Bathroom curtain: popular types, the best ideas in the interior

Different types of bathroom additions are just as important as necessities such as a bathing bowl, sink, or toilet. Thanks to them, daily hygiene becomes much more pleasant, and the bathroom itself acquires aesthetics. These accessories are nothing more than objects for the implementation of comfortable procedures, which include many of the elements necessary in everyday life. Of course, not all products will turn out to be indispensable, but most of them significantly increase the convenience of bathing and washing. Consider the different types and benefits of a bathroom curtain.

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Bathroom curtain: how to choose? which option is better?

A cleverly chosen detail betrays the owner’s tastes and gives the bathroom an individual character. The main thing is that the bathroom fully meets the personal needs and expectations of the rest of the household. The biggest dilemma is the choice between shower and bath. When choosing a shower, as a rule, sliding doors are also bought or invested in full shower stalls. If, however, you have already purchased only a shower tray or bathtub, then you should also think about buying additional elements, such as a curtain. Without this small, albeit necessary detail, the water will flood the entire room. This solution can only be used in suitable interiors. We recommend only high-quality shower curtains that effectively protect the bathroom from water while bathing. An excellent solution would be a waterproof PVC shower curtain, designed for hanging from the cornice. Bathroom curtains are sold in various colors, they are sliding and do not allow water or moisture to pass through.

Apart from the protective function that is associated with blocking the water coming out of the shower, the bathroom curtain is also important for aesthetic reasons. The choice of the material from which it is made, as well as the appropriate color, should be dictated by the decor of the entire bathroom.

 Bathroom curtain 2
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The material for bath curtains is of the following options:

  • Textile shower curtains – they are very durable and also come in a variety of colors. It should be noted that they do not stick to the body when exposed to water.
  • The PVC shower curtain is definitely a cheaper product when compared to textile bath curtains. This option is easier to clean. However, the main disadvantage of this material is the fact that it sticks to a wet body while bathing, which can be extremely annoying in many cases.
  • Glass Curtain – It is suitable for both shower and bath. You can choose clear or frosted glass. The biggest advantages of glass curtains are their strength, tightness, and installation differentiation. There are curtains on the market installed on the right as well as on the left. Therefore, you will not be limited by the location of the bath. Among the disadvantages, of course, will be the high cost and more difficult cleaning.
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Bathroom curtain 6

Bath screen: textile or PVC?

If you don’t want to choose solid foods, a textile or PVC curtain is a good and, above all, a cheap choice. What is the best shower curtain? It is definitely worth spending some money on a textile curtain that is much more durable than PVC and also won’t stick to your wet body in the shower.

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Bathroom curtain 8

Buy a bathroom curtain by size

If you want to purchase or order a curtain adapted to a bath or shower stall in terms of dimensions, you must do a few calculations. Remember first of all that its length should have been a little more than the bathtub since the curtain can be folded.

If the tub is open on one side, the curtain should be about 20% longer than the bathing bowl. For a bathtub open on both sides, this value increases to 30%. Similar dependencies also take place for pallets.

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Bathroom curtain 10
Bathroom curtain 11

Bathroom curtain rod

For you to be able to use traditional shower curtains, you should choose rods for them on which they will be installed. Of course, the most important parameter will be length: on the market, you can find products from 70 to 300 centimeters. You can also purchase an adjustable shower bar (extension), the length of which will be adjusted accordingly. The rods have special circles or teeth on which the curtain is applied.

Bathroom curtain 12

Besides the dimensions, the shape of the bar is also important, which must be adapted in terms of the location of the bath. Moreover, there is:

  • a single shower bar that is used for shower trays and bathtubs that are open on one side;
  • corner shower rods – rod elements are connected with fasteners. These types of rods are used for pallets that are open on two or three sides. (due to the connection system, these rods are rarely adjusted);
  • arched shower bar – used for asymmetric bathtubs and semicircular shower trays. Their design is curved, which makes regulation impossible;
  • round shower rod – based on a circle, mounted on one side to the wall. Its dimensions are very limited, so it is used for small pallets. If necessary, a semicircular shower rod can also be used to cover the bathtub or shower tray on three sides.
  • When you have calculated the dimensions and decided on the shape of the stick, you can choose its color. On the market, you will find products in an extraordinary variety in this respect. You can choose from the black, white, and multi-color shower rod, among others.

Using the shower in the bathroom is sometimes tiring. To minimize the inconvenience and enjoy the moment, it is worth using a shower curtain with a waterproof cover to keep water from flooding the bathroom.

Bathroom curtain 13

A shower curtain is a very practical solution. Thanks to it, you don’t have to worry about splashing water on the rest of the bathroom when you wash. A properly selected curtain can also successfully serve as a decorative function. In stores, you will find a large selection of different types of shower curtains and shower rods that you can easily hang them on. Both the sticks and the curtains themselves are easy to install. The curtain can be easily removed from the bar and washed.

Depending on your preference, you can choose sheer or matte, white or patterned curtains. You can easily choose the option that matches the overall decor of the bathroom. For polyester curtains, remember to wash them regularly at low temperatures and use the delicate program. Dry the curtain by hanging it on the shower bar.

You will install the curtain rod very quickly, without drilling, since the spring mechanism will hold it in the right place enough. The shower curtain, like the shelves and bathroom accessories, is a practical addition so you can focus on relaxing in the hygiene room.

Bathroom curtain 14

The bath curtain itself will not be functional without additional fasteners. You will hang the material on easily accessible rods, such as extenders. You will choose them depending on the shape of the bath. Feel free to bet on a simple or round model. Some of them can be placed in the right place even without the need to drill into the wall. However, if you choose a mount that requires intervention in the wall surface, you can also start working on your own. Assembly is simple and does not require specialist assistance.

Before attaching the bathroom fabric curtain, check what dimensions the curtain is. A curtain that is too low will cause the material to drag along the floor, which will have the opposite effect of the destination. Once you have determined the location, you can start drilling the hole. Using the parts provided in the kit, hook the rod. So, immediately after purchasing, quickly hang up your bathroom curtain and start using it. This simple installation and application make bathroom curtains more economical than expensive doors or showers.

Bathroom curtain 15

Curtain bathroom decoration with practical use

Bathroom curtains are functional, but at the same time, they can highlight the location of the entire room. If you decide to combine a bath and shower, do not forget about additional elements. Shower curtains will allow you to carefully separate the bath area from the rest of the room, if necessary. In this way, prevent water from getting outside the sump or bath. At any time, fold the curtain and hook it so that it does not interfere with the relaxing procedure. Besides aesthetic qualities, it is also an ergonomic solution. You can choose from a variety of options whenever you want a functional bathroom decoration.

You don’t need to remodel part of the bathroom right away to have a shower in your home. The presence of a watering can and additional fasteners is enough. Which shower curtain suits your bathroom? A varied assortment will allow you to choose the right product. Choose a curtain that matches your current bathroom layout.

Bathroom curtain 16

There are many benefits to using a bathroom curtain. Both the bathtub and shower are associated with an involuntary splash of water, resulting in a wet floor. However, you do not need to choose expensive solutions and install a shower stall, bath panels, or door. This will take time and additional repairs. You can avoid this, and a fabric bath screen is sufficient to solve the problem. Strong structure and correct length will protect the floor and walls from excessive moisture. This will help prevent makeup stains and prevent mold and mildew.

Each bath curtain is made from a suitable waterproof material. Instead of being absorbed, water flows freely from it, thus remaining inside the tub or tray. Depending on your needs, you can distribute the curtain along the entire length of the bath or only in parts. Adjustability is due to the comfortable suspension method. A shower curtain is a great alternative to more expensive ways to protect your shower. With little investment, you get a practical and aesthetic solution.

Bathroom curtain 17
Bathroom curtain 18

Bath curtains: photos of fashionable examples

The bath curtain you hang should be as flexible as possible for frequent contact with water. The first and main criterion is water resistance. This means that the material should not absorb or dry for too long. Constant humidity in the bathroom can lead to mold, which is harmful to households. The quality of the fabric used in the production of the curtain is responsible for the resistance to liquid. Bathroom curtains are most often made of polyester, a plastic with appropriate properties. The strong structure is flexible and pleasant to the touch.

The appropriate parameters allow you to meet all the requirements for these types of materials. Textile shower curtains not only repel water droplets, making them flow freely through the material, but are also tear-resistant. The curtain must be resistant to stretching and possible damage. When choosing, also pay attention to a sturdy hook. In this matter, the wheels will work, which reliably hold the canvas during continuous operation. You can also easily clean them of the resulting dirt and stone – you will even wash some of them in the washing machine without worrying about the structure and appearance. Rest assured that these shower curtains are suitable for use in your bathroom, so feel free to choose the design you like.

Bathroom curtain 19
Bathroom curtain 20
Bathroom curtain 21

A bath screen is an element of the room that should be practical. However, it is important that the curtain chosen is also beautiful and in line with the rest of the interior. Therefore, today you will find various options for the bathroom curtain, which comes in many colors, such as uniformly white, pink, and dark blue. Consider options with trendy prints. The choice is entirely up to you.

The shower curtain can be changed frequently, so you don’t have to choose once and for all. It’s easy to remove and hang, so buy multiple options at once. The curtains come in two sizes: 150 x 200 cm and 180 x 230 cm. You can even cut some of the bath curtains to your desired length and also machine wash when cleaning.

Bathroom curtain 22

How to choose a curtain for a cabin or bathroom?

Well-chosen bathroom curtains can transform your hygiene room and add a cozy feel to your interior. The many designs and colors of textile shower curtains available in the range allow you to match a specific curtain to the style of the room. Do you like muted shades? Check out the classic shower curtains in white or blue. For bathrooms with character, use a shower curtain in bold animals or colorful prints.

The most important function of shower curtains is to separate the wet area from the dry area. Plus, the curtain creates privacy and it’s easy to keep them clean. All you need to do is leave the material dry after bathing.

The curtain for the bathroom deserves special attention. With a bath, you don’t have to give up the shower function. All you have to do is apply a textile curtain and separate the pallet from the rest of the room. This solution will avoid splashing on the floor or mirrors. This is a suitable choice for people who, due to limited space, had to choose a bathtub with a shower. The shower curtain allows you to use quick energy rinses without having to refill the bathing mantle every time.

The shower cubicle is also an alternative to the classic bathtub. This option is much cheaper than all plumbing, and at the same time takes up less space. The shower curtain will allow you to use even a small or low niche in your bathroom for a shower. Together with a floor drain, you create a shower that fits easily into the room.

The shower curtain is also an important piece of equipment for city showers and areas in swimming pools, spa centers, and other recreational areas. It is much cheaper than whole cabins, takes up less space, aesthetically separating the shower from the rest of the room.

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Bathroom curtain 24
Bathroom curtain 25

Glass curtain for bathroom

Shower curtains are installed to protect the interior of the bathroom from water spills. Glass or high-strength plastic panel options can be combined to create luxury showers with floor troughs. There are glass shower walls in various widths and heights to choose from. They can often be combined to create a comfortable curtain of almost any size. Modern shower walls can be combined with shower doors or used as a free-standing screen when taking water treatments. The curtains are made of profile and frameless construction. The advantage of the latter is a very elegant and luxurious design since instead of metal corners surrounding the panels, they can be connected using small and very strong fasteners.

Bathroom curtain 26
Bathroom curtain 27

More and more people are choosing a shower cabin because of the convenience this solution provides, as well as the ability to save water. Not everyone, however, wants to give up hot and relaxing baths. Fortunately, you can combine these two bathroom finishes. You will do this by choosing a glass curtain. Such a glass wing, mounted on fittings, is perfect in a small bathroom, which you often encounter while living in an apartment. Today you will find a wide selection of different baths and accessories you need to furnish your room.

Bathing is a favorite ritual for many people, so you should prepare yourself for a suitable environment. Choose from different types of bathroom curtains, such as the sliding model. The products available include options with a variety of decors such as white or mirrored stripes. In the range, you will also find completely transparent screens.

Bathroom curtain 28

Plastic bathroom curtain: advantages

A plastic curtain for a bathroom is, first of all, a way to save space. You don’t need to think about buying a bath and shower separately, as you can have these two amenities using a small portion of the room. If the room is not large, and you want to be able to relax during hot baths, as well as add energy to yourself with a refreshing shower, then a curtain is a great option. Are you arranging a bathroom, and all households expect something completely different from this interior? If you choose a screen, everyone can use it the way they like to cool off. These elements installed on the bathtub will protect your room from splashes. They will also be an interesting decoration, as many models have interesting décor that will make the bathroom unique.

Bathroom curtain 29

Currently, for the manufacture of curtains, mainly high-quality tempered glass and polycarbonate are used – a very durable plastic with high resistance to breakage. Glass shower walls are much more insensitive to temperature changes, mechanical damage, and scratches, but they are also much heavier, which can make installation difficult. Polycarbonate is lighter but less scratch-resistant. Glass shower walls can also be finished with special protective coatings. They minimize dirt build-up, accelerate water drip, reduce fogging and protect against leaks.

Bathroom curtain 30

Glass curtains are pretty easy to assemble and you can do it yourself. However, please refer to the assembly instructions to make sure you are doing this correctly. The basis for the installation of the bath screen is the marking of the holes to avoid the formation of a gap. By determining where the mounting profile should be located, you can install it perfectly. After that, the screen should be leaned against the edge of the bath. The help of another person can be invaluable here. The next step to pulling the screen out of the fixing profile is to attach it to the wall at a pre-marked location and precisely mark the area where the holes for the dowels should be. Having drilled holes and inserted dowels into them, you can screw to the wall and insert the screen.

The screen itself is screwed to the profile with fixing screws. In the end, everything is sealed with silicone. As you can see, the whole assembly procedure is not too complicated. It only requires familiarization with a few essential details, which can be ideal assembly hints.

Bathroom curtain 31

Bath curtain sliding and folding

Due to the dual functionality, sliding curtains are gaining in popularity. This solution does not force you to give up a bath or shower. Also, it is a convenient solution that allows you to intelligently zone the space in the bathroom. From the models available on the market, you can choose between one- or two-piece versions. The screens are available in various sizes and mounting methods. In this way, you can increase the level of functionality of your bathroom and therefore personal convenience.

There are many types of screens. Which one you choose depends primarily on the type of bath you have, but also on the needs of the users. This purchase must be thought out as the choice is significant. Try sliding or folding screens. Such curtains for the bathroom give the feeling of being in the shower. It is also a practical option because of the perfect fit.

Bathroom curtain 32

The folding curtain can consist of several elements, the number of which can be appropriately matched to how much space you have to install the cab. The number of cavities can be selected for each type of bath. The assembly itself is pretty straightforward, and everyone should be comfortable with it. On the plus side, there is no need to install runners on the tub or the edges.

Bathroom curtain 33

A sliding screen that slides along the specified guides also has advantages and functionality. Thanks to their use, the plane of the screen is airtight with the bath. However, this solution is recommended for large bathrooms where there is no need to install a dryer. The upside is that while cleaning, you can walk into the tub to wash the inside without worrying about leaking. Two-piece and three-piece options are popular models.

Bathroom curtain 34

With a wide variety of assortments, you can easily choose the bathroom curtain you need. First of all, pay attention to the material of manufacture of this product. Consider we offer screens made of glass, which is highly resistant to moisture, mechanical damage, and scratches, thanks to which it will last a long time, retaining its original appearance, and bacteria will not develop on its surface. The available models are coated with a special coating that does not leave unsightly stains on the glass. This security will also make it easier for you to clean the screen. The finish of the screen is also important. Modern models have chrome profiles that you can easily adapt to any arrangement. Their surface is stable, so unsightly scratches will not appear on it. The profiles are also distinguished by their insensitivity to moisture,

Bathroom curtain 35
Bathroom curtain 36

If you have a long bathtub, a foldable screen is a good choice. A large area of ​​coverage will protect the floor from splashes. If you want to use the tub to fill with water, you can pull back most of the curtain so it doesn’t get stuffy. It is important to note that many of the models available on the market can be adjusted to 15 millimeters. If you don’t find a screen that is perfect for your needs, choose a product whose width you can change. Also, pay attention to the possibility of hanging a towel on the screen. Some of the available models have handles for this. This way, you have a towel on hand, which is an extremely convenient solution.

Bathroom curtain 37
Bathroom curtain 38

Bathroom curtain for the style of the room

When choosing a sliding or folding screen, pay attention to its design. This piece of bathroom furnishings must go well with the layout of the room. Today you can easily find a model that perfectly matches your interior design idea. One of the interesting suggestions is the completely transparent curtain – it is perfect for a modern bathroom. Such minimalist glass will look fantastic against the background of a wall decorated with eye-catching tiles. This will create a bathing area. A sheer bath screen is also a great option for industrial style interiors that feature silver product profiles well. Consider interesting models with mirrored decor. They will be good for a glamorous room, but will also complement the Scandinavian design. The decor in the form of white stripes looks interesting.

The design of the bathroom curtains is quite versatile, so the screens are suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

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