Bathroom shelf: the best ideas in interior design

A bathroom is a place where it is easy to put things in order. In addition to the necessary plumbing, you need to place cosmetics, towels, and cleaning products, as well as often a washing machine and a laundry basket. In a small hygiene room, especially in an apartment in a multi-story building, a closet will not always work. In this case, traditional bathroom furniture can be replaced with a set of bathroom shelf

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Bathtub with shelves: a practical solution

Bathroom shelves are a compact solution that makes it easy to store essential items in every hygiene room. If you often complain about the lack of space in the bathroom, but do not know which shelves work best in it, check out the information in this article. Here you will find practical tips on interior design, furniture, and accessories to easily give your home a stylish and neat look.

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Everyone would like to have a beautiful and at the same time practically furnished and functional hygiene room. As you know, in addition to the bath, sink, and toilet, there are many other items in this space, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, towels, dishes for hygiene procedures, etc. To free up space for this type of thing, you should pay attention to cabinets and shelves for bathrooms that will discreetly store all things, and fulfill an aesthetic function. You don’t want to place all items and accessories in closed cabinets. Some of them should be located in easily accessible places so that you can use them at any time. In such situations, bathroom shelves come to the rescue. They can be installed almost anywhere. Shelves can be lighted, built into the wall, wooden, or glass. They can be located either above the sink, mirror, in the shower stall, or niches, that is, wherever it is needed.

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Modern bathrooms are increasingly becoming comfortable spaces. You don’t have to take too much time to unwind in your home spa. The secret lies in the details that make you feel like the king of life. An inconspicuous and very practical thing is a bathroom shelf, on which you can conveniently place all cosmetics and bath accessories. This makes bathing a lot easier because everything you need is close at hand in one place. Shelves can also have a different function, for example, to hold a book or a glass of wine.

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A shelf under the mirror is a practical place for toothpaste and a brush, as well as cosmetics and makeup accessories. Necessary things are always at hand.

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Under-sink shelves are the most frequently chosen bathroom furniture. These can be simply cabinets or open shelves that make efficient use of the space under the sink, for example, for towels.

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Shelves above the bathroom – thanks to them, soap and hair shampoo will be easily accessible.

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In the bathtub body – a modern solution for a large room with a free-standing bathing bowl allows you to use plumbing as a place where you can place shampoo, bathing gel.

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Shower Shelf – Various types of this product are available: straight and angled, suspended on the top edge of the cubicle, or the handle of the showerhead attached to the wall with suction cups.

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Shelves above the washing machine – The space above the washing machine is often not fully utilized. Above the bathroom, shelves provide quick and easy access to laundry detergents, rinses, stain removers, and underwear bags, and towels.

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Bathroom shelves: which ones to choose from?

Wooden shelves – classic, warm, and natural. They fit into eco and Scandinavian style apartments.

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Glass shelves – clear or milky glass. They give the impression of lightness.

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Plastic shelves are inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean. They often have original design forms.

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Metal shelves – openwork shelves for a shower cabin, through which water flows freely. There can also be a smooth glass shelf on the metal frame under the mirror.

Bathroom shelf 14

Tile Shelves – You can plan them for the final stage of the bathroom. They are in perfect harmony with the wall, so they do not optically reduce the interior. Colored mosaics or terracotta tiles are especially suitable for finishing cavities.

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How to choose the shape of the bathroom shelf?

First, you should think about what functions the bath shelf should perform, because its shape depends on it:

  • The shelf for bath accessories is most often in the form of a basket with numerous compartments, so you can conveniently place all cosmetics, sponges, and washcloths on it. It is usually made of metal or plastic.
  • A bathroom shelf with space for a book or crockery is a real delight while swimming. It is worth paying attention to the model with a folding stand. Thanks to this solution, while swimming, you can enjoy your favorite reading without risking dropping the book into the water. There should also be space on the shelf for a cup of tea, coffee, chocolate, or a glass of wine. Swimming in such an environment allows you to fully enjoy the comfort. The bath shelf is usually made of wood, which adds to the coziness.
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Any form of bathroom shelf must have adequate safety thresholds to keep objects out of the water. To precisely fit the shelf under the bathtub, it is worth choosing a model with adjustable width.

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What material to choose a bathroom shelf from?

The spacious bathroom shelf with numerous compartments is a good substitute for small furniture for storing cosmetics. It also works great for bathing children and babies. The shelves are made of moisture-resistant materials:

  • The metal shelf is lightweight and takes up minimal space. The more expensive shelves are made from solid stainless steel and are cheaper than chrome or aluminum. The metal must be properly protected against corrosion.
  • Plastic shelf – choosing a plastic model, you can forget about the dangers of moisture. However, you should pay attention to the high quality of the material and its resistance to scratches. When this condition is met, the shelf has been successfully used for years.
  • Wooden bathroom shelf – Bamboo wood works best, which does not absorb water and is naturally moisture resistant. The big advantage of a wooden shelf is a very pleasant, warm color.
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Bathroom shelf and room style

Bathroom shelves are not only a practical element of sanitary ware but also an important element of interior decoration. How to choose the best bathroom shelves and give your room a unique look. In the arrangement of a room, every detail matters and must create a holistic composition with other decorative elements. Here are some suggestions.

Bathroom shelf 19

Marine motifs, traditional white and dark blue stripes on the walls bring a true holiday atmosphere to the bathroom. A shelf in a nautical style can not only be blue. It is worth reviving the arrangement of accessories in red, green, or yellow. Hanging shelves for bathrooms with unusual shapes, such as a lifebuoy or a hatch, are very popular. You can also create unusual decoration by gluing shelves to the outer edge of the sink.

Bathroom shelf 20

Spa style bathroom shelf – a room design associated with a beauty salon is a great way to unwind. Furniture and accessories made of high-quality wood should become its integral part. A unique ambiance will add to the room by adding exotic woods such as bamboo or teak. Regardless of their decorative properties, they will also be resistant to moisture and deformation.

Bathroom shelf 21

A metal or plastic shelf would be a good choice. The plastic model works great, but its color should match other accessories, such as rugs, soap dispenser, or toilet paper holder.

Bathroom shelf 22

This style is best accomplished by placing a wood shelf, as natural material will adorn a natural interior.

Bathroom shelf 23

The glass bath shelf will blend in with the elegant decor. The lacquered wood model can also become an interesting accent.

Bathroom shelf 24

Bathroom shelves: interesting solutions

Is the bathroom a home recreation center? Why not! For this idea to work, you should have a practical shelf in your bathroom. Both the shower corner and the bathtub should be as functional as possible – shelves should be placed inside so that you can comfortably use cosmetics. In addition to the indentations you can make in the wall during the bathroom finishing phase, you can also use various shelves. See what are the best shower solutions?

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An interesting alternative to wall-mounted shelves is the recessed bathroom shelves. They do not optically reduce the interior and can be very roomy. The large recess can even accommodate a washing machine or laundry basket. In niches, shelves are very well represented. An interesting decorative effect is achieved by the appropriate lighting of the recesses in the bathrooms. LED lamps with soft, dimmed light create a pleasant atmosphere for long, relaxing bathing sessions, safer than candles.

Bathroom shelf 26

The most functional are the shelves located in niches. Optically, they do not reduce the room, and most importantly, they can accommodate many items useful in the bathroom. An interesting effect can also be obtained by choosing the right lighting. The undoubted advantage of recessed shelves is also the fact that you can place not only small everyday items but also a washing machine or a laundry basket in them.

Bathroom shelf 27

A small bathroom doesn’t always have room for massive furniture. Bathroom shelves are not the only compact solution, as a practical cabinet can be placed even in tight spaces. More shelves allow you to organize all your cosmetics, accessories, towels, and cleaning supplies. A shelf-rack for a bathroom avoids the laborious installation of individual structures on the wall, but there is another side of the coin: it takes up space on the floor and makes cleaning difficult.

Bathroom shelf 28

In bathrooms, especially small ones, corner shelves that do not occupy the surface are ideal. They can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc., making them suitable for bathrooms designed in almost any style. If the bathroom space doesn’t limit you, traditional shelves are worth considering. They will allow you to decorate your bathroom in both classic and modern style.

Bathroom shelf 28

For small bathrooms, self-adhesive baskets are an excellent alternative to traditional shelves. They are ideal for storing bathroom and bath accessories. As they are waterproof, they can be installed even inside the shower. You can place items up to 3 kg. Tile attachment does not require drilling holes, screws, or nails. The baskets are made of high-quality plastic and do not leave any evaporation traces.

Bathroom shelf 30

Another great idea is bathroom heated towel rails. This type of solution gives a warm feel to the room and also allows you to store towels or other bath textiles. Thanks to its functionality, this shelf is ideal for both small and large bathrooms. This solution allows a unique piece of equipment to be used twice for each hygiene room.

Bathroom shelf 31

A very interesting solution is a bathtub with shelves. It is convenient and extremely functional. The bathtub with shelves has been adapted to the role of furniture. You can store many items needed for hygiene. An interesting solution is the shelves above the bathroom. They allow you to get your cosmetics or accessories at any time you need to swim. Sometimes a properly used cavity above the bathtub can become an open cabinet. The glass shelves installed in it give an extraordinary light effect. You can store towels or other accessories.

As you can see, the modern plumbing market provides a wide range of opportunities. Thanks to them, you can decorate your bathroom in a classic or modern way using matching shelves and cabinets. They must match the style of the room. Regardless of what type of furniture or shelves you use in your bathroom, remember to take care of this space.

Bathroom shelf 32

Another interesting solution is glass shelves with energy-saving LED lighting. It is an elegant and efficient bathroom lighting. They allow you to distinguish certain objects in the twilight, and also give an interesting visual effect.

Bathroom shelf 33

Washbasins with a shelf are also an interesting solution for the bathroom. A washbasin is mounted in the structure, and under it, some shelves are filled with various objects. With this solution, you will create space for all the necessary accessories. It should be remembered that countertops of this type must be made of a material that is resistant to moisture absorption.

Bathroom shelf 34

Modern bathroom designs are increasingly using rack-mounted devices. A properly constructed space above the toilet or bidet seat frame is not only a practical function but also an impressive decoration. These types of shelves allow the use of the space above the frame, additionally replacing standard furniture.

Bathroom shelf 35

An interesting solution is the shelves in the shower stall. Thanks to them, you can take cosmetics, a bathrobe, or a towel at any time while taking a bath without leaving the tray.

Bathroom shelf 36

A frequently used solution in bathrooms is a mirror with shelves. They are usually installed at the bottom of the mirror for an aesthetic purpose. Don’t overload them because the material is delicate.

Bathroom shelf 37

Shelves in the shower: furnishing ideas

A bathroom is a unique place in the house that also requires special furnishings. It is difficult to imagine the decor of a hygiene room without glass and mirrors. Nowadays, due to the fast-paced lifestyle, a shower cabin is increasingly chosen for arranging a bathroom. As you know, a shower is a short form of bathing, during which you should have all the necessary things at hand. People often wonder where to put soap, gel, or sponge. Continuous tilting towards the floor can be cumbersome, so when choosing a cubicle, consider an extra shelf for cosmetics and accessories. There are many solutions on the market today, such as baskets, shelves, or soap dishes, all to make the shower more enjoyable.

Bathroom shelf 38

A practical shelf is located between the two walls in the cab. Most often made of glass or metal, with a chrome finish to prevent rust. It can be installed at any height, which saves space in the cabin.

Bathroom shelf 39

Another, often found shower shelf, is a structure located on one of the walls of the cabin. It takes up little space, but there is nothing more practical in a small cubicle than a corner shower shelf. Thanks to this, you will have all the cosmetics and accessories at hand. These shelves are mainly made of metal or glass with a chrome finish.

Bathroom shelf 40

An excellent alternative to wall-mounted shelves can be baskets and soap dishes suspended from a shower fixture or a cubicle door. Available on the market in many versions, usually metal, plastic, or rubber. These shelves save space in the shower. Their design allows them to be placed anywhere in the cabin. Also, the structures are easy to clean, and their price is quite affordable.

Bathroom shelf 41

Recessed shelves are becoming an increasingly common solution. When creating a bathroom design, it is worth considering an additional shelf for cosmetics. A great solution is to create a niche in one of the shower walls. This indentation does not reduce the surface of the booth, unlike other shelves. The niche is easy to clean and will serve for many years. Also, lighting can be a decorative element of such a shelf.

Bathroom shelf 42

This is certainly one of the most convenient and beautiful solutions, but it is not always possible to make a recess in an existing bathroom. If you are just designing or refining an idea, then you should use that idea. Even if it comes with a slight reduction in space for use, it is worth having access to the shelf recess in the shower. An in-wall shower shelf requires regular cleaning and drying, but above all, you should design it so that the water from it flows freely into the drain in the sump or on the floor.

Attention! The recess should be made so that it does not collect and hold water there. Despite being resistant to moisture, a constant pool of soap and water can adversely affect the aesthetics and suitability of tiles and joints. Existing water will stagnate and cover the surfaces with a difficult-to-remove layer.

Bathroom shelf 43
Bathroom shelf 44

Shelf mounting options

The items for use in the bathroom are specially designed so that you can use them in different conditions. You have a choice of shower shelves to hang your structures on:

  • Suction cups – This type of attachment secures to ceramic tiles and glass, as well as other slippery and smooth materials, so you can position them on the wall and the shower door.
  • Pins and screws – This assembly method is somewhat problematic as it requires drilling into the wall (possibly glazed), but provides very high strength and resistance even to significant loads. However, you have to remember that once attached, the shelf will have to stay in the same place, so think carefully about where it should hang.
  • Hangers and Hooks – Thanks to the attached hangers, some shower shelves can be placed directly on the shower panel, bar, cubicle door. We can easily hang these baskets and take them with us when we move.
Bathroom shelf 45

Choosing the right shower shelf

Besides the differences in fixing, shower shelves can also be made from controversial materials. You must remember to choose not only those that are visually pleasing, but also resistant to water. Popular materials used for the production of this type of equipment are metal and plastic. However, it should be remembered that the wrongly selected and protected metal will rust. Choose stainless steel. The preferred shelf option depends on its capacity and how it is hung.

Shelves are a permanent feature of the interior design of most households. They find practical use in the kitchen, living room, office, or children’s room. It is also worth placing them in the bathroom, where they will maximize the use of space. What models can you choose?

When decorating a bathroom, people pay great attention to the selection of suitable furniture for it. Cabinets are necessary to hide hygiene items or detergents, protecting from moisture. Free hanging shelves are a great addition to this type of unit. They store the most frequently used accessories that need easy access at any time. They also allow you to manage your space without taking up a lot of space, as you can place shelves in corners, under a mirror, next to it, or right next to a bath and shower. Bathroom shelves are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you can easily match them to your decor.

The most popular types of bathroom shelf

Metal shelves are usually openwork, made of wire, and fixed with suction cups. Ideal for installation in the shower or bathroom where cosmetics can be stored. They can be rectangular or angular. Glass models are also available in different versions. Such models are applied to special decorative brackets (holders) bolted to the wall. An elegant appearance characterizes them, they are not affected by moisture, and they are easy to keep clean, giving an impression of elegance and lightness. Plastic shelves are fixed with fixing screws, they are easy to keep clean and durable. Popular shelves most often have a universal white color, although there are also products in other shades.

Bathroom shelf 48

Among bathroom accessories, you will also find products that combine several different functions. For example, the shelves in combination with a heated towel rail are made of stainless steel and allow you to store various accessories in one place. Also worth mentioning are special shelves designed for self-tiling. Such structures are made of solid polystyrene foam, fastened with wall plugs, and then with tiles.

Bathroom shelf 49

Unusual use of shower shelves

All you have to do is use your imagination to find other uses for your bathroom shelf. A small suction basket will work in the kitchen, where you will need space even for a sponge or dishwashing liquid. A larger model that can withstand high loads can be a good alternative or addition to a traditional drying board, especially if you place a drip tray under it. The wire basket can even be used as a fruit container. The shower shelf in the form of a hanger can also be used in other rooms. In the youth room, she will work, for example, near the table, representing an original organizer to facilitate the organization of space. Can also be applied next to a wardrobe or on a door. The trendy shelves in the form of plastic containers offer many possibilities of use. They are available in many fancy colors, making them ideal for a nursery, for example. You can also use them as practical garden containers, using them in a tool shop or gazebo for storing small accessories.

A bathroom shelf is a very practical accessory. It is considered an indispensable attribute of modern personal hygiene facilities. Today you can easily choose the most suitable option for yourself from a huge variety.

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