a bed and a wardrobe, and additional furniture – a chest of drawers, a dressing table, etc., which should harmoniously complement large items. The most acceptable lighting option in a square bedroom is considered to be a chandelier in the center of the ceiling or spotlights around the entire perimeter. The color scheme of such a room should be based on light colors, which will not overload the overall picture.

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Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

Since it is impossible to place a lot of furniture in bedrooms with a small area, when planning such a room, you should rely on functionality. Therefore, a bed with a lifting mechanism and spacious storage boxes will become just a “lifesaver”. Besides, such a solution will allow you to abandon bulky and massive cabinets, which will significantly free up space for a beautiful lamp or an original shelf. The light palette creates an additional sense of space. At the same time, the transition from a dark color near the floor to a lighter one, in the upper part of the walls, looks very beautiful and very harmonious.

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For window decoration, it is recommended to use modern curtain variations, in which there is no layering. It is also possible to significantly increase the space of a small room with the help of a mirror or glossy surfaces and competent lighting, which consists not only in the presence of ceiling lighting devices but also in additional illumination of a wardrobe with clothes or a dressing table.

The bedroom layout is an important and painstaking task, and personal preference does not always play a major role in this case. Someone prefers bright wallpaper or brickwork on the walls, while someone relies on the teachings of Feng Shui. Be that as it may, neither the style solution, nor the “advice of ancient sages”, but comfort and convenience should be the main goal of your efforts.

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