Bathroom cabinet: types of design and the best examples

The process of arranging a bathroom is quite laborious since it requires the selection of a large number of items. And it’s not just about basic, vital elements like a bathroom, toilet, or sink. An equally important role is played by the bathroom cabinet, which is much more functional and more spacious than cabinets or open shelves. How to make the right choice? What you should pay attention to? This is what we propose to talk about right now.

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Bathroom cabinet: types by installation method

Any kind of furniture has many categories. In this case, special attention should be paid to the installation method. Not only the visual perception of the bathroom depends on this, but also the personal comfort of each family member.

Floor stand

The most common bathroom solution is a floor unit. It is distinguished by its particular stability and reliability. Thanks to the presence of legs, it will precisely withstand any load. Also, it can always be rearranged to another place, if necessary. However, cleaning the floor with such furniture can be problematic.

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This option is often also called a console. The main advantage of this solution is elegance and style. Basically, this cabinet is chosen for a modern minimalist bathroom. It is laconic, does not have a complex design, and is most often made in neutral shades. The cleaning process with such furniture is not inconvenient. But a significant drawback of this solution is the mount. To make it reliable, it is better to involve qualified specialists for the installation.

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What material to choose the bathroom cabinet from?

The overall design of the furniture plays a significant role, but still, experts recommend paying more attention to the quality of the material. The durability of the cabinet, its cost, and service life depend on this.

Plastic bathroom cabinet

One of the most popular cabinet materials is plastic. This is an affordable solution for everyone, which is its main advantage. Also, plastic cabinets will definitely not suffer from moisture. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the fragility. The thing is that the plastic is not very strong, so there are scratches and other damage to it. Over time, the cabinet will not look attractive. And, of course, such designs are not appropriate in every interior. Therefore, it is best to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing.

Bathroom cabinet 4

Recently, wooden cabinets have become more relevant. They look really attractive, especially if the bathroom is decorated in a Scandinavian style. Also, the material is environmentally friendly, which is in line with modern trends in interior design. But still, this option has a fairly large number of disadvantages. The tree is not resistant to moisture, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Therefore, it is better to protect it with a special film or varnish. An alternative option would be a cabinet made of waterproof wood such as teak or oak. But keep in mind that its cost will be much higher. A cabinet with a natural veneer coating can be a budget solution. It looks attractive, but you should not count on the high service life of this structure.

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If a wooden cabinet is too expensive for you, we recommend that you look at alternative solutions from MDF or chipboard. Compressed wood chips are often used to make furniture. Of course, these materials are also water-resistant. But unlike the previous version, they have a lower price, as well as a design for every taste.

Bathroom cabinet 6

Another popular solution for the bathroom is a cabinet with glass fronts or doors. This solution looks very stylish and gives the room a special elegance. Therefore, it is suitable even for a small bathroom. We recommend choosing a curbstone with tempered glass, thanks to which it will have a long service life. But keep in mind that watermarks will be visible on them.

Bathroom cabinet 7

Perhaps the most attractive and truly luxurious option for a bathroom is a stone cabinet. It is considered to be the most expensive and prestigious material. It is especially appreciated for its strength and durability, and its appearance leaves almost no one indifferent. However, this cabinet requires special care. Also, natural and artificial stone cracks from impacts. Another significant drawback of this material is its weight. Therefore, basically, the stone is used only for decorating countertops.

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How to choose bathroom cabinets?

Before proceeding with the choice of a cabinet, we recommend that you study the dimensions and layout of the bathroom. This will help you better understand which option is needed. Moreover, now manufacturers offer a fairly wide range, among which it will definitely be possible to find a suitable solution.

The next step is to select the installation site. The shape of the cabinet depends on this. The rectangular version fits all bathroom sizes. It is comfortable, has a large number of compartments and shelves. If desired, you can add an original design to the facades. For a small bathroom, a corner model is more suitable. Of course, you shouldn’t count on a large capacity. But this option looks no less attractive. The overall design of the bathroom is also important in the selection process. After all, the furniture should look harmonious in it. A neutral shade cabinet would be a universal option. And, of course, determine the budget for the purchase.

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The cabinet in the bathroom has become an integral part of the interior. It makes it complete and functional. It is mainly used to store personal belongings and hygiene items. Therefore, carefully weigh all the nuances before purchasing a suitable model.

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